20 reasons why Barrie is a great place to live and work in 2022

Finding a great place to call home is always quite a hassle. Having a great place to work is even more of a hassle. With multiple parks, area attractions, theatres, and museums, the Barrie community is a pretty fantastic spot overall. It’s easier to digest that Barrie made it into the #1 place to live in the great places to live in.

Here are twenty reasons why Barrie is a great place to live and work in 2022.

1) The Economy of Barrie

Barrie is known for its thriving economy. There is always something to do with so many businesses and families in the city. And because Barrie is home to some of the most successful companies in Canada, you can expect to earn a good wage. In addition, there are plenty of job opportunities in the city. You’ll be able to find various jobs that match your skills and interests.

2) The Diversity of Barrie

Barrie is home to a wide variety of cultures and religions. This diversity is beneficial to both the city and the people there. For example, over 150,000 people in Barrie are of different faiths. This diversity allows for a more diverse cultural experience for everyone.

Additionally, it creates opportunities for businesses to partner with other companies from different religious backgrounds. This type of partnership helps promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration within the city.

The city is also praised for its infrastructure. The city has an extensive public transportation system that makes it easy for people to get around. Additionally, the city has a wide range of museums and galleries that offer visitors a variety of experiences.

You can also find plenty of places to eat and drink in Barrie. In addition, the city has several parks that offer great opportunities for exercise and fun.

3) The Quality of Life in Barrie

The quality of life in Barrie is defined by the provision of a wide range of services and amenities. These services include health counseling, public safety, childcare, adult daycare, and English classes. In addition, the city has been lauded for its commitment to sustainability.

It has a robust eco-system that reduces the number of resources it consumes while projecting carbon produced back into the atmosphere.

4) Being Good Neighbors

Barrie is located in southern Ontario, which allows it to connect seamlessly to other cities in southern Ontario. This allows for a better flow community, thus leading to better experiences when it’s time to hang out with everyone else. Traveling around southern Ontario means you’ll get more inspiring sites and ideas as you embark on new adventures.

Finally, having people around who share similar interests creates a stronger sense of unity within the community, paving the way to even better experiences when reaching out to new acquaintances from different walks of life.

5) The Environment in Barrie

One of the most things to consider when choosing a city is the environment. Barrie is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Canada. The city has a wide variety of green spaces, including parks, walkable and bikeable neighborhoods, and businesses that care for their environment.

In addition, Barrie has a low carbon footprint, meaning that most of its energy comes from green sources. This makes Barrie an excellent place to live and work.

6) The Friendliness of the People of Barrie

One of the most significant benefits of living in Barrie is the friendliness of the people. The city is large enough to have plenty of activities and attractions, but small enough so that everyone knows each other. This creates a friendly environment that makes it easy to get around and make new friends.

7) Varieties of businesses

The city is home to various businesses, meaning you can find a perfect job. There are many companies in Barrie that offer excellent opportunities for growth and advancement.

Businesses here are also doing their part in sustainable development by making land available to the public to develop new uses and structures. This allows for further rejuvenation of the city while permitting people to live securely and healthy lifestyles so they can eliminate the constant risk of catastrophic financial difficulties that plague many who choose not to build economically.

8) Constantly expansion of the city.

Barrie continues to expand with new businesses and residences, adding more employees to existing industries and making them more profitable.

The city is currently renewing its aging infrastructure, for example, building new bridges over more minor water crossings, redesigning streets to improve traffic flow, and making shopping areas more spacious.

By doing this, Barrie will be able to provide visitors with recreation experiences geared toward individuals more efficiently and effectively. Improvements such as these make Barrie a better place for you to launch get-it-done adventures and make excellent experiences with family members you’ve always wanted.

This expansion also allows businesses to grow and take advantage of new resources on the menu of services they can provide. This offers the will to be creative in thinking up new ways to solve many problems before, thus increasing business creativity and economic strength.

9) The Location of Barrie

Barrie has located in Ontario, Canada, about an hour’s drive from Toronto. This location is the king of health benefits since it borders Lake Simcoe and includes a small stream that combines wind power and hydroelectricity to generate extra energy used in its many areas. In addition to its features as a gateway to more extreme locations such as Algonquin Provincial Park, Barrie can connect you with many significant attractions.

The location greatly benefits people who want to get Kayaking in Algonquin Provincial Park, stargazing in the Little Buffalo Astronomy Field, or create some excellent cuisine filled with fresh Ontario fresh local produce. It also gives you direct access to many other towns like Bracebridge, Newmarket, and Huntsville. Barrie will provide you with these things and much more if you need them.

From an energy perspective, Barrie can help its residents in many ways. Fundamentally, many Barrie residents take advantage of the hydroelectric power facility offered by the streams and waterways surrounding their warm bedroom community. Barrie generates over 10% of its energy from various forms of hydro, including wind power.

Hydro has minimal harmful effects on climate (low risk). And even though it requires large amounts of water theft from creeks and streams (high impact), it’s a perfect option since it can supplement solar electricity, relies on significant natural flows which aren’t drastically essentialized (not reduced) by dams, and active hydroelectric plant operations – also not reducing a small percentage annually).

In addition to taking advantage of this aquatic resourcefulness within Barrie, there exist three parts to helping foster low carbon functionality:

  • Road management
  • Railway cars
  • Urban design.


10) The Availability of Employment in Barrie

Several jobs are available in Barrie. There are plenty of opportunities for you to find work, from technology jobs to healthcare jobs. And with a population of over 150,000 people, there’s always someone who needs your skills, and you can always find a way to contribute.

Often, the job market and lifestyle are a combination that appeals to people. In other areas of Ontario, such as Simcoe County, where Barrie is located, you’ll find plenty of programming jobs but not so much related to jobs around the community.

Thus in Barrie, there are plenty of opportunities that relate directly to being part of one another.

Things like community planning are something that the population overall cherishes throughout the city to the progression and achievement of bringing their vision into reality. As numbers empty from vanguard workers and retirees, businesses increase their operations, and lifestyles become more welcoming for these new residents.

And again, with all this structure happening in Barrie, it brings along more higher-level opportunities with towns like Aylmer further into Middlesex Township, which provides a lot larger job status associated with work.

11) The Cost of Living in Barrie

Barrie comes with a pretty exciting cost of living for all people. We’re, of course, looking at the familiar places. Groceries, shopping, clothing, and enjoyment are abundant for the consumer throughout this city which is undoubtedly a valuable role in finding something to enjoy after work or maybe before going out to work in the morning.

One great example of the cost of living that’s more affordable than Toronto would be a place like Invermay, which is recently situated east of Barrie.

In terms of proximity and accessibility, there are great shops right outside your doorway, such as Beautiful Coffee House, as well as some menu contributors so you can get your retail fix while missing a week or two’s worth of fruits (but again, still close by so you can continue getting these things without having to drive far into town).

12) The Climate in Barrie

Barrie is located in the middle of Canada and has a temperate climate. The weather is generally mild to cool, with occasional showers and thunderstorms.

This means that you can enjoy the summer months without worrying about the weather when you need it to be friendly with a fantastic day like Monday or Tuesday, where blustery winds aren’t that big. It will still be too cold in the winter, but when December does roll around, there’s no doubt Barrie feels more “spring-like” than canny about the weather.

Yes, this is because of the number of trees you’ll see blossom into life when spring comes around. There are plenty of incredible opportunities in terms of temperature and precipitation rates.

Wind tends to be quite strong throughout January, while in February, temperatures are more relaxed, which makes for a lot more nights required; most day lovers tend to head back inside before 8 o’clock due to whether or not rain is coming soon isn’t tied in as heavily as it should be; therefore, delays during March and April generally happen until late May and June.

However, through these changes in season, nothing can detract from other seasons ranging from spring despite enjoying its color outside on the trees until autumn then into winter, delivering consistently excellent conditions with lots of stories being told along the way.

13) Schools in Barrie

There are many excellent schools in various sectors throughout Barrie townships; regardless of where you may reside, a leading educational institution is always an unlocked possibility in the area.

There are generally more options in town, including Hinsdale Public School, which provides preschool to grade three classes and can publish their math tests proficiently. Schools offer English through Reading, English through Writing, and indeed Math on top of the music, physiotherapy, and several other choices.

Of course, schools vary in performance. While we suggest you choose a school around your residence, it may be an excellent way to begin explaining your appliance, clarity, and efficiency, together with which levels of taxes you plan to live under.

That’s the sign that you can start researching instead of simply purchasing a home, but Barrie is here again.

14) The Quality of Life in the Rural Area

Barrie is home to some of the most rural areas in Canada. This is great for people who want to live close to the action, but it can also challenge businesses. Because of this, companies must consider the quality of life when planning their marketing efforts.

In Barrie, the transparent plenty of things that make life enjoyable. There are beautiful beaches and waterways to enjoy and an abundance of cultural attractions and events. The rural area is also home to some of the best farmland in Canada. This means that businesses have plenty of opportunities to find customers and product samples.

15) Great Healthcare Facilities

Once again, a highly rated health facility is guaranteed in Barrie. This isn’t surprising since the city itself has managed to build deep-rooted religious relationships and establish strong community ties to offer everyone the best possible health care.

Public health care is a significant source of driving the local economies in Barrie and offering a wide variety of outreach programs for new immigrants and refugees. The safe public healthcare services offered help ensure that everyone has access to critical standards that often prompt private citizens to do business with their neighbors. Other reports provide praise for efficiency and resiliency during relocation.

Barrie has many hospital facilities, including Saint Mary’s Health Centre, Southlake Regional Huron Valley General Hospital, and Southlake Regional Healthcare Centre.

16) Affordable Housing for all Families

Barrie is home to much rental housing in a fully established development; This characteristic is mainly due to the network of quality care homes and moderate-density housing in the Brooklin Road campuses.

Prices always change and vary depending on the area you choose. What to consider when looking for accommodation include building; units (one, two, and three-story options), mortgage rates, school tax rates, and utilities (are they formed? or extra charges?).

Quality Servicing:

Once again, it’s worth mentioning that Barrie also offers excellent property services! With high levels of transferable skills, having access to many service staff who are professional daily workers doesn’t impair high levels of pride or shame.

This may increase office efficiency without sacrificing the environment, cost flexibility, and economic health pacts to maintain standards. Indeed Barrie has been awarded both Canadian Home Insurance & Canadian Institute Best Practices Awards.

17) Simplicity

Barrie has a casual feel to it! After living there, you will not get tired because there is no sense of stress involved when you choose to visit or turn up at your home office in the shortest way possible.

City planners aim to develop long-term results for society by creating an environment comprised of inner-city quality and then establishing public safety measures that keep everyone safe regardless of where they decide to live.

18) Low-crime rates

Unlike other areas in Ontario and Canada, it’s safer to walk around without hiring a private security officer. Over the years, Barrie has maintained an excellent reputation as a livable city.

19) Clean Energy

Barrie’s affordability equals clean air! Chalk it up to living in Canada’s only city producing solar power and receiving 90% of its power from green sectors. It’s efficient, costs less to run, reduces sulfur levels, and the garbage is close by, preventing pollution. Those alone count for something.

Barrie has been consistently ranked a top destination for both domestic and international firms looking to expand business presence in Canadian cities or, specifically, Ontario companies looking for expansion within Ontario.

Working in Canada, especially in Barrie, has benefits such as reasonable taxes (Government support) and long-term job security.

20) Beach/Park Life

Considering the information above, Barrie must offer a place where people can sit down with friends and enjoy their free time after waking up after forcing themselves outside, whether it’s cold or hot.

However, another expert said that with the help of research, Canadians could find their lifetime of happiness in the low-tax lower-crime communities in which Barrie competes.


Barrie is an excellent place to live if you inherit wealth, receive a severance (out of the blue-check), or go from city to city to seek your happiness. However, it is not appropriate for everybody, and comfort must be considered before choosing where to live.

Pick your life from the available options before picking a city that combines all that & more into one place where comfort prevails for you!

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