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5 Secrets Real Estate Agents Don’t Want You to Know Before Buying Pre Construction Homes

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If you are thinking of buying a pre construction home at some point you will certainly need a real estate agent who will take you through the process. Working with a real estate agent is more important and safer than trying to force things on your own and end up in a mess. A real estate agent will bring real estate services right to you other than you going out there to sort out yourself. As much as you may deal with a very professional real estate agent, there are some things they won’t tell you. Such things are considered their secrets and there is no way they are likely to tell you before buying a pre construction home. Below are 5 secrets real estate agents don’t want you to know before buying pre construction homes.

Their Commission Is Negotiable

Negotiating is always something that a clever home buyer would want to do. When your negotiation is successful it means you will pay less and that is an advantage to you. This negotiating opportunity is something that you will most likely miss when it comes to dealing with a real estate agent. You will miss it because the agent will not tell you that you can negotiate their commission. This is considered their secret because maybe they feel that if they let you know before buying, you may demand that you negotiate and if they fail to agree, you may end up bowing out of the deal or looking for another agent. Real estate agents, therefore, prefer to keep this real estate information to themselves. If you are clever enough you may try to push for negotiation so that you can at least save something for yourself and not just pay real estate agents hefty charges.

If They Work Part-Time Or Full Time

Another thing that real estate agents will not tell you is if they are working as real estate agents on a part-time or full-time basis. They always just get down to business and therefore that is something that you will never know. Just because you are much focused to find your way into the pre construction homes market, you will also not care about that. This will not be a problem for you if your schedules somehow match. Knowing if the real estate agent is working part-time or full-time may help you to plan yourself well if you are busy with other work or business. If the real estate agent is an agent on a part-time basis it might frustrate you because they may not be available when you need them most. To be on the safe side always care to ask. Don’t just get into the deal blindly and later regret it. It won’t cost you anything to ask them so that you can be sure.

They Are Not Just Selling Homes

As much as you may see that real estate agents are just doing the work of selling homes, that is always not the case. Real estate agents are always in the market to sell homes as well as sell themselves. Selling themselves means that they are showcasing their good work to attract more clients. They are always focused on who they will be and who they will transact with in the future. They know that their business largely depends on referrals and repeat clients and therefore they have every reason to package themselves so that you come again or refer someone to them. They will not tell you that they are selling themselves but that is actually what they are doing in line with selling homes. This can be among the real estate investing secrets that you have never thought of. So if you see them being too nice understand they are marketing themselves.

They Want You To Be Prepared

Preparation is very key when it comes to real estate deals. Being prepared is something that real estate agents always want you to have done but they will never tell you. They know they are here to serve you and therefore it doesn’t matter whether you are prepared or not but they wish you would have prepared. If you are smart enough you can go ahead and prepare yourself adequately before the real estate agent sets in. in this case, preparation refers to things like putting your finances in order, preparing and determining a budget, and getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Once you have done that, it makes work much easier. If you are not able to do that is still fine because the agent is there to offer you with real estate services that you need. For you to transact easily and in the shortest time possible you should get prepared especially on the issue of budget and pre-approval.

Asking Prices Aren’t Random

One thing that the real estate agents will likely not tell you is that the asking prices are not arbitrary. They will not want you to know that they always price homes based on comparable properties within the neighborhood. They will also look at the predictions as to where the market is headed. The agents take a lot of things into consideration before arriving at a price. If you thought that they just pick up prices and assign them to houses then you are wrong. You can do your research and do a comparison for the case of pre construction and new construction homes. If you have any queries you can always reach out to G1 Homes and they will gladly attend to you.


You must now be knowing what you have been missing to know if by any chance you have worked out a deal with a real estate agent whether in the market of pre construction homes in Canada or any other place. Since you now know, you will be a bit knowledgeable and careful the next time you work with a real estate agent. You can dig deeper and know more than the 5 secrets real estate agents don’t want you to know before buying pre construction homes.

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