Are New Construction Homes Cheaper?

Are New Construction Homes Cheaper?

Many potential home buyers look for houses that are cheaper or more affordable. These are the kind of homes that one can easily purchase compared to those very expensive ones. New construction homes usually come with a sense of class that makes them stand out compared to old or existing homes. Several things make new construction homes to be expensive and you should be aware of them. In most cases, new construction homes are more expensive compared to old homes and pre-construction homes. The factors or reasons that make a new construction home to be an expensive real estate investment are as follows.

  1. There are more customization options

It’s obvious that as a home buyer, you will want to have something that completely fits you. That is where customization comes in. When buying a new construction home, you have the opportunity of ensuring that it meets your needs in the best way possible because it is possibly an investment of a lifetime. As a home buyer, you will be given a variety of great home designs so that you can choose the one you prefer to be your home. You will have the opportunity to choose the floor plan you want and this means that you will have a say on what your house or home will look like. This is different when it comes to old or resale homes because you most likely have no choices to choose from. You just go by what you get in the market and therefore this means that you could end up purchasing a house that you don’t love so much as it would be the case if you were to go for a new construction home. Therefore, this customization option could be among the factors that make new construction homes cost more than resale or old homes.

  1. Comes with warranty

New construction homes usually come with a warranty. This warranty comes in handy when something in the new house is not in the way it’s supposed to be. In other words, the warranty caters to all faulty construction. If the house you are buying has a few issues here and there, the developer is the one who will fix the issues because there is a warranty. You, therefore, don’t need to worry much about how you will fix the faults in the house. For sure this is something you will be impressed with especially if you are on the verge of owning a home for the first time. As for a resale home, there is no warranty and therefore it means that for every problem you find in a home, you will fix it yourself with your own money. This is why new construction homes will mostly cost higher than resale homes.

  1. Are more environmentally friendly

Almost everything in a new construction home is designed in a way that has a positive impact as far as the environment is concerned. New homes come with a high level of energy efficiency compared to old homes. This energy efficiency is brought about by the new technologies put in place especially when it comes to electricity and plumbing. Less power is therefore used because everything is instant due to the new technologies unlike in old homes where even taking a hot shower will take you ages just because you will have to wait for several minutes before the water becomes warm. Another good thing about new construction homes is the new technology in lighting and the windows as well. All of the above factors are what lead to a positive impact on the environment. This is what misses in the old homes and therefore for you to be able to enjoy it in the new home, you must surely pay for it hence making new construction homes to be a bit expensive.

  1. You enjoy a new community

In most cases, new construction homes are found in new communities. This usually occurs after developers have secured a large area to set up new homes. When you buy a home in such a community you are prone to enjoy all the benefits that come along with new communities. Everything will indeed be new. The roads, the footpaths, and even the street lights will all be new. This feeling of a new community or environment is what triggers the prices of new construction homes to be above that of old or existing homes. If you are keen on owning an apartment unit or even a single-family home that is new, just know that you will need to dig deeper into your pocket.

  1. Free of repair issues

New construction homes come with everything in good shape and condition. It is very rare to buy a new home that has problems here and there that require repairs to be done. These houses usually have everything fixed and set to the required standard so that anyone who lives there probably for the first time gets to enjoy it. The sinks, lights, windows, and many others are always on point. This makes the value of such kinds of homes to be above that of the old or existing homes. High value translates to high market price and that is why you will see new construction homes being a bit more expensive than old homes. In the case of old homes, you will likely find faults in the house which will require you to fix before you can start living there. You can do your research and compare the price of a new apartment and that of an old one and you will see the difference.


New construction homes are worth your penny and you can try a hand in them. Several new construction homes are cheaper across the cities of Canada. Don’t hesitate to try your luck in the new construction homes market because you can easily find what suits you best. Get out of your comfort zone and secure a place that you will call home for many years to come because you already have the answer to this question, are new construction homes cheaper?

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