Hometown Hillsdale – Why it is the Best Project Near Barrie

Hometown Hillsdale is a new pre-construction detached homes development at Penetanguishene Road & Mills St East that is coming to sort out residential problems for several Hillsdale residents. It is a 2-story building with a total of 489 units. It is located in the neighborhood of Hillsdale near Barrie, Ontario, Canada. It is to be developed by Fernbrook Homes, Crystal Homes & Zancor Homes. The units range from 2026 to 3608 square feet in size. The architect responsible for this amazing work is Hunt Design Associates. It is expected to be occupied in 2025. It has various floor plans namely Haven, Hamlet, Homestead, Homecoming, Harmony, Heirloom, and Hallmark. They all differ in size. The units will be of 3 to 5 bedrooms each. This project clearly represents the real state of the pre-construction homes in Hillsdale. It is indeed one of its kind. Any person who decides to move and seek a new life here will enjoy it to the fullest because what is in store for the residents is more than what they can ask for. If you are in dire need of moving to an excellent place where you can be comfortable, start planning how you will be a homeowner at Hometown Hillsdale. Some of the reasons why Hometown Hillsdale is the best project near Barrie are as follows.

  1. Stylish Homes

Who doesn’t like to live in an elegant house? Of course, everyone wants to have the nice things possible especially a place where you can confidently call home. Style is what makes a house stand out from the rest because a good house is not just a structure but how it is well designed to not only suit the resident’s needs but also to show some level of class. What can make a homeowner proud and want to brag a bit is how their house has been well designed and decorated to a level that almost everyone admires to have such a beautiful home. This is not different from what you will get at Hometown Hillsdale. This project has great value in store for you. It is the most real and perfect example of pre-construction detached homes in Hillsdale. These homes are on lots of 50’, 60’, and 100’ wide with depths from 120 to 200 feet. The lots are fully serviced and so no need to worry. Can’t you see this is already in itself a sleek style? Wait until you become one of the residents and you will see for yourself. These homes are expected to be very unique personality and look that will greatly distinguish them from the rest of the homes in Hillsdale. These homes must already be among the most desirable pre-construction detached homes in Hillsdale. This will surely be your bed of roses if at all you will decide to purchase one of the units so that you can be part of this amazing community. Do all you can so that you can come and enjoy the ambiance that is present right here.

  1. Highly reputable developers

The issue of a developer carries a lot of weight when it comes to the existence of any real estate project. For one to be able to have trust in a given pre-construction or new construction home, they must first have trust in whoever developed the project. In other words, it means that a project that is being developed by a highly reputable developer is more likely to attract more customers compared to a project which is being developed by a developer who is not well known and has less experience. This is something that many people take into consideration before buying homes. Hometown Hillsdale seems to have excelled when it comes to this area. This project has been developed by highly reputable developers that you can rely on at any given time. You can be sure of results which are not just any kind of results but the best results you deserve to get. It is a project done with not just one developer but three developers who are committed to providing the best. Fernbrook Homes, Crystal Homes, and Zancor Homes are the three developers responsible for coming up with this excellent project. This alone makes it to be the best project near Barrie and many people will surely love to associate themselves with it. The developers are among the leading developers and therefore this puts this project a notch higher in terms of quality and attraction. You can never expect less standard or quality when a project is being handled with this kind of developer and that is why Hometown Hillsdale is the best project near Barrie and even beyond. Just go ahead and get yourself the best home that you have ever dreamed of.

  1. Outdoor amenities

The availability of amenities within a particular area makes life much easier and more comfortable because if you choose to live in such an area, you will be able to utilize the amenities in the best way possible and have more fun at the end of the day. Of course, you cannot resist such an experience and therefore that is why you will run for it whenever you get the chance. There is always a certain kind of feeling and relaxation when you choose to seek fresh air and peace of mind in the outdoor amenities especially recreational facilities of your choice. Hillsdale has a number of fascinating places that you can visit and enjoy in any way you want. If you are in need of getting a glimpse of the golfing experience then you can visit places such as Settlers’ Ghost Golf Club and Orr Lake Golf Club. If you are in need of staying in a nice place away from home for a short while, you have no reason to be worried because places such as Carriage Ridge Resort, Seasons Change Bed & Breakfast, and Hackney Horse B&B will take good care of that. For you to be able to enjoy very nice meals out of your home, you will just have to pay a visit to very interesting places and joints such as Settler’s Ghost, Chelsea, and Lobbies. Other places where you can enjoy beautiful experiences include Snow Valley Ski Resort, Mount St. Louis Moonnstone, Horseshoe Valley Resort, Edenvale Conservation Area, and Elmvale Jungle Zoon. All of those, are just but a few examples of places in Hillsdale where you can get to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Therefore, Hometown Hillsdale being within this area will guarantee you the best feeling ever. You shall live largely, have great experiences, and prove to the world that Hometown Hillsdale is the best project near Barrie. If you are still down there thinking about what you will possibly do, get yourself up and snatch your dream home at Hometown Hillsdale.

  1. Efficient and faster transportation

A good transport network is what makes a given area to be easily connected to other areas that might be of great importance to the residents of that place. Without good transport, you cannot even think of going to any certain place and doing what you have to do. No one wants to arrive late at their destination and therefore a fantastic transport system is what every traveler will wish to encounter. That is why great projects are always put in areas that are easily accessible. This will not only facilitate the construction of the project but will also make it easier for potential buyers or homeowners to assess the properties and make informed choices. You can now see part of the reasons why having a good transport system or network in place helps a great deal. Hillsdale itself is a community that has good and passable roads that really work to the advantage of the residents and even those who choose to visit this place at some point. Hometown Hillsdale is very close to Highway 400 and Highway 93 Junction and you can only use 2 minutes to get there when driving. If such major roads and junctions are very close to this project it speaks a lot about the nature of transport and road network in that area. You can also access Barrie very efficiently in only 15 minutes. Being near Barrie means you will also enjoy the good transport network in Barrie and this, therefore, means that you will have absolutely no problem moving from one place to another. Everything is just a matter of minutes. Being in Barrie or around Barrie it only takes less than 20 minutes to get to any particular highway regardless of where you are. This is a great benefit that portrays how Hometown Hillsdale is the best project near Barrie.

  1. Shopping made easier

Living near places where you can comfortably shop or buy anything at any time is something commendable, especially in this era and time. No one wants to spend a lot of time on the road walking or driving looking for a shop or mall to buy anything they want. The most annoying part is when you urgently need to use something within the house but you have to go far in order to get it. This not only wastes time, delays whatever you were supposed to do but also becomes so tiresome. So in order for you to avoid all these troubles, you just have to live in a place where you can access shopping facilities with ease and within the shortest time possible. When it comes to shopping, a resident of Hometown Hillsdale should not worry anymore because this project has taken that into consideration. All your shopping needs will be fully addressed because this project is conveniently located as far as matters to do with shopping are concerned. You will be able to access the Georgian Mall in Barrie in just 20 minutes or so. This is the largest mall in Barrie and has over 150 premier retailers. You will also be a few minutes away from various Grocery Stores, Big Box Stores, and other retail facilities which are all located at SmartCentres Barrie North. Examples of these retail facilities include Walmart, LCBO, Shoppers Drug Mart, and Loblaws. These are just but a few examples of what you will get when you are looking for a place to buy various commodities. You can now see for yourself how this project has really thought of you when it comes to shopping. You can promise your kids all you want because you are sure of where you will go to buy in just a few minutes. Do you still have doubts about Hometown Hillsdale being the best project near Barrie? Save the answer and make a step to being part of this community so that you can see with your own eyes.

  1. Suitable location

A project in a very conducive and suitable location is definitely what many will consider a place to secure their future homes. A good location comes with its benefits which are immense and you cannot at any time think of ignoring such a location. A good location can mean very many things but once you find a home in a place that you consider such, you will be able to understand the uniqueness of that place compared to other different places. So before you invest or buy a home make sure you do your own proper research to ascertain the suitability of a place where you want to settle. The best thing about the location of Hometown Hillsdale is the fact that it is near Barrie. That itself makes it to be in a better location if you were to think of it. Hometown Hillsdale is not far away from the beach and you can make a visit to the beach and enjoy a very cool breeze, especially after long hours of work. Oro Beach, Wasaga Beach, and Balm Beach are the beaches you can get there and enjoy what you have to. The Copeland Forest is also not far away from this excellent project and therefore you can be able to go there and see for yourself various aspects about forests that you didn’t know. There are also a lot of parks, green spaces and hiking trails around this area hence you can be able to go for nature walks any time you want. In short, they say nature is at your doorstep. What a beautiful way to enjoy life in Hillsdale! This is a clear indication that Hometown Hillsdale is the best project near Barrie.

  1. Safe community

A safe community is always the expectation of anyone who intends to live a better life wherever they are or whey they are planning to move to. In order for a community to be considered safe, it means that the security in that area is of a high standard. An area with good security will always be the center of attraction for all those who are seeking to buy homes. If you observe keenly, you will see the population of such a place steadily growing simply because people are interested in being part of such a community. You will never see anyone struggling to go and live in a place that is not safe. Hillsdale community is a good example of a safe community. Barrie also has good security which trickles to the Hillsdale community making it even safer. Barrie has low crime rates which potentially makes people in the nearby Hillsdale community to be safe. Security is a very important matter and should be treated as such. Developers who understand the importance of security will strive to have their projects in safe places and this is what Fernbrook Homes, Crystal Homes, and Zancor Homes have exactly done. According to Canada Statistics, Barrie has been ranked as one of the safest places in the country. Hillsdale community is equally safe and so this is the perfect place for you because security is no longer a puzzle. You can even walk late at the night and no one will bother you in any way. This kind of good security automatically makes Hometown Hillsdale the best project near Barrie and that is why you should quickly acquire a unit for yourself.

  1. Availability of schools

Education is among the most important things in life in this current world. Being the key to success, education should be given the priority it deserves. Many homeowners usually look out for places where their kids can access proper education very easily. A fantastic home project is that which is located in a place where there are more than enough schools to facilitate the learning of residents. If you are a reasonable person looking for a place to call home you will definitely have this in mind and that is how you will end up living in a good place where your kids will study well. In relation to the availability of schools, Hometown Hillsdale is the place where you should move to. Going to school while living in this community will never be a problem. You can access schools any time you want. There are also more than enough schools in the nearby area of Barrie. Hillsdale Public School and Hillsdale Elementary School are just examples of the schools in the Hillsdale Community. In Barrie, you can find schools such as Barrie Montessori & Elementary Private School, Children’s Montessori School, Montessori & Elementary, and Cundles Heights Public School. Even for you as an adult, you can be able to study because institutions of higher learning are also available for example Georgian College. Remember education never gets old so you have no excuse. You can now see why Hometown Hillsdale is in a perfect position to be the best project near Barrie.

  1. Better healthcare

Health is very important to everyone in this world. You require proper health in order to be able to conduct activities in day-to-day life efficiently and with ease. So, therefore, health matters will always be on the table whenever a discussion about moving to a new place is triggered. A project that is in a place where healthcare is at its best will always be the crème de la crème when compared to other projects. Many people will be scrambling to get their share of the project because of the benefits they will get as far as healthcare is concerned. The availability of health facilities in this community is not an issue because there are several health facilities that you can visit together with your family whenever you are unwell. You will be able to get the best services because these health facilities are of good standards. Examples of health facilities in the nearby Barrie area include Little Lake Health Centre, Barrie Glaucoma Assessment Centre, Concussion North, Mackenzie Health-Centre For Behaviour HealthSciences, and Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre. Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre is a large health facility that serves a very large population from in and outside Barrie. It is the health facility that can rarely be overwhelmed in the instance that many people are seeking services. There are also many walk-in clinics near Hillsdale and so you can be to be attended to very easily. Examples of these walk-in Clinics are Keswick Medical and Wellness Clinic, Wellington Walk-in Clinic, Vital Care Medical, Bee Town Medical Center, and Aria Medical Center. This adds weight to the reasons why Hometown Hillsdale is the best project near Barrie.

  • Low cost of living

Low cost of living is very favorable especially when you are in need of saving and living a comfortable life. A low cost of living means that you can access many things that you want with ease. You will also love to be in such a place if you are given the opportunity to because it is where you can be able to get almost all you need at very affordable prices. Talking of a low cost of living, this is exactly what you will face when you choose to become part of the Hillsdale community. The cost of living in the nearby area of Barrie is also affordable or low and therefore living around this place can be a great thing. The cost of living in Barrie is about 21% cheaper than that of Toronto and 6% cheaper than that of Hamilton. This is just an example to show you how the cost of living is manageable. You can comfortably enjoy life more than that person living in Toronto so why not try it? For this reason, you have every reason to believe that Hometown Hillsdale is the best project near Barrie.

  • Affordable housing

Affordable housing is one of the factors that pushes many people to acquire homes. Low prices of houses mean that potential homeowners can be able to have adequate or the required amount to buy their desired homes. When given the opportunity to choose between a place with expensive houses and that with affordable housing, you will most likely go for that with affordable housing because it is where you can easily own a magnificent home at a low price and save yourself from unnecessary expenditure. If you think in this kind of way, then where you will buy your dream home is evident because this is the exact definition of the housing situation in the Hillsdale community and the nearby areas. Prices of houses in Hillsdale community and Barrie are very affordable and therefore having a house in these areas can be a bit cheaper compared to other big cities where prices of houses are something you cannot even imagine yourself paying. This should simply tell you that when it comes to securing your unit at the Hometown Hillsdale, you will also pay a much more affordable price because the housing situation in the area already defines the kind of prices you should see. So you should not think that this project will be completely out of range when it comes to prices. You will be able to secure your unit at a very friendly price and start planning how you will soon move to the new place and become a proud homeowner. Therefore, get money from wherever you can, hurry up, and secure your share because Hometown Hillsdale is the best project near Barrie. That is without any doubt. You can bet on that any time you want.

  • Better economy

The economy of any particular place runs and affects a lot of things within that area. If you are seeking to move, you should consider a place that has a better economy. This kind of economy will enable you to grow because you can invest in whichever sector you wish. A better economy simply means that even the returns or profits of businesses are something that can encourage you to invest even more because the economy will already have created a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and eventually produce high profits that will keep you in the game for as long as possible. Talking of the economy, Barrie has a developing growth rate that is high in Ontario. The economy is really doing well and this has already brought an impact on matters to do with employment. Due to this growing economy, the unemployment rate is going down. This is good news for those who are in need of jobs because it now means that the likelihood of one getting employed when they look for a job will go up. When these kinds of people get jobs, they will be able to earn income and build themselves as well as the economy and that is how the economy will keep thriving. Hillsdale community is also doing well when it comes to the economy. People here are realizing much more outputs. Barrie being just a stone’s throw away from Hillsdale you cannot expect to have two completely different types of economies. Don’t you want to move to an area of this kind? Think again about it and you will understand why this project is considered the best, especially near Barrie. Stand and be counted among the owners of pre-construction homes in Hillsdale.

  • You can enjoy city life out of the city

Enjoying city life is always at the back of the minds of many people. It is always a good thing to enjoy a very smooth life that gives you pleasure. While living at Hometown Hillsdale which is near Barrie, you can enjoy a life that is much similar to city life while you are not in the city. This is so because the city of Toronto is not very far away from this place. If you compare the affordability and the class of houses in this area and Toronto, you will get to understand why you are enjoying the status of a city while living outside a city. Instead of the houses being priced the same way as in Toronto, you are getting them at a much lower price. Say no more because if you move to this place you will enjoy this kind of life and that proves why Hometown Hillsdale is the best project near Barrie.


In summary, you must have now seen the best reasons why putting your money into such a project can be the greatest deal you have ever done. Hometown Hillsdale is just the best thing for you and any other person who might be yearning to live a very comfortable and peaceful life. You have absolutely no reason to think otherwise about this project because it is exactly what will make you want to move out of that place you are in now. If you want to feel at home then this is the place where you are supposed to put all your focus on. Being near Barrie, will of course add flavor to what you will enjoy in the long run. Start making arrangements on how you will be part of this exciting community as soon as possible. If you keep waiting you will have yourself to blame in the end.

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