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How Does Buying a Pre Construction Home Work?

Are you in need of buying a pre-construction home? If you seriously need to buy one then you should start by knowing how the process of buying a pre-construction home works. There is a concrete procedure to be followed when buying a pre-construction home and you as a potential investor or homeowner should be aware of every detail in this process. Getting it right in the process means you will also buy right so before diving into buying, make sure that you have adequate information. How does buying a pre-construction home work? You can check below how buying a pre-construction home works if indeed you are so keen to know.

  1. Find a real estate agent

The services of a real estate agent are very essential in the process of buying a pre-construction home. Remember it is not just any real estate agent but a qualified and experienced one. Do not go for the agent representing the builder because it is more likely that they will not favor you the way you want. The best thing to do here is to get your agent that will take you through this process.

  1. Check on the builder’s reputation

It is always advisable to work with a builder who is of good reputation. This will give you a lot of confidence in whatever you are doing as far as buying a pre-construction home is concerned. Checking the builder’s reputation is very important because it will enable you to know the kind of builder they are and the level of expertise they have. You can conduct an online search so that you can see various things about the builder including the reviews they have gotten from various works they have done. Do not make the mistake of failing to seek more as far as the reputation of the builder is concerned.

  1. Tour the project site and model home

After you have taken care of the two steps mentioned above, you will need to make some tours. The first tour will be to the project site. This tour will specifically enable you to see the type of environment or neighborhood you will live in when you move into your home. You will check several things which are of interest to you. After touring the project site you will then tour the model home. The model home is what will show you the real picture of what you should expect as far as your complete home is concerned. At the model home, you will get the chance of seeing the features that will be included in your new home once it is complete. The builder will let you know which features are standard and which ones are upgrades. This will enable you to prepare yourself concerning the extra amount you will pay to get the upgrades.

  1. Negotiate for a better price and check the warranty

The next thing you will have to do is to try and negotiate for a much better price. By doing this, you will be putting yourself in a better place when it comes to saving something by paying less. Negotiating is very important when it comes to investing. If the builder accepts to reduce the price it will be good for you and if they don’t then you will have to move on with the deal if you still feel comfortable. Another thing that you will have to check is the warranty. You will have to be sure of what is covered in the warranty so that you can how well you are covered when it comes to damages and repairs in your home.

  1. Put everything in writing

After going about other activities and talking more regarding the agreement, you will have to ensure that everything is captured in writing. Having all your verbal agreements put in writing will make it easier for the deal to run seamlessly. Make sure you don’t miss any detail. Be smart in the best way possible.

  1. Get pre-approved for a loan

Getting pre-approved for a loan is another crucial step that has to be executed. Once you find a lender that will easily pre-approve you and you will set the ball rolling. Funds are very crucial when it comes to buying a home. Remember this pre-approval will depend on several factors including your credit score.

  1. Get into the cooling-off period

The cooling-off period will then follow. This period is usually 10 days long. It enables the buyer to reflect on several issues as far as buying the pre-construction home is concerned. As a buyer or investor, you will use this time to assess various factors concerning the neighborhood you will soon live in. You will also use this time to ensure everything about the agreement is on the right track.

  1. Home inspection

A home inspection cannot be ignored. This inspection has to be conducted to ensure that the home has been built to the required level. As the buyer, you will have to seek the help of a professional inspector who will check every detail and give a report of how the home is. This step will be part of your answers whenever you see this question, how does buying a pre-construction home work?

  1. Customize the home

You will also have the opportunity to customize your home. In this stage, you will work closely with a representative from the builder. The representative will help you to design and customize your home. Colors and finishes may be what you will focus on in the customization.

  • Interim occupancy and closing

These two critical stages will come at the end of the buying process. The builder will notify you that the house is ready for interim occupancy. You will then have to meet your lawyer before paying the occupancy fees as well as the outstanding deposits. Immediately after the closing date, you will meet with the builder and it is here where your lawyer will help you sign the documents before the official transfer of ownership takes place.


Once you know what is required of you when it comes to buying or investing in a pre-construction home, you will have no problems going forward with any deal. You can do most of the things on your own but it is still important to involve professionals who will adequately guide you step by step. Work will also be easier when you are helped and you will own a home within the shortest time possible. Hurry up and grab a pre-construction home that will eventually turn out to be the best place for you and your family. You can as well be that investor who never leaves anything to chance.

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