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Is It Cheaper To Buy Pre Construction House Or Build Your Own House In Canada?

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Everyone dreams of owning a new home in a serene and peaceful environment. But now, the problem is choosing between purchasing a home versus building own house. Thanks to G1 Homes, you don’t need to scratch your head anymore trying to decide whether to build a new home or purchase a pre constructed home. G1 Homes will guide you through finding if purchasing pre constructed home is cheaper. You also must understand that both forms have different pros and cons.

Putting the two on a scale, purchasing a pre constructed home weighs less and is thus considered the least expensive compared to a building. But is it true? Well, check out below for answers to that challenging question;

Guide To Buying Pre-Construction Homes.

Pre-construction homes or new construction homes are among Canada’s top-selling real estate projects. The demand for homes is rising in many cities within Canada, with many individuals seeking new places to call home. Developers have thrived to counter the increased housing demand, setting up projects as days go by.

How To Buy Pre Construction Homes?

Wondering what are the step involved in buying a pre construction home? Below is a complete guide on how to go about it; Also read: Is Buying Pre Construction Home Worth The Risk

1.   Search Through The Market For New Construction Projects

This is the first step in looking for a project to invest in. The internet has tons of real estate development sites that sell projects you can check out. Similarly, reaching out to will also work well since the site has all the latest projects in most Canadian cities. As you do so, put an eye to detail on the price of the units, deposit structure, location, developer, occupancy date, and floor plans.

2.   Research A Lot On The Developer

Once you go through the market of available selling projects, head over to the project developer you need a unit from. Doing so helps you build trust and confidence in the developer. On top of that, doing a brief research on the developer’s reputation and completion records will make you invest with zero doubts. Once confident with the developer, confirm the initial deposit’s down payment.

3.   Visit The Home Model Site.

The developer will later invite you to check on the home model site. This model replicated how the other units of the project will come out.

4.   Shop For A Mortgage Lender

Go through a list of mortgage lenders and pick on one with reasonable interest rates. If you have a broker or realtor, you won’t see it as a monumental task since the experienced professional will help you.

5.   Closing

When the project is nearing completion, the closing phase comes in. In this phase, the development projects an occupancy certificate on your behalf. Before moving in, a buyer has to clear any pending fees and move into the house.

Benefits Of Buying Pre Construction Houses

Lower Price Tags

When put on one page, you will notice that the price of new construction homes is way higher than that of pre construction homes. That is because buying a pre construction will only need a deposit and installments on given dates. On the other hand, building a new home will require time, dedication, and a considerable budget. Are New Construction Homes Cheaper? 

New Construction Homes Come With A Warranty.

This is one of the good sides of purchasing a pre construction house rather than building one. Just like cars come with a warranty, new construction homes are also entitled to coverage by a contract. A warranty covers the units from unforeseen damages whose repair and replacement expenses might be too much to meet. This, in return, brings peace of mind and saves you money spent on maintenance.

Better Choices

Unlike building your own home, buying pre construction homes comes with benefits such as plenty of choices and preferences. Here, a buyer can pick on the desired location they choose to live, floor plans, and also decide on the upgrades and features of their own choice.

Flexible Payment Structures

The payment method that comes when purchasing new construction homes is so friendly. The system accommodates buyers’ needs since payment happens in phases that help one save. The deposit structure and the down payment methods give the buyers peace of mind.

Building A New Home.

Once again, there are many ways to kill a rat. In this context, we are talking about the different ways you can own your dream home. Building your own dream home is one of the ways you can secure a new home for yourself.

However, you need to understand the kind of burden you are loading yourself with won’t be easy. Building a home is clearly never easy but a complex affair that wastes your time, energy, and money.

Here is a brief guide on constructing a new home;

Come Up With A Design

You first have to conceptualize your own dream home. This is so hard if you don’t get help from professionals. The design includes floor plans, building materials, size, etc.

Secure Location/Land

Location and land matter a lot when planning on building a home by yourself. That is because the two are key in determining the project’s entire cost. A location close to major cities and suburbs will be expensive to purchase a piece of land.

Considering many home owners want to live in cities with plenty of amenities, it will never come cheap to build a home in the city. Besides that, you will have to pay charges such as permits and inspections. The only places where purchasing a worksite is cheaper is in the rural areas.


That entails correctly calculating all the materials used in the entire project and their total cost. This is the most crucial part of the process, and you must be extra careful. Get an experienced professional to help.


Once you finish the quote, head over and start buying materials. You have to approach this phase while well prepared financially. Remember, the cost of building materials has been on the rise. Don’t get shocked once you find things not going on your side.


Labor is vital in setting up your own new home. That should not just be any ordinary labor but skilled individuals. That means the pay rate for skilled workers is higher.


It so direct that purchasing a pre constructed home is cheaper compared to building a new home. A pre construction home is less of a burden compared to building a new home. Constructing a new home will need a lot of time and energy since it involves lots of steps which are so engaging.

Therefore, go for new construction homes if you want to avoid the cost of building a new home. G1Homes offers the most extensive market space with the most affordable pre construction homes you need to check out.

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