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    Are you looking to purchase pre construction homes? You have considered a couple of things on your place to look. This ranges from the location, the size of the Home, the number of bedrooms, and the parking lot to the interior design.Buying a home is a crucial lifetime financial decision you will have to make at some point. The demand for residences has increased over the past years due to the high number of investors, and the real estate market has become sophisticated. The price of new construction homes has also increased.

    Choosing by investing in a home is not an easy decision, especially if you are not well informed about the real estate market.

    However, you don’t need to worry anymore as this article walks you through all the knowledge you need for the market to buy your dream home. Consider an investment in pre construction condos for your new home. You are probably wondering why pre-construction condos.

    Why Should You Invest In Pre Construction Condos?

    When purchasing a condo, a primary consideration is buying a pre construction unit or a resale one. Purchasing a brand-new condo can be more appealing, but there are reasons why you should instead go for the pre construction condos.

    The opportunity to customize your unit, save cash and earn profits are some benefits to consider. Investors can personalize the units by converting lighting and the floor or lobbying for upgrades. When the team is completed, its unit cost will rise, profit the owner when selling the condo. Buying a pre construction condo will also help the buyer save money because they don’t get involved in bidding wars that can go over the intended budget.

    As stated earlier, the location of your residence is another factor you need to consider. You are probably wondering where you can get your pre-construction condo. Our residences located in Barrie will provide a solution to your investment needs.

    How Do They Work?

    One of the most important things to understand about condos for sale in Barrie is that they’re not a traditional real estate investment. While they have some real estate aspects, they don’t involve getting a mortgage or purchasing property — those are the requirements to buy an actual condo.

    Pre-construction condos are more like land contracts. An investor purchases these properties from the developer to understand that they will deliver finished condos sometime in the future. Within that timeframe, the developer builds and completes a condo for the buyer. The development will then sell these condos at a market rate. Surprisingly, there aren’t many regulations regarding pre construction Barrie condos because they’re seen as a way to get rich quickly by investing in real estate.

    The main benefit of new construction Barrie condos is their ability to offer you financing options that aren’t available on traditional construction sites. This is pretty impressive because there are a lot fewer regulations involved when installing P.V.C. pipes than there are when building an actual home, increasing your likelihood of making money on your investment quite substantially.

    Lastly, pre construction homes and condos cater to investment-savvy clients who want to live in lower-income areas but still make decent amounts of money by selling off their units after they move out — this can be done out of state if needed since it may push them above the max income requirement for high-residency investors under C.R.A. rules or just for profit or other reasons (e.g., selling off underwater assets).

    What you get with pre construction Barrie condos is an opportunity to live in an urban area while investing in a property. You don’t have to worry about the market crashing because there will be plenty of space for you to build your dream home or a condo investment.

    Not to mention the advantage of accessing financing via B condos and LBSC.

    It’s essential to stay the course and keep in mind that the only way things can get better for you is by pulling off all of your hard work and doing your research. Moreover, make sure to devote all of your attention to signing up for these numerous condos for sale in Barrie deals. The best way forward is to establish yourself in the pre-construction condo space by investing in a couple of condos and countless others after they’ve been built — this makes finding lucrative pre-completed condos with low surcharges even easier.

    This brings us back to property management.

    Some new construction homes and condos are even built on abandoned properties! This means that you can always sell your condo if the market turns terrible and make a good amount of cash you’ll need because of the high cost of your unit. Keeping track of all of these applicable pre-construction condo deals is something that requires vigilance — it’s something that you can quickly learn and pick up in a brief period through the power of an internet connection.

    To conclude, new construction Barrie condos have certain definite advantages due to the rare effects that they can have on your financial outcome — protection from ordinary market downturns and opportunities for real benefits regarding financial returns.

    What Can You Expect From A Pre Construction Barrie Condo?

    Pre construction homes and condos can offer you a great deal on a property. They provide better returns than a property that you buy in the middle of the renovation. By purchasing pre construction condos, you will be able to live on your investment before buying the finished product and have time to fix any issues with the prior condo to buying, in case there are any issues, during this stage.

    Another benefit of purchasing pre construction homes Barrie or condos is having a lower risk of paying higher insurance premiums later on since they’re fully completed units (no chance of structural damage when buying, meaning a lower insurance rate) with higher dividends paid on pre-construction upfront.

    You can also expect to make more money than buying a traditional property in the same price range. As a result of you not having to pay for renovations over a long period, you will end up with more return on your investment. Pre construction homes Barrie also offers better security, meaning that if there’s a hurricane or flood, your investment is also completely protected from damage or destruction and, again, lowers the risk associated with the property’s financial stability.

    Some companies will also cover the closing costs to know that everything was covered when buying, which is currently eliminating many headaches and fees in other real estate investments like any additional condo investment. Plus, many different types of new construction Barrie condos are perfect for your needs.

    When Should You Invest In A New Construction Barrie Condo?

    There are things to keep in mind when you’re considering whether or not to invest in condos for sale in Barrie. It would help if you remembered that you need to accumulate some investment capital to make your investment go through.

    Secondly, check the refundable deposit funds when you decide whether or not you’re going to purchase a pre-construction condo instead of buying a property and renovating it that makes sense.

    Finally, there are many different benefits of pre construction homes and condos besides making better financial gains for your money.

    Pre construction also avoids delays due to incomplete construction projects and allows monitoring from the get-go without any added stress of having problems with unfinished construction, working on fixing slowly but only at the end, and diminishing work hours. A fair warning when investing in a new construction Barrie condo or any other type of property is that on occasions, it can be just as expensive as a renovation costing x amount if renovation costs are avoidable!

    Why Do You Need To Get Condos for Sale in Barrie?

    Barrie is a city located in the County of Simcoe. The city’s rapid growth makes it one of the best real estate markets. Barrie offers lakefront views due to its strategic location right by Kempenfelt Bay and Simcoe Lake. Residents get to enjoy an urban environment with stores, residential Barrie pre construction homes, and other amenities.

    Moving to a new city can be a daunting task. But if you’re serious about saving money and making a move, Barrie is the place to do it. According to MoneySense, Barrie is one of the most affordable cities in Canada for housing. Plus, there are many great reasons to move to Barrie.

    Benefits of Moving To Barrie

    The benefits of getting new construction homes Barrie and moving there. These includes:


    Additionally, several great programs offer incentives for residents to move to Barrie. These programs include the Ontario government’s Greenbelt program and the City of Barrie’s Save Our Streets campaign (S.O.S.) which provides grants for any improvement project, including home renovations.

    Additionally, if you’ve been eyeing a specific property, but it’s out of the budget, Gladstone Capital will match up to 10% of your equity! Not to mention getting pre construction homes Barrie is an affordable option compared to old homes.

    Best Surfaces for A House In Barrie – Basement

    Basements are the best places to build a house one you got required pre construction Barrie property. Here is my top choices when it comes to the types of floors you can use as the foundation for your Home in Barrie – Shingles Tile Flooring Carpet Concrete/Paver Base.

    This is one of two main floors commonly used in preparing basements for development – form, and slab concrete flooring, molded from poured concrete. This can significantly reduce building costs compared with formwork-elevated concrete floors, and above-grade flooring materials; both installed over the concrete slab (form) or above and without the panels (slab).

    Suppose your budget prevents you from installing concrete flooring. In that case, floors made of laminate or ceramic tile (both solid and w-flow) and vinyl/propylene are other reliable choice flooring options that can be used. However, you need to estimate all this before you begin development on new construction homes Barrie

    Additionally, Barrie has an impressive number of long-term residents and is the only municipality where this demographic is the majority of residents. According to the 2006 census, 52% of residents moved to Barrie within the previous five years; however, 60% have lived in Barrie for ten years or longer. These numbers show that people like moving to Barrie and are willing to stay awhile.

    A Room For Saving

    One of the great things about living in Barrie and getting new construction Barrie is that you can save a lot of money on housing.

    According to Numbeo, Barrie has the lowest average rent for apartments and condos in Canada. Even the average cost of a one-bedroom rental is a little less than $650 monthly. With such a price, you can quickly accumulate two or more years’ worth of O.P.P. payments and save much total on working for someone else’s mortgage is also sensible.

    If you continue to work and save, the situation improves dramatically when you look at the cost of life in Barrie. Getting pre construction homes Barrie on time also prevent you from rent. Our living expenses are pretty average for Canada for any singles. According to Numbeo, the utility costs here are considerably lower than in any other city in Ontario or even all of Canada; and services like internet and T.V. service are free of charge.

    Even though costs will be unbearably high later on if you start having a family, especially when kids require extra labor costs based on some estimates, we are doing our best to have a basic understanding of them. This can better show us exactly where you stand with your construction, so if you go making a last-minute mistake or not?

    Alternative energies due read more detail here was implemented by town council concerning time management programs and environmental while the creation of community garden has got extension programs possibilities. Plus, as a city, Barrie offers a wide range of affordable housing options such as pre construction homes. You can find a range of prices from $1,000 to $5,000 per month. This makes it easy to find a place to live that fits your budget and lifestyle.

    Best Transportation Options

    The costumed transportation options in Barrie are great. You can get to most places by bike, bus, or train. Additionally, several walking and biking trails will take you to various spots in the city and nearby. Drivers have access to the whole town and get out at either East or Queen Street. Hence, when getting new construction homes Barrie, the last thing you need to worry about is the commute.

    Metro is located close by, and you can still get marked and get around off-route, and drivers’ licenses remain in that area. At the Airport, Barrie Transit will pick you up and drop you off on-site excellent to hop right on wherever your destination is you need to be. All of our rides in Barrie are the same if a part of your holiday or university.

    Cost Of Living in Barrie

    The cost of living in Barrie can be expensive. But if you’re looking for an affordable city to live in, Barrie is the place to go. According to MoneySense, Barrie’s average cost of rent is $1,499 a month. And you can also avoid by purchasing decent new construction Barrie.

    Additionally, the cost of food and groceries in Barrie is often much lower than what you’d find in other cities. So, if you’re looking for an affordable city with excellent food options, Barrie is the place to go.


    One of the great things about getting pre construction homes in Barrie is that there are so many great amenities all over the city. There are lots of shopping options, parks, and community centers all over the town. Whether you’re looking for a medical facility or a school, Barrie has all kinds available.

    Living in Barrie also comes with access to healthcare. Most health care options come thrown into your health insurance plan with Selectcare on Veridian.

    Culture and heritage of Barrie

    The culture and heritage of Barrie lie in many forms that you would feel while living there – As mentioned earlier, once you purchase new construction homes here, you can explore many types of cultural journeys. For adults or children visiting our region revolves around water, there are sports and recreation spots to give us things to do, whether golf or other sports.

    Climate in Barrie

    The climate of Barrie is pretty closely suited to most of the world’s national environments, as there’s a temperature warmer during winter and coolness during summer months.

    The coldest month should be January, with an average temperature between -10 and -12 degrees Celsius, and the warmest month being August, with an average temperature ranging between 17 to 23 degrees Celsius. Record high temperatures have been recorded in July, rising to 31 °C.

    The coastal climate prevents rain forms and high tornado threat hurricanes.

    Additionally, there are plenty of parks and green spaces to enjoy. Hence by getting pre-construction Barrie you are choosing a great place to live and work.

    Do You Have To Work Extra Hard In Barrie To Save Money?

    No. You don’t have to work extra hard in Barrie to save money. Many people who move to Barrie come across good job opportunities that pay well. The city is known for its strong economy, and there are many opportunities for people to find work. The career should not be your concern when getting pre construction homes Barrie. Other residents also seek out employment opportunities and have high-paying jobs. Many people who live in Barrie do not work.

    For this reason, it is often called a central place of lifestyle and not just a suburb to live in. This is excellent news for the thousands of families who look for low housing costs and affordable homes to call home.

    With the average temperatures being fairly brisk during most months, if your primary purpose is exercise, Barrie can provide a healthy environment by enabling you to go outdoors through sports clubs or trail rating into a few parks can be great for people wanting to enjoy fresh air coupled with new green spaces.

    Rent at Barrie Statistics shows that the RENT in Barrie has been hovering around 34.5 % of household income in Barrie. Therefore, investing in pre-construction homes is the best way to stay within budget. Although that may suggest you need big BUCKS before moving here, only 31 % of the homeowners have debt after their houses are financed over 25 years on finance with a cap rate of 3%.

    Married couples who choose site Toronto make 94,939 dollars every year, which makes it smell lure when assessing Barrie rents as they could spend 671 buying up your principal should they decide they need more houses!

    How Do You Know If You Should Move To Barrie?

    There are a few things you can look for when deciding to move to Barrie. First of all, the city is growing and changing quickly. So, if you’re looking for an affordable place to live that’s constantly evolving, Barrie might be the right choice. There are many excellent pre construction Barrie projects on their way.

    Second, Barrie is a great place to start your business. With so many companies starting up every day, there’s plenty of space to grow your business.

    Finally, Barrie has some of the best schools in Canada. These schools will help you develop your career and learn new skills.

    Market Report (December 2021)

    The Barrie pre construction homes market is one of the fast-growing condominium marketplaces. Thirty condos were sold in November, which comprised nine condo townhouses and twenty-one condo apartments. The average condo transaction rate increased to $574,043. There was an increase of 26.5 in percentage from November 2020 – to November 2021.

    The condominium marketplace for pre construction townhouses in Barrie has primarily increased. The interest for this kind of house has improved, making the average selling-price to reach over half a million dollars. The loss of freehold homes has led to this increase in interest in pre-construction townhomes in Barrie. The interest rates for this kind of residence have also been raised. Units are selling, therefore selling for a reasonable amount.

    The transaction price for condos for sale in Barrie rose 14% in October compared to a year ago. The pre-construction condo in Barrie attracts many customers due to affordability, availability, and lifestyle. Condo properties in Barrie are attractive and meet the tastes of many intending residents.

    Most buyers are selecting condos as their long-term housing solution rather than ownership. Survey research by the Toronto Real Estate Board shows that less than 1 % of sales purchase freehold property in the region. Condominium units represent new housing choices for investors since there are no taxes and other costs associated with the house.

    Pre Construction Barrie Projects

    If you are looking for Barrie pre construction homes for sale, worry not because we have a lot of projects for you. Pre construction homes and condos in Barrie that you can turn into your dream home may be from one of our projects listed below.

    The Residence of Owen

    Covid19 outbreak has made it hard for people to be in public places with swimming pools. This led to a great demand for homes with swimming pools. If you are looking for this kind of house and condos for sale in Barrie, your wait is over. Avail yourself for this opportunity and book your dream house to start enjoying Barrie’s fantastic amenities.

    The Residence of Owen is a spectacular condominium located at the center of Barrie on Mulcaster and Collier streets.

    Its strategic location incentreity’s center provides residents access to the most popular attractions. These include Lake Simcoe, Georgian College, Highway 400, restaurants, retailers, Allandale Waterfront G.O. Station, and a lot more.


    The Residence of Owen is a new construction home in Barrie in the pre-construction stage. It is a newly Ballantry Homes condo at 57 Owen Street with a 52/100 transit score and a 79/100 walk score. MCL Architects created the Owen Condos, and it’s expected to be completed in 2024.

    The Home is 20 stories building with 278 units with a range of sizes from 517 – 1334 square feet.


    The Residence location is close to various gourmet stores and restaurants and a diversity of outdoor recreation facilities. You can therefore complete your daily activities conveniently and on time. Your 24-hour caretaker will show you around the numerous amenities, along with the golf simulation, spa, swimming pool, and more. The lobby is expansive and well designed to welcome you for exploration. It can be an excellent option if you are looking for luxurious yet affordable pre construction homes Barrie.

    Other facilities you will get include:

    • Concierge services 24/7
    • The lounge and lobby
    • Security Monitoring
    • Rooms to dine
    • Cafe & Bistro
    • Centre for Fitness
    • Massage Room
    • Rooftop Terrace
    • Indoor Pool
    • Spa
    • Golf Simulator
    • Games Room


    The Residence on Owen is situated at an excellent address, 57 Owen Street in Barrie, Toronto. This project features a range of floor designs with several bedrooms; every apartment will consist of a balcony, baths, new appliances, and other facilities. Urban facilities will also be included in these new construction homes. Buyers can have a nice variety of boutique-style complex Barrie pre-construction homes.

    Residents get to enjoy facilities provided together with other amenities, including a wine bar, gym, theatre, dining room, rooftop terrace, indoor pool, massage room, gardening center, 24-hour concierge, lounge, and other facilities. Register and book yourself a luxurious and beautiful new construction home, Barrie.


    Developers Ballantry Homes and the Gillam Group
    Architect MCL Architects
    Building type Condominium
    Ownership Condominium
    Status Pre-construction
    Selling Status In the planning stage
    Number of Suites 278
    Types of Suites 1-2 Bedroom/s
    Suite size 550-1000 sq. ft.

    Debut Waterfront Residencies

    Debut Waterfront Residencies is one and first residence of its kind in the city of Barrie. It’s a modern waterfront mansion that combines an outdoor lifestyle with urban luxury. This pre-construction townhome presents Barrie in a different dimension that was not there earlier. This is a Barrie that is innovative, connected, and modern.

    Debut Waterfront is more than a residential home. It’s the link to the outdoors, the city, and everything in between.

    The residence is located on 55 Dunlop Street W, in Barrie city. Furnished with hiking trails, ski resorts, and the city comforts within reach, you get to enjoy every moment spent at the residencies.

    The waterfront view gives the residence a serene and captivating environment. It comprises 480 units, with each unit equipped with modern facilities.


    The thirty-three-story pre-construction townhouse Barrie project will be completed in 2024 and will feature many amenities to provide the residents with all the needed comfort and luxury. The amenities include:

    • Pub
    • Chauffeur
    • Fitness center
    • Orchard
    • Library
    • Bar Area
    • Infinity Plunge Pool
    • Restaurant
    • Terrace
    • Boardroom
    • B.Q. Area
    • Firepit Space


    • SUITES

    The suites have 9′ or 10′ smooth ceilings as per the plan. The entry doors are custom designed and fitted with a security view-hole. The flooring is hard-wood with floor-to-ceiling high-performance windows and a glazing system.

    They are also fitted with an Italian wardrobe, closet rod, and shelving. A front-loading washer and dryer with an exterior vent are also included in the suites. There are also telephone and T.V. outlets situated in principal rooms.

    Other suites ‘ features are controlled air conditioning and an energy-recovery ventilation system. The suites are also fitted with automated blinds.


    The kitchen has Italian custom-designed cabinetry in a range of finishes and colors. The kitchen is also fitted with an integrated refrigerator, wall oven, electric cooktop, microwave, stainless-steel-insert exhaust fan, and a 24-inch integrated dishwasher.

    Soft close drawers and cabinets plus a movable kitchen-caddy with drawers are more of the features of the kitchen. The countertops are solid surfaces with continuous counter-backsplash, and a single basin sink is also fitted in the kitchen. L.E.D. Lighting under the cabinet gives the kitchen a relaxed, more modern look.


    The bathroom is custom designed in a range of materials and colors. There is a bathtub and a frameless glass shower. The shower and bathtub are fitted with pressure balanced mixed valve.

    The bathroom’s flooring is porcelain made, and the countertops are made from customized solid surfaces: a storage cabinet and a mirror fitted with integrated lighting in the main bathroom.


    . The residence is fitted with a smart-tech package. The suites have a mobile-operated smart lock and a mobile-operated thermostat. There’s also a separate service panel fitted with circuit-breakers for each suit. The lobby has a security monitoring system and a separate entrance for the guests for enhanced security.


    The pricing for these Barrie pre-construction homes is not yet provided, but if you are looking for sale houses in Barrie, you need to hurry up and get a deal for these exotic, luxurious pre-construction homes in Barrie.


    Developer Barrie Waterfront Development Inc.
    Project Name Debut Condos – Waterfront Residences
    Building Type Condominium
    Address 55 Dunlop St W, Barrie
    Number of stories 33
    Completion Date 2024
    Estimated number of units 480
    Construction Status Pre-construction
    Selling Status Selling
    Architects Scott Shields Architects and Oleson Worland Architects

    399 Veterans

    This is a pre-construction home in Barrie, with an estimated completion time in 2022. If you need f a cheap house in Barrie, this is your deal. Sean homes are constructing these homes at 399 Veterans. They offer you a distinctive design for a beautiful residence for your dream home.

    This project consists of 82 units in total. The sizes of the units range from 540-to 1800 square feet. Sean Homes provides new construction homes for Barrie with higher performance and quality of living. The natural landscaping at this place is fantastic, and the urban-park features add to its sophistication.

    Its unique features are the outdoor meeting area with a complete fire table, a modern arbor, and a ping pong court. Residents get to play pickleball during summer and skate during winter.

    Classical architectural designs and layout for these Barrie pre-construction residences make the neighborhood a beauty to live in. if you are a modern buyer, this is the place to get home, whether you need a Modern Condo or a New Urban Townhouse.



    The residencies have a geothermal air conditioning and heating system and an optional solar panel system. The high-performance buildings are within the guidelines provided by the EnergyStar multi-family program. The windows are fitted with fiberglass, while the exterior is brick and steel.

    Wood staircases with steel stringers give the buildings a customized look. The fitted vinyl tiles are easy to clean, seamless, and sleek. Inside the kitchen, it’s fitted with Panasonic appliances, with the bathroom featuring a Nebia misting showerhead.


    The modern condo is also fitted with geothermal air conditioning and heating. The apartment features EnergyStar comfort and control.

    The interior is made of cross-laminated timber with exposed beams and wood ceilings. The balcony has built-in biophilia greenery and planters for plant growth. The exterior is made of bricks and steel, making it durable.


    • Hockey Rink
    • Bike-Repair Station
    • Sports Field
    • Pet washing station
    • Pickleball Court
    • Firepit
    • Meeting Room 


    Ownership Condominium
    Building Type Townhouse and Condominium
    Status Registration in process
    Sales time the end of 2022
    Selling status Registration
    Construction status Pre-construction
    Builder Sean Homes
    Architect Hunt Design Associates Inc.


    Hewitt’s Gate

    Hewitt’s Gate is pre-construction condos for sale in a friendly neighborhood with over 2000 homes, including ownership communities, single-family houses, and condominiums.

    The Hewitt’s Gate homes were developed by Pratt Homes, considering Barrie’s culture and tradition. It acts as a gateway for Barrie.

    It’s a single-family home and pre-construction townhomes Barrie project on Mapleview Drive East in Barrie. It has thirty-four units, and its size varies from 1085 – 1393 square feet. If you want pre-construction homes in Barrie, then here is your chance to get your dream house at Hewitt’s Gate. The pricing is yet to be communicated.


    Developer Pratt Homes
    Address Mapleview-Drive East, Barrie, Ontario
    City Barrie
    Property Types Single-family homes, condos, and townhouses.
    Number of units 34
    Selling status Registration
    Construction status Pre-construction
    Construction start date Winter/Spring 2022
    Ownership freehold and condominium

    B.E.A. Towns

    B.E.A. Towns is a townhouse project by State view Homes at Ardagh Road and Essa Road. It’s a pre-construction home in Barrie. The project has 218 units in total, and the price range per unit is from $600,000. The modern townhouses are bounded by nature, giving them a serene and relaxed environment.

    These pre-construction homes in Barrie are designed for the young families looking for an urban setup with highways and G.O. for more accessible transport.


    • The bathrooms have EnergyStar qualified exhaust fans vented to the exterior. The homes are also fitted with an H.R.V. (Heat Recovery Ventilation) Unit system and a condensing hot-water tank that is EnergyStar qualified. A thermostat is provided on the main floor and L.E.D. Lighting is used where possible to help conserve energy.
    • The exterior is furnished with a combination of stone, brick, freeze board, and stucco with detailing around the doors and windows.
    • Durable, pre-finished, maintenance-free aluminum soffits, eaves troughs, downspouts, and fascia all fitted into the homes to add to its sophistication. The entry door is insulated, strong, and durable. Aluminum railings are used for extra exterior décor.
    • The kitchen features custom-designed cabinets, dishwasher space, and rough-in electrical and plumbing. Built-in breakfast counters, broom closets, and pantries are also included in the kitchen setup. The kitchen countertops, stainless-steel finish, and an under-mount kitchen sink with a pull-out faucet are used to complete the kitchen setup.
    • Luxurious bathrooms custom-designed for the suites with cabinets with various styles to choose from complement the whole décor. The main bathroom features a laminate countertop and a clean-cut finish where the wall meets the countertop.
    • All bathrooms are fitted with single-lever faucets, privacy locks, shut-off valves, and water-saving toilets. The wall tiles are fitted up to the ceiling and the floor with mosaic tiles.
    • The B.E.A. pre-construction condo Barrie homes have an extravagant interior for comfort and luxury. The electrical appliances and lighting used have both been considered energy-saving qualifications. Weatherproof exterior electrical devices, automatic smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and wiring follow these regulations.
    • The flooring features tiles and wood, depending on where each is most applicable. These homes are also fitted with cold and hot laundry taps with heavy-duty wiring for the washer and dryer.
    • The homes are also fitted with intelligent automation. These range from the intelligent door lock, smart thermostat, intelligent lighting control, intelligent water-leak sensor, smart automation hub, and customer system training session. Professional training on how to use innovative technology is offered for every resident.
    • The homes are fitted with monitored security systems through StateView Homes. The system includes a complete security system on all windows, doors, and a motion detector together with a siren. Professional cleaning services for your Home are also provided upon occupancy in the Home. There are also duct cleaning services preceding occupancy of the Home.

    These features make B.E.A. town pre-construction condos, Barrie, a place to purchase and make it your residence of choice. Book now and enjoy all the luxury and comfort.


    Building Type Townhouse
    Ownership Freehold
    Selling Status Registration
    Construction Status Pre-construction
    Builder(s) State view Homes
    Ceilings From 8’0″ to 9’0″



    Getting a home, fit to be your dream home, is not a simple task. Hopefully, this blog has provided the necessary information to survive in the real estate market and get yourself a pre-construction condo in Barrie.

    Whether you are buying to make a home or customize it for resale, pre-construction homes in Barrie are the deal for you. You can quickly get your dream home in Barrie from our list of new pre-construction homes in Barrie stated above.

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