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Looking for houses for sale in Belleville? Declared as one of the 5 best places to live in Canada by Maclean’s magazine, situated at the Eastern horizontal of Lake Ontario, at the doorway of Moira River and the Bay of Quinte, and middling ground of two major cities which are Ottawa and Toronto, it is none other than the amazing city of Belleville!! Belleville is dipped in natural beauty making it heavenly for its residents as it is not just pretty sight for the sore eyes but staggered with public-friendly amenities.

Population of just 50,176 (2016 Census), Belleville is flourishing community with dedicated residents that strive to make Belleville even better place to reside. If you are one of the considerate people searching for a place or house to invest, Belleville is your true wonderland.

Belleville-dream land for its residents

Residents of Belleville are on cloud nine because of living merits Belleville offers to its residents. What makes Belleville so successful and sought-after city to live in Canada? What makes it so special to consider searching for houses for rent in Belleville or houses to buy in Belleville Ontario?Let’s go ahead and find out what’s in the bag for us.

Public Library

The frequent of access to literature and books show the community mindset of this incredible place. With its huge Public Library, you can always reach out to great material for reading and learning. As they say, Education is simply soul of the society as it passes from generation to generation.

Recreational Events

Offering wondrous recreational and fun opportunities for its residents, Belleville hosts multiple events like Parrot Gallery, Comedy programs, and art shows. The authorities have skillfully used the city’s scenic beauty to enthrall its residents by setting up parks, walking trails and water sports like fishing and boating.

Better Weather

The better here refers to the comparison of Belleville weather with that of other Canadian cities, where weather hits extreme low temperatures. Belleville has moderate winter temperatures and shorter span. This is another bonus you may consider while thinking to pack your bags and move to Belleville.

In Proximity to the Capital

One more attractive feature to consider Belleville for your new home is its presence in close vicinity to the Canadian capital Toronto and cosmopolitan city Ottawa. This location advantage provides its residents to have access to the knack of big cities while providing suburban tranquility.

Industrial hotspot

Belleville is also an industrial nucleus for the proximal big cities as it is having huge numbers of industries, warehouses and factories. From biotechnological industry to food manufacturing industries, Belleville hosts a few of the major brands like Kellogg, Proctor and Gamble, Magna, and Vantage foods.

 Health Care comforts

Having an access to medical care facilities is a critical aspect when one is looking for a place to settle in. Belleville here too have an edge because of its high-class provision of medical opportunities. Belleville offers a great number of private and public medical facilities that lets you find family doctors and immediate medical attention in case of emergency. A few of the good hospitals in Belleville are QHC Belleville General Hospital and  Memorial Hospital Belleville, which are a go-to place for Belleville residents who are looking for medical attention.


Real Estate Trends in Belleville 

A surge in demand for houses has been seen in Belleville since 2020. The prices are rising rapidly because of high demand and a comparatively lower supply. It has a unique charm of small-town life along with the big city amenities The average house price in Belleville in 2020 was $546,053 but there has been a 20% increase in prices since then. Coupled with the ongoing pandemic, the prices are bound to go higher so NOW is the time to look out for houses for sale in Belleville Ontario, and buy your dream house.

Dream Destination for First-Time house buyers 

Belleville is becoming a go-to moving place for new house owners because of its affordable home prices. The prices of houses for sale in Belleville are going to get pretty high if the increasing price trend continues. The newly formed Belleville housing communities are also a great attraction for people because they offer a better standard of living with improved infrastructure.

Price Trends 

The general trend is a 20% yearly increase in the price of for-sale houses in Belleville. As per the Quinte and District Association Residential Market Activity Report, the price of a single-family house in 2019 was around $378k on average which spiked to $488k in 2020. That is a phenomenal 30% increase in a single year.

Types Of Houses Available In Belleville 

Waterfront Houses 

Waterfront houses are situated around the north shore of the Bay of Quinte. They offer a breathtakingly beautiful view of lake waters. Waterfront houses in Belleville are a perfect option for people who adore nature. The average cost of a 3-bedroom waterfront house in Belleville is $630K. 

Town House / Single-Family House 

Single-family houses provide good privacy to the residents so you can enjoy your day out in the backyard soaking in the sun on a perfect summer day. The average cost of a 3-bedroom single-family house in Belleville is $640K.

Multi-family houses  

These are perfect if you have a bigger family or you want to rent out a portion of your house.

The average price of a Multi-family 5-bedroom house is $650K.


Condos are a perfect home solution for those who have a small family or are on a restricted budget because they are more affordable than single or multi-family houses. They provide you with a greater sense of community. Condos come with cheaper insurance. The maintenance is taken care of by the building administration. You can enjoy top-notch amenities at a much lower cost.

The average price of a 2-bedroom condominium in Belleville is $375K.


Preconstruction and Under Construction Options Available in Belleville


  • Parkville Greens, Bridge Street East & Haig Road, Belleville ON.
Builder Area (SqFt.) Bedrooms Estimated completion
Erin gate Homes 1460 – 2355 3-4 2023


  • 340 Palmer Road, Belleville, ON
Builder Ownership Construction Status Selling Status Type
Bosseini Living Fee Simple Pre Construction Registration Town House


  • Riverstone, situated at Farnham Road, Belleville, ON.
Builder Ownership Construction Status Selling Status Type
Geertsma Homes Ltd. Fee simple Construction Registration Single Family House


With all the benefits and amazing living choices Belleville has in store for its resident, you shouldn’t be in a quandary anymore. With more options in Belleville housing, houses for rent in Belleville and houses for sale in Belleville, Ontario Canada are surging. With the spike of 20% year-to-year basis, Belleville is growing tremendously and more options for h. With limited options now, you may not want to miss the golden chance of grabbing your dream house in a place like Belleville!