Pre-construction Homes Burlington

The city of Burlington is a unique city located in GTA. The present population is about 183,000 people, and it has been steadily growing in recent years. Burlington has a mixture of rural and urban land, with a significant portion of the city being agricultural. The urban area of Burlington is currently divided into two areas; a downtown core area and an industrial area further to the west. Historically the industrial park was an apple farm, which Burlington had annexed from Halton Hills in 1971 (City of Burlington).

The City of Burlington is working to grow housing throughout the city and make affordable housing more accessible. As part of that effort, the City updates the Single-Family Subzone (SFS) regulations. The regulations are intended to help ensure that new development in single-family subzones is consistent with the neighborhood’s character, is compatible with existing single-family homes, and is priced to be affordable. Burlington Pre Construction homes can be a great way to get your house started before having the funds ready to finish. Please keep reading to know why pre-construction homes  make sense for people looking to get their first home.

Why does it make sense for first-time homebuyers

Buying a home in burlington is an excellent option for first-time homebuyers looking to get into the housing market as fast as possible. When buying a pre-construction home in Burlington, you avoid the risks and costs of having a new home built and all the delays. There are several advantages that first-time homebuyers :

  • No-Risk – Pre-construction homes are not built yet, so buying one doesn’t risk having a contractor build your new home with incorrect plans or cost overruns. This can be a big concern for people looking to buy their first home.
  • Quick Return on Investment – Since these are not built, there is no wait time for a return on your investment as the prices go up very soon due to superbly high demand and low supply in Burlington’s housing market.
  • Flexibility – Homebuyers don’t have to sign a contract for a specific home that they can’t change their mind about. With Burlington Pre Construction homes, you are often tied to a builder’s schedule, a timetable that can vary significantly from lot to lot and from developer to developer.
  • Building on Your Schedule – In Burlington, you can choose when to start building your new home. This means that you can plan your schedule around other commitments, such as your job. If you are trying to get on the property ladder as soon as possible, you can use your saved money to help with the cost of making other home improvements, such as the down payment.
  • Cost – Buying a pre-construction home for sale in Burlington is usually discounted, as it’s typically a bit cheaper than buying a new home. To get an idea of how much it costs to buy a home in Burlington, compare prices at the For Sale By Owner listings in Burlington, and you’ll see how much of a discount you will get if you buy before your home is built.

Apart from the  benefits, Burlington itself has numerous advantages that an investor can count on.

What Makes Burlington City Unique?

Low Property Taxes

Burlington has some of the lowest property taxes in Ontario, which can help investors who are trying to get their property financed. The city is also a great place to live and attracts new buyers because of its central location and excellent climate, making it easy to enjoy year-round. To summarize, if you are looking for an alternative way of getting into real estate, Burlington pre-construction homes for sale can help you avoid the risks and costs associated with construction delays. The process is also very flexible and allows you to buy a home at a discount.

What does this mean?

The benefits of a low tax on properties are of great importance to an Investor as Return on Investment (ROI)is typically guided by the taxation and transaction costs of a real estate investment. It is thus a significant difference between two properties purchased at the same price but are subject to different levels of taxation. One property is heavily taxed such that it creates an excessive taxable amount. On the other hand, the other property has a considerably lower tax burden and leads to a lower taxable am if compared side by side.

Taking into account an investor intends to demand a ROIFactor adjusted based on the standard mortgage rate and declares that annual cash flow will be utilized as return on investment, it means maximizing the ROI ratio by Real Estate Mathematics; the result should be by the investor count upfront cost of deploying capital to acquire properties; therefore, limiting its loss. Low property taxes is also of great benefit to the real estate investor who serves as tax savings. Importantly Real estate Investors can use the tax savings to purchase other assets, generate income and create an investment portfolio.

Considering a properly diversified investment portfolio that yields high returns on capital, it is wise to invest in a property with significant tax discounts on its value and essential cash flow during its ownership period. Investment distribution of multiple properties can also minimize any risks entailed as significant investors cover loss stemming from the different assortments of properties every year. Low property taxes are also significant to help real estate investors aiming to develop and construct a new housing development. Lower base tax rates allow their newly designed property time to attract more customers, as more prospective occupants would feel comfortable living in it within the foreseeable time frame.

A similar scenario can also be leveraged when an owner decides to add value to his properties through a costly yet properly managed renovation that yields desirable outcomes while mitigating loss and maximizing gains overall. Furthermore, real estate investors can benefit from reduced property taxation in Burlington pre-construction homes due to better land prices and flexible conditions that ensure higher tax savings at local and state levels. Such benefits (tax savings) will shine on their investment portfolio and generates additional income sources, which could be reinvested appropriately for increased long-term financial returns. As part of Real Estate Mathematics, Investors are guaranteed against loss on total capital expenditure with better strategies that follow sound principles. Low property taxes make property investing safer for investors, especially ones planning for retirement benefits, as equity is preserved over the years with no disruption of monthly payments raising taxes on relatively more significant monthly drawdowns than smaller regular payments.

Conveniently Located

The location of a city or a town matters a great deal in real estate. This realization has contributed significantly to the attraction of Burlington due to its benefit of having access to many facilities and medical units. As previously stated, location plays many roles where the property is concerned. Whether searching for residential or commercial properties, you need assurance that such a level of living space is located in a proper environment. This is why Burlington placed 6th on the list of the most livable cities in Canada.

Being conveniently located, this has benefited investors greatly in that easy accessibility to transport facility is at hand with easy access to Midtown Toronto & downtown Toronto proximate by public transit including the airport and the seabus. The geographical location of Burlington made it possible for it to connect and offer you the opportunity for shopping with a more significant presence of onsite hotels, fast food outlets, delicatessen diners, and factories.

Foreigners and investors consider it a safe area to live.

Burlington is a friendly community filled with lovely parks and recreational areas with boutiques stores, subdivisions, and developments that are on the rise. The central location of Burlington, among many facilities in this city, makes government easy by using toll highways and other forms of public buses for both students and adults. Even residents within the area are comfortably settling here with the idea of long-term future investments. This area has a low crime rate, contributing to the attraction of many people looking for homes for sale in Burlington that offer superior quality and security.

Businesses Beyond Appraisals

The array of businesses within Burlington, Ontario, is diverse and essentially extensive. These business houses for sale in Burlington are recognized for their contributions to the growth of this region because they have managed to attract other businesses that include commercial companies such as wholesale and retail trade. These enterprises have outdone themselves through partnerships with other companies, which has helped sustain their success rate. The industrial sectors have also been at the forefront in making a significant impact on the growth of this region. This identified fact has served as an excellent incentive for investors who wish to enjoy remarkable investment returns.

There are many financial institutions in place that take care of your deposits and also offer mortgages at competitive interest rates. You can take advantage of these facilities when making or availing loan facilities from reputable institutions like TD Bank and Scotiabank, among others who operate within this community. Mixed-use developments are also attractive investment locations; you can be assured that lots will appreciate over time due to a greater level of demand compared to supply within this area thanks to its geographical location, which is beneficial for its residents or owners but also attracts investors looking forward not only short term but long-term income and appreciation.

Great infrastructure

Burlington has some of the most modern infrastructures globally, and its small compact size. Apart from the above infrastructure, it has just one railway that is accommodating enough to cater to the industries under one roof; this has made Burlington Pre-construction Condos an excellent place to make investments because many warehouses and other transport means are present nearby- this includes buses, public transit and short hops for business though, in the future, more emphasis will be placed on the rail as it becomes further developed by companies and our government.

The road networks in Burlington also make transportation among development sites straightforward with modern-day ease of access to scenic mountain top drives and recreational trails. Other features include walking paths where renters can walk along country lanes filled with community gardens yielding many vegetables, weekend markets showcasing locally sourced wares, and major shopping centers. People here do not need to go too far when seeking any service required or admired because so many have situated themselves within proximity by designing excellent address expectancies.

This has contributed to Burlington’s top-performance residential market as customers prefer locations that enable them to walk/drive proximity privileges without lengthy commuting elsewhere, giving them bigger earning opportunities.

Enchanting surrounding

Whether living in the house for sale in Burlington or other development locations in this community, each resident has them. A certain sense of coming into contact with nature, something that we all can get an unlimited opportunity for whenever we stay connected to our minds. Landscaping is by no means neglected and taken care of, as are donuts place, as this community is well organized with 24/7 security guards ensuring a more secured generation; 24-hour video cameras that provide covered recesses within commercial areas reduce vandalism and trespassing while low-cost community garbage collection facilities guarantees hassle-free garbage disposal corridors; elimination wastes immediately anywhere you walk on new pavement slabs which boost walkability which plants pure air completely underneath the terraces so take walks or bike paths.

You would also see fantastic ornamental plantings periodically throughout Burlington to honor specific events such as weddings, anniversaries, and move-in fees west of sorts saving people some cash on new lawns while still getting memorable celebrations they love. Not only this, through a small set of lanes that tend occasionally linked via pedestrian. However, more than not make people constantly questing for the streets a lot less convenient it gives breaks from daily activities; therefore, when people graduate from driving from inside Burlington Pre-construction condo bedroom cottage rental, they are not worsened by inclement weather conditions but instead are more focused on whatever activities are in store for them that day.

No matter where you may be located in Burlington, the town’s highly improved community services between “Cooper Square” to the north end of University Avenue to downtown make people feel like those who reside there belongs. But not only this, small family-owned eateries and shops continue from the palm trees to central mainly because downtown attracts countries. Tiny close-in neighborhoods encourage many harmonies if you live “way out here.” Living in a central location encourages interference between various titles, decreasing when residing closer together, thus sustaining a friendly, tight-knit community.

Proximity to Toronto

Burlington is located in a region with a good population, so it is rarely difficult to reach Toronto, one of the biggest cities in Canada. Burlington’s proximity to Toronto makes it easier to access jobs, employment, and other benefits that this area can offer.  One of the biggest reasons why many people choose to settle in Burlington Pre Construction homes is to be close enough to Toronto while still having the amenities that Burlington has to offer. The fact that Burlington is located so close to Toronto makes it more accessible for both the youth and their parents, making them feel like they are living in a place where they can still enjoy all the benefits that this great city has.

Constituents of Housing, Economic & Social Services

Burlington has a wide range of housing units, from apartments and condos for sale in Burlington to townhomes and single-family homes for rent or purchase. This shows how accommodating, and varied people are with all types of housing situations. There are also various amenities and places for people to visit, stay, or dine in, such as restaurants, schools, and other social sites. Burlington has a wide range of economic and social services, including libraries and community centers. This shows how accommodating the inhabitants of Burlington are because there are things to do, and many things offer convenience for each individual.

Social Services

Although Burlington is a small city with only one hospital, it has a great variety of health care services provided by the different hospitals, which include local hospitals, specialists, diagnostic centers and private clinics, and also a medical clinic operated by the Healthcare Corporation of Ontario which serves people that do not live within the area.  These services provide free medical care and free prescription drugs to uninsured people. Other social services provided by Condo for sale Burlington include mental health care, counseling service, primary education (public schools), public transportation (Buses), utilities (electricity & gas), recreation/sports facility(s), disaster shelters/food banks, libraries & cultural facilities. The vast majority of these benefits have been established due to all the hard work put into them by citizens who have volunteered their time for these entities to become strong enough for even today’s day-to-day problems.


There are a variety of schools in Burlington, ranging from public to Catholic and private schools. During the fall and winter months, there is an excellent variety of activities that children can participate in that, including public skating rinks and outdoor swimming pools, as well as inter-school sports. These activities are open to all children regardless of their school or how much money they have been able to pay to get into these activities, with fees as low as $1 for day passes to more average prices between $6-8 depending on the school.

In the spring and summer months, many different programs are being held by various organizations, such as rock climbing, soccer, basketball, and baseball programs which the parent does not have to pay for at all but sign up for it online with an automatic deposit that is set up from their income taxes each year.  Some services offered free of charge include recreational facilities such as indoor gyms, swimming pools, and community centers such as libraries and recreation centers.

Affordable Housing

Burlington has built over 1,200 affordable housing units since the first development in 1967, most of which are found in single-unit row houses for sale in Burlington. Burlington has one of the lowest rental vacancy rates of any major Canadian city at one percent. The city has a “housing first” policy that provides ongoing support to those in need and includes supportive housing such as social housing and emergency shelters. The City of Burlington is publishing a “One Community, One Housing Plan” to help ensure that stable, affordable housing is available for those who need it.

The several options for housing are such as:

Townhouses-single family homes with shared amenities, designed for up to four residents, including a separate entrance and parking space. Rental prices range from approximately $600 and $1000 per month—houses- single-family homes generally with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and two parking spaces. Rent is typically between $600-$1200 per month, depending on size and location. The average house for sale Burlington price in Burlington is estimated at $335,000. A 2008 survey found that the average net worth in Burlington was $520,000 – or about a quarter of the median household income in Burlington of about $96,400.

Condominiums- There are several Pre-construction Condos available in Burlington for investors with the right financial institutions. These units are of the highest quality, brand new, and affordable to most first-time home buyers. The comparable units range in price ($180,000 to $215,000). Condos for sale in Burlington- There are more condos for sale in Burlington than individual single-family homes and account for over a third of the condominium units in Burlington. While these units typically cost substantially less than a unique single-family home for sale in Burlington, they are nicely located and provide quality stuff at competitive prices. Many are built to take advantage of the amenities within the downtown area, such as:

Burlington’s numerous parks, playgrounds & recreation centers, recreational walking trails, and the riverfront. Burlington’s downtown has a wide variety of stores, including Supermarkets, Hardware & home supply stores, Restaurants, Banks (including an R.C.M.), Dry cleaning shops, Clothing & shoe stores, and many other goods and services that make life in Burlington very convenient for everyone.

Ten years of price trends for the housing market in Burlington

It’s been ten years since the housing market in Burlington has seen this kind of price trend. In March 2022, the median selling price for a home was $475K, up 18.8% from last year. The average number of days on the market for a home is 7, down from 8 days last year. And finally, the number of homes sold in March was 32, up from 17 last year. So, what does this all mean?

For starters, it means that the housing market in Burlington is on the rise. Prices are up, and homes are selling faster than in years. If you’re thinking of buying a home in Burlington, now is a great time. With prices rising and homes selling quickly, you’ll want to act fast before prices get out of reach. If you’re thinking of selling your Burlington home, now is also a great time. With prices on the rise and homes selling quickly, you can expect to get top dollar for your home. So, if you’re thinking of making a move shortly, the housing market in Burlington is looking very favorable.

New projects in Burlington

Millcroft Towns

2511 Taywood Dr, Burlington, ON, Canada. Developer – Branthaven Homes. Millcroft Towns is a unique and diversified housing development. With a creative layout of extensive greenbelt, a new community’s traditional backyard, and even an inviting golf course, Millcroft Towns provides the feeling of living in a rural setting while being minutes from the city’s downtown shopping and recreational facilities. Millcroft  Towns townhomes are in demand. Typically, townhouses are an affordable option for those seeking starter homes. Still, the wide range of Millcroft Towns options gives buyers and existing owners great choices when selecting their ideal home environment.

The popular features of Millcroft Towns include:

Proportions that fit comfortably into Burlington’s residential neighborhoods without consuming too much land for each unit. Starting from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom sizes to meet all needs. Kitchen-in-kitchen layouts with secure double garage spaces for every townhome unit. Luxurious “Eat-In” kitchens complete with all the amenities to cater to today’s busy lifestyles – including dishwashers, custom cabinets, and stylish finishes on appliances (countertops and surrounding cabinetry included).

High-efficiency natural gas heating/air conditioning systems that provide comfortable temperatures throughout the home, significant energy savings, and quality indoor air quality all year round – making Millcroft Towns’ energy-efficient homes an excellent choice for all buyers and owners. The ability to enjoy all of Burlington’s great entertainment venues and public services with convenient public transit transportation steps away from your doorstep.

Gala Burlington Towns

607 Dynes Rd, Burlington, ON, Canada

Developer – DiCarlo Homes

Gala Burlington Towns is a collection of exceptional luxury townhomes that provide an outdoor living experience that is out of the ordinary. The spacious and luxurious floor plans allow for a blend of indoor-outdoor living, such as unobstructed natural views from large sliding glass doors, separate mediation rooms with ideas (and fireplaces!) for those who don’t want to leave their private retreats, and expansive decks for all seasons from which to experience winter wonderland sunsets. The proximity to the City Centre allows for easy access to shops and services downtown with quick and accessible transit, making this development an ideal place for first-time homebuyers and families with small children alike.

Each unit at Gala Burlington Towns offers the following amenities:

Kitchen-in-kitchen layout featuring a chef’s kitchen with a walk-in pantry and granite countertops throughout. Large windows throughout the unit open up the home’s interior space while providing ample natural light. Pre-construction Condos in Burlington are sizeable walk-in closet in both master bedrooms that provides ample storage space beyond anything found at most other homes in Burlington or even in many different areas of Ontario. All units feature premium stained cabinets, designer carpets (to install by the owner), and maintenance-free laminate flooring throughout the entire home. Gala Burlington Towns is genuinely a made from the ground up development that offers an exceptional lifestyle in a prime location.

Tyandaga Heights On The Park – Phase 2

2100 Brant Street, Burlington, ON

Developer – National Homes

Tyandaga Heights on the park are of high-quality designs that offer a more modern and luxurious home design. These new homes for sale in Burlington have a screened-in porch for year-round enjoyment and private balconies for hosting family and friends. The floor plans are designed to maximize the opportunity for you to utilize the outdoors in all of its glory. The attractive community features:

  • Large green spaces with walking paths and mature landscaping, perfect for family reunions or family-style cookouts
  • A community pool (24-hour access) is within walking distance to your new home – is that a recommendation yet?
  • On-site maintenance for your outdoor space, including irrigation, snow removal, lawn mowing, and litter control
  • On-site management ensures you always have access to an experienced professional on-site 24 hours a day, seven days per week, in case of any issues with your property or assistance during construction or while living at your property (some criteria may apply). Since we own the property and manage it directly, we can control costs so that you stay on budget throughout construction
  • The most beautiful walkway system in Burlington, high-end paving materials allow for ease of movement around the housing development

Glendor Towns

1335 Plains Road East, Burlington, ON

Developer – DVLP Property Group Inc.

Glendor towns now selling is of exceptional quality and is still under construction. These new homes for sale in Burlington have features such as an oversized boomerang walkway, an attractive investment that is hard to beat. These new floor plans have spacious living throughout. The attractive community features:

  • A gardener provided to care for all your the yard or streamside greenery in your very own landscaped lots
  • Ornamental trees and flowering bushes throughout the development provide lots of interest and beauty (a few restrictions may apply)
  • Natural remedy gardens available for purchase by the home owner-these beautifully designed spaces are the perfect complement to any home in Glender towns development
  • An outdoor fruit berry eating area is situated.

Other projects

409 Brant Street Condos

This is a new condo in Burlington built by reserve properties. It is a great place to live with many amenities and is close to the GO station. The condo is also near shops, restaurants, and parks. If you are looking for a place to call home, this is it! The condo has one bedroom and one bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. The living room is spacious and has a balcony. The bedroom is a good size with a walk-in closet. The condo comes with one parking space and one locker.

The condo fees include heat, water, and air conditioning. The building also has a gym, party room, and rooftop patio.

The Enclave on the Lake

If you are looking for a new condo near or on the lake, the enclave on the lake is a great choice. It is close to the Burlington waterfront and has many features and amenities. The condo is also near shops, restaurants, and parks. The condo is of modern designs and great architecture. The enclave on the lake has one-, two-, and three-bedroom units. The condo also has a fitness center, a pool, and a clubhouse. It is an excellent choice for people who want to live near the water and have all the amenities.


The City of Burlington is fast becoming one of the best places for homeowners due to various reasons. This can be determined by looking at multiple stats, such as the rising number of home prices and how this number is increasing and is still on the low side. As such, the number of inventory remains well above the average. It’s time to buy a home in Burlington with confidence and enjoy your time living in a quiet neighborhood and experiencing the beautiful landscape around you and shop local on Burlington’s Main street.