Pre-construction Homes Cambridge

When looking to buy a house, people often consider more than just a house to live in but an entire prospect of the area they want to buy a house. The amenities of the area, town, or city directly affect one’s living standards; therefore, it is critical to have a piece of thorough knowledge about the city you are considering.

Out of many options, if you are contemplating a list of houses for sale in Cambridge, Ontario, you may wonder what should be considered in a city to settle in? In Ontario, Canada, Cambridge is located at the confluence of two rivers: the Grande River and the Speed River. There must be some winning points in any city that ranks it higher when you consider calling it your home in the future.

Two Rivers, Three Towns, One City!!

Grande River runs through the city giving Cambridge an instrumental scenic view. The pretty walking trails and parks add a lot to the sightful aspect of the city while adding up to the recreational edge of the city. The city has three historical towns dating back to the early 1800s. These three historic towns, Galt, Preston, and Hespeler, are rich in history and have their separate downtown life full of charisma and charm. These Towns were merged in 1973 into Cambridge city, which lights up the city’s spark as one of the most diverse and commercial cities of all time!

Full of Opportunities and Fun!

Isn’t it very beguiling to have access to three different ranges of town restaurants and small markets? Cambridge is not just an amalgamation of rich history but is also known for its provocative educational and technical specifications. Not only schools and colleges, but Cambridge also offers training centers for skill development. You can find the number of private and public pre-schools and schools in Cambridge for your kid’s education, or if you want to pursue studies, you can opt for the University of Waterloo, which is just 22KMs away from Cambridge.

From a recreational point of view, Cambridge provides its residents and visitors with a fair share of entertainment. A few of the amusing places in Cambridge are Cambridge Butterfly conservatory, McDougall Cottage historic site, Cambridge Sculpture Garden, Firehall Museum and Education Centre, and much more for your delight.

Life is not just a rainbow! You may be wondering, what if you need medical attention? Does Cambridge offer adequate medical attention when needed? Yes! Residents of Cambridge have access to Cambridge Memorial Hospital, which has skillful staff ready to serve the patients 24/7 with utmost care. The other nearby hospitals you can access are St. Mary’s General hospital, Waterloo, and two of the hospitals in Kitchener: Grand River Hospital and Freeport Health Centre. Many walk-in clinics are also serving Cambridge residents for the provision of regal medical diligence.

Real Estate Market Status quo in Cambridge

With all the above-mentioned astounding characteristics of Cambridge city Ontario, one may be interested in looking after a house to rent or buy in Cambridge, Ontario. The real estate market trends in Cambridge are no different than in other areas in Canada. With Canadians’ rising demand for places to settle in, Cambridge is on the radar for new settlers, which has surged the market trends magnificently. 185 new units were sold in Cambridge in 2021, with around 249 new units added to the listings in 2021.

The estimated price for a house for sale in Cambridge, Ontario, was $791,700 in September 2021, accelerating up to a 37% increase in sales compared to 2020. What causes such a remarkable increase in the price? It is the short supply of residential units inventory due to a surge in the demands.

People are gaining more wisdom about the elevating prices; therefore, they are heading to invest in the houses on sale before they are too pricey to be bought. This trending in price hikes and buyers’ vigilance to buy houses in Cambridge, Ontario, is setting up new price records in the real estate kingdom!!

Year-over-Year performance of the properties

Single Townhouse Condos
Raise of 21.6%


Raise of 24%


Raise of 13.2%



Small towns and suburban areas like Cambridge are in the limelight for the arrival of more people from big cities into smaller towns and cities for a quieter and calm lifestyle. Inclination towards finding houses in rents in Cambridge, Ontario, has been noticed in people who can’t afford to buy a house yet. The availability of quieter and larger places at lower prices has attracted the mob to pursue Cambridge for a living.

Some of the available house projects in Cambridge, Ontario

  1. The Ridge at river Mill, 155 Equestrian Way, Cambridge, is a townhouse development established by Starward homes. The details of the development are

  • Selling Status: Registration
  • Construction Status: Preconstruction
  • Ownership: Fee simple
  1. Hazel Glen in Cambridge is a project by Treasure Hill Homes offering townhouses and family homes.

  • Selling Status: Registration
  • Construction: Preconstruction
  • Ownership: Fee Simple
  1. Nottinghill In Cambridge is a project located at 51 Sparrow Avenue, Cambridge, Ontario. A project  developed by Gable View Homes, offering 3 bedroom Houses for sale in Cambridge, Ontario.

  • Selling Status: Selling
  • Construction Status: Construction
  • Ownership: Fee Simple
  • Ceiling: 8′ to 9′
  1. Cambridge Condos, located at 61 Ainslie Street South, Cambridge, Ontario, is a condo development by Atlantic Development Group.

  • Ownership: Condominiums
  • Selling Status: Registration
  • Construction status: Preconstruction

Preconstruction houses in Cambridge are popular because of the broad array of choices in design and architecture one can contemplate while constructing a home. Cambridge offers multiple housing options when you set foot on the journey to hunt down your future home.

People are competing for houses more now because of a low-interest rate and less availability of housing units. This is causing a push in the prices and a win-win situation for the sellers. The salaries in the small cities and towns like Cambridge itself are higher than the mainstream big cities like Toronto and Mississauga and lower living expenses and lower property prices. This makes Cambridge a heavenly place to raise families and settle forever. What else could one ask for?