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Etobicoke is among the best places to live in Ontario, Canada. When planning to settle somewhere, there are several factors to consider. And Etobicoke has it all, from a quality lifestyle to affordable housing and a good location. The area is considered an opportunity for those who desire to have a home in Toronto at affordable rates. The demand for the Etobicoke pre construction projects has been increasing every day. It has been of great interest to families.

However, new construction townhomes Etobicoke can also greatly interest real estate investors. But to make this point clear, we will have a detailed overview of the perks one can get with Etobicoke pre construction homes. These incentives have been a great attraction for immigrants and natives.

Reasons to Get a Pre Construction Home in Etobicoke

Blooming Job Market

It is impossible to settle in a place where career opportunities are limited. After all, you require a job so your family can afford all the facilities. However, Etobicoke will not disappoint you in this regard. Here you can find many great opportunities in different sectors. Hence, when buying Etobicoke pre construction homes, career is the last thing you need to worry about. Some of the major industries of Etobicoke include manufacturing, retail trade, healthcare, food service and so on.

Safe Place to Live

Another great aspect that attracts people from all around the world to Etobicoke is its low crime rate. Considering its location and proximity to Toronto, many people find it hard to believe. However, getting a new construction home Etobicoke means you will be in one of the safest places in GTA. It adds to your quality of life and peace of mind. Not to mention, that is a great feature for families with children. It will save you unnecessary stress when your kid walks home or plays on the ground.

Various Recreational Options

Everyday life can wear you out physically and mentally. Therefore, you need to live in an area with enough entertainment options. Etobicoke is ideal for families as it has over 100 parks, several golf courses, and a bike path. Other than that, there are many restaurants, shopping malls and theatres for occasional recreation. Regardless of where you get your pre construction home in Etobicoke, all these facilities will be nearby.

Affordable Real Estate

There is no second opinion that Toronto is one of the most expensive areas in the GTA. Many people dream of having a home there but can’t afford it. However, not anymore, as Etobicoke is minutes away from downtown Toronto and still quite affordable. Especially if you are looking for Etobicoke pre construction condos, they are cheaper. That makes that ideal for real estate investment. Consider it if you are a first-time buyer and want a safer option.

Small Town Vibe

Considering the city’s amenities, it might be hard to believe that it still has small-town vibes. There is no unnecessary traffic noise, hassle or crowd. Here you can appreciate calmness, peace of mind and a soothing environment. By getting a pre construction home here, you can also appreciate greenery at its best. The weather is moderate most of the year, allowing many fun activities with loved ones. The people of the town are very friendly and welcoming.

Strong Network of Public Transit

Last but not least, the area has a strong public transit network. You can travel anywhere in Etobicoke via public transport. All you need is to understand the routes and timings. Moreover, the stations are located nearby every neighbourhood. It will be a great benefit for the entire family and will cut the cost of commuting.

Some of the Ongoing Etobicoke pre construction Projects

Cavo Condos, 12 Cordova Ave, Etobicoke, ON

Builder: Minto

Building Type Construction Status
Condos Pre Construction

Edenbridge Garden Townhomes, Royal York Rd & The Kingsway, Etobicoke ON M8X, Canada

Builder: Tridel

Building Type Construction Status
Town Homes & Condos Pre Construction

West Six Urban Towns, Etobicoke, ON, Canada

Builder: Allegra Homes

Building Type Construction Status
Town Homes Under Construction

Kazmir Condos, Etobicoke, ON, Canada

Builder: Lormel Homes

Building Type Construction Status
Condos Pre Construction

Investment in Etobicoke

If you want to buy pre-construction houses in Etobicoke, now is a wonderful time. Real estate prices are rising, and there are fewer chances of a drop. However, there is a substantial likelihood of continued growth. Investing today might so be lucrative in the long term. Condos for sale are an excellent investment since they provide a low risk of loss.


Hence we can say Etobicoke is an excellent area to live and invest in for the long term. Furthermore, there are several excellent projects accessible right now. However, before making any decisions, research thoroughly and contact a professional. If you require any more assistance, please get in touch with G1 Homes!

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