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Pre-construction Homes in Georgetown

Georgetown is a large unincorporated community found in the Town of Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada. It is located within the Regional Municipality of Halton. This area of Georgetown was named after George Kennedy, an entrepreneur who settled there in 1821 and ventured into investments by building mills and also establishing other businesses. Georgetown sits on the banks of the Credit River and it is near other settlements such as Glen Williams, Limehouse, Stewarttown, and Norval. The mentioned settlements are also part of the Town of Halton Hills. Talking of area, Georgetown occupies 24.03 square kilometers and is home to over 45,000 residents. It is under the leadership of the mayor of the Town of Halton Hills. The distance between Georgetown and Toronto is about 40 kilometers. It officially became part of the Town of Halton Hills on 1st January 1974.

Life in Georgetown can be sweet especially if you are a person who has good plans. You have to plan yourself well when it comes to the issue of housing because a good house defines the kind of life you live. If you have ever dreamt of having a good house don’t worry anymore because that can be achieved in Georgetown. There are good and affordable houses of all kinds in Georgetown. Single-detached homes are the most common type of home in this community with most of them being 3 bedrooms and above. Being the largest community in the Town of Halton Hills, much can be said about pre-construction homes in Georgetown. All you have to do is to come to Georgetown and see for yourself. Some of the best reasons that will make you live in this area are as follows:

Lots of events

If you choose to live in Georgetown you will be in a better position to enjoy various events that take place within this area. Events play a critical role in bringing people together and making them enjoy themselves. You can also get to learn many new things and experiences which can be very useful to you in life. Attending events also gives you a sense of relaxation as you will be able to relax your mind after going through many stressful issues. The following are the events that you will get to enjoy while in Georgetown:

  • Georgetown Craft Beer Festival – is usually held on the third Saturday of September. The main agenda of this event is to showcase craft brewers from all over Ontario. Games and live music are also part of this event.
  • Georgetown Highland Games – held on the second Saturday in June. It is an event for the Scottish traditional games and other celebrations.
  • Georgetown Santa Claus Parade – occurs on the third Sunday in November. it is usually organized by the Georgetown Lions Club.
  • Farmers’ market – it usually takes place at the Main St in downtown Georgetown. It is on every Saturday from June to October from 8 am to 12:30 pm.
  • Georgetown Fall Fair – this event was started in 1846. It usually takes on the Friday to Sunday that falls before the Labour Day Weekend. Georgetown Fairgrounds is usually the venue for this event which is organized by the Georgetown Agricultural Society.

Availability of good schools

In this modern world, education is very fundamental in the society and lives of people. Every home believes in the power of education because it unlocks opportunities, especially for the youthful population. Having proper schools within your area is good and it’s even better if the schools are near and therefore kids can get there with ease. Talking about this is the same as painting the real picture of the situation in Georgetown. There are several schools in this area making it easier for the residents to acquire an education without much struggle. The public schools in Georgetown are managed by the Halton District School Board while the Catholic schools are managed by the Halton Catholic District School Board. Some of the schools in Georgetown are St Brigid, Halton Hills Christian School, George Kennedy Public School, Georgetown District High School, and Park Public School.

Availability of recreation amenities

As the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, you cannot afford to miss enjoying recreational activities while living in Georgetown especially after spending most of your time at work. You just have to get somewhere and cool down your mind or release work-related pressure. Places, where you can visit and enjoy and engage yourself in several activities, include the Georgetown Skate Park, Gellert Community Centre, and the Bruce Trail which passes north of Georgetown.

Better transport

There is no way you can think of moving to a particular place without thinking about which transport means you will use to get there. This means that a good and functioning transport system is very important in every community, town or city as far as the easy movement of the residents is concerned. For other achievements to be realized, the transport system must first be improved. Georgetown is linked to Highway 401 by Mountainview Road (Halton Regional Road 13), Trafalgar Road (Halton Regional Road 3), and Winston Churchill Boulevard (Halton Regional Road 19). It is also linked to the Provincial Highway network by Highway 7. Although there is no local bus service in Georgetown, people with physical disabilities have their transport needs taken care of by Georgetown Halton Hills ActiVan. Even though Georgetown has no airports, there are nearby airports that can render air transport to the residents. These airports are Toronto Pearson International Airport to the east and Brampton Airport to the north.

Sports is also something that is of great importance in Georgetown. There are various teams here such as Georgetown Raiders, Halton Hills Blue Fins Swimming Club, and North Halton Highlanders Rugby Football Club. You can see for yourself how several factors in this area are faring. The indexes of various parameters of living in Georgetown are as follows:

Health care 103
Transportation 107
Cost of living 103
Groceries 100
Housing 88
Utilities 130
Goods and services 108


Job opportunities in Georgetown

The job market is a very vital part of every growing or existing community, town, or city. Jobs form the basis upon which economic growth is evaluated. Enough jobs mean that a good number of people will be able to work thereby reducing the rate of unemployment. That is why you will see many governments trying their level best to ensure that their people have jobs because they exactly know what it means to have jobs.

Georgetown has various jobs that can help you elevate yourself to the next level as far as prosperity is concerned. There are more jobs than you can imagine and the payment is also something you can be proud of as a resident of Georgetown. If you have ever had a dream of achieving something great then your chances lie here at Georgetown. You just have to do a proper search or analysis and you will have what you need right away without stressing yourself. Some of the jobs in Georgetown that have been recently or some time ago posted are as follows:

Job Employer
Cleaner C&W Services
Crew Member McDonald’s Restaurants
School bus driver First Student Canada
Stock Associate Groupe Dynamite Inc
Post Office Assistant Canada Post
Meat Clerk Loblaw Companies Limited
Rector of St. George’s Diocese of Niagara
Grocery Clerk Loblaw Companies Limited
Store Manager Stitch It Canada’s Tailor Inc.
Cashier Loblaw Companies Limited
Pharmacy Assistant Loblaw Companies Limited
Part-time Receptionist Georgetown Toyota
Fresh Food Store Associate Walmart Canada
Server Boston Pizza International Inc.
Floral Clerk Metro Inc.
Retail Store Supervisor BVD Holdings Georgetown Inc.
Warehouse Supervisor Anand Tire & Truck Repair Service
Sales Associate 7-Eleven, Inc.
Financial Advisor – IIROC CIBC
Human resources manager V. Food Group Inc.


The table above shows a clear representation of what you will get in Georgetown while you are going on with your job hunting process. Jobs are there and it’s only up to you to make that bold move of applying and the job that you desire to have will be yours.

The housing situation in Georgetown

The shelter is a basic need and therefore there is no way that anyone can live comfortably without a house. Every community, town, or city takes pride in the good houses it has. Beautiful houses bring out the beautiful and pleasing look of a given area and that is why you will see elegant houses being built in the urban areas because they know the value of having such houses. This is the same thing you will see when you visit or migrate to Georgetown. As I mentioned earlier, single-detached homes are the most common type of homes found in Georgetown. A significant number of semi-detached homes are also available. This does not rule out the availability of new construction condos in Georgetown because they are also available and ready to be occupied. Most of the homes in this place have been created to cater to people with big families because they are 3 bedrooms and above.

The state of housing in Georgetown is something that anyone can be proud of if I must say. Housing in Georgetown is rated at grade A+ and this speaks volumes about the real situation in this community. Georgetown tends to be the real place where people have a high appetite for living there. This is so because of the quiet environment in this place. Georgetown is surrounded by a suburban neighborhood that is not overpopulated and noisy and therefore this explains why it is cool and quiet here. Another thing that attracts more people is the spacious and private nature of the houses available in Georgetown. Almost everyone values privacy and therefore you can’t think twice about living in a more private place or not. A spacious place also offers enough space for children to play and even the parents to be able to conduct some other activities in peace. You have no reason to worry anymore because you will not fail to get new construction homes in Georgetown and your life will turn out to be one of a kind.

Another thing you should know is that the housing index stands at 88 and this tells quite a lot about the Real Estate prices in Georgetown. When the house prices are a bit low the index will be below the average 100. So in other words I mean you can move to Georgetown and get yourself a good house at a much more affordable price compared to other places. Come along with your savings and am sure you will grab a hot deal as far as a nice house is concerned. Don’t waste your money while you can save by buying the exact house you would have splashed millions on to get it elsewhere.

Price trends for the last ten years

The prices of houses are always going up in every part of the world. One thing you should know is that whatever price you pay for a house this year is most likely not going to be the price of the same house next year. The real estate market is always changing and that is something people are getting used to. Land and houses are most likely the only commodities that have always increased in value unlike vehicles, electronics, and other kinds of stuff. The Real Estate prices in Georgetown have also been going up over years. If by any chance you saw a house being sold at a particular price in Georgetown last year and you want to buy it this year then be prepared to pay more than what you saw.

On average, a house in Georgetown lasts for only 11 days in the market. This shows how the rate of purchasing houses is high. People are very keen on buying houses and settling with their families as fast as possible. If residents of Georgetown are purchasing houses at this rate then who are you to be left behind. The average property price in this area stands at about $827,841. If you talk of houses for sale in Georgetown then you must be interested to know and see how the prices have been steadily increasing for the last ten years or so. Georgetown being in Halton Hills is greatly influenced by the price trends in the entire Town of Halton Hills. For this reason, I have analyzed the price trends in the entire Town of Halton Hills and come up with information about the average highest and lowest selling prices for the last ten years. You can see for yourself in the table below.

  Highest Lowest
2022 $1,048,844 $796,000
2021 $913,875 $694,999
2020 $669,750 $462,562
2019 $629,987 $446,375
2018 $591,375 $433,062
2017 $592,375 $433,875
2016 $496,625 $358,750
2015 $420,500 $318,775
2014 $398,212 $336,062
2013 $355,687 $297,075
2012 $344,875 $243,375


Hope you have seen for yourself how the prices have been changing. From 2020 to 2022 there has been a significant increase in both the highest and lowest average selling prices. That can be attributed to several factors not forgetting the Covid19 virus and the fast evolution of the real estate market or industry. This is now the new norm in the market and buyers have no option but to put up with it. Different types of houses in Georgetown have different average selling prices. Detached homes remain to be the more expensive type of homes due to the great benefits that come along with such homes. The table below reflects the average prices.

Type of house Average price
Condominiums $568,090
Condo Townhomes $619,086
Freehold Townhomes $902,620
Detached Homes $1,221,563


For the last ten years, it has been estimated that the prices of houses in Georgetown have increased by about $480k and this represents a 138% increase. That is a bit moderate and therefore we can say the real estate market in Georgetown has been fair enough to the buyers. This means Georgetown is a nice place for you to look for a very perfect home that will make you have that pleasing feeling. There are also very nice and affordable condos for sale in Georgetown. If you are alone or have a small family you can go to such houses and you will that you can live a good life in such a setup. The following table portrays the price scenario of the various types of houses for the last year. The prices vary depending on the type of house and the number of bedrooms.

  Detached Townhouse Condo
  Now 1 year ago Now 1 year ago Now 1 year ago
2 bedroom $1.0m $1.0m $1.0m $590k $713k $596k
3 bedroom $1.3m $954k $896k $788k    
4 bedroom $1.6m $1.3m $1.0m $844k    
5 bedroom $1.6m $1.3m        


Why buy/invest in pre-construction in Georgetown

Buying or investing in preconstruction has proved to be one of the best things that anyone can do or think of in the real estate field. Preconstruction developments have great value that cannot be underrated. Preconstruction is a kind of investment that brings great yields over time. You just have to be a little patient with it and you will get to enjoy much of it. Pre-construction detached homes in Georgetown are the hottest deals compared to the other types of preconstruction developments. If a chance of investing in preconstruction crosses your way make sure you grab it because it is a real game-changer.

If you commit yourself to invest in Preconstruction and especially in Georgetown, you will be in for great benefits. Some of the reasons why you should try this investment are as follows:

10-day cooling-off period

This is the time that you as the buyer have to make background checks before committing yourself to buy a pre-construction home. This will help you to find out more about the area in which the development is situated. Through this, you will get to know and understand various aspects concerning that area for example things like the transport system, health care, security, education, and economy. These are very important issues to take note of before investing. You will also be able to find out more about the builder so that you be sure of what you will get. This is a benefit that you will not get in the new construction homes because buyers are serious bidding wars and no one has the time to do all these checks.

Gentrification benefits

Every buyer of a pre-construction development always thinks of the future. They plan themselves early enough while the pre-construction developments are still available. This sounds like buying futures in the stock market. In the next let’s say 3 to 5 years after buying the pre-construction, the price will be completely different and you can be able to sell your house at a very good profit. The prices will even be better if more people who have a great capacity for transforming a place come in. if rich people come to invest in that particular area then you will be sure of reaping heavily from your project. This is almost the same as having savings somewhere.


Investing in pre-construction comes with its freedom. One of the examples of freedom is that an investor has the opportunity to retain a qualified realtor to rent out their property. This will ensure the investor realizes maximum returns. Another thing is that the investor has the freedom of making the house have that touch they desire. For instance, changes in the structure of the houses can be implemented. This will help in making the houses stand out once they are complete. If this happens then it is more likely that the houses will attract many people who will be interested to rent and try a new living there.

Major pre-construction projects in Georgetown

Pre-construction projects are also readily available in Georgetown. The following are the ones that are currently available. Look at them keenly and who knows maybe you may end up developing an interest in investing in pre-construction homes in Georgetown.

Georgetown Condos, Main Street South & Mill Street, Halton Hills, ON

Builder Stonebridge Building Group Inc.
Building Type Condo
Ownership Condominium
Selling Status Registration
Construction Status Preconstruction



Georgetown Condos is situated at Main Street South & Mill Street in the Georgetown area of Halton Hills, Ontario. It is a new condo development and is currently in preconstruction. The developer of this project is Stonebridge Building Group Inc. This project is close to restaurants and shopping places therefore it is strategically positioned. Dates for starting and completing the project are not yet out.

Eaton Street, 319 Eaton Street, Halton Hills, ON

Builder Di Blasio Homes
Building Type Single Family Home
Ownership Fee Simple
Selling Status Selling
Construction Status Construction



Eaton Street is a new single-family home development at 319 Eaton Street in Georgetown community, Halton Hills, Ontario. It is currently under construction and it is expected to be completed in the summer of 2022. It has a total of 6 units which have 5 bedrooms each. The sizes range from 3549 to 3647 square feet. The construction, as well as sales of this project, started in May 2021. It is a project developed by Di Blasio Homes. The sizes of these homes start from 3564 square feet going upwards. Residents will also enjoy having driveways that can accommodate up to four cars. These homes are just the exact thing any resident would wish to have. Among other things that the residents will enjoy is a stand-alone kitchen island together with a flush breakfast bar.

Trafalgar Meadows, 11571 Trafalgar Road, Halton Hills, ON

Builder Trolleybus Urban  Development Inc
Building Type Townhouse
Ownership Condominium
Selling Status Pending
Construction Status Preconstruction



Trafalgar Meadows is another new townhouse development that is currently in preconstruction. It is situated at Trafalgar Road in Georgetown community in the Town of Halton Hills, Ontario. It is a development by Trolleybus Urban Development Inc. it has a total of 131 units. The architect of this project is Hunt Design Associates Inc. The dates for the start and completion of the construction are not yet out.

Mountainview Luxury Bungalow Townhomes, 171 Mountainview Road North, Halton Hills, ON

Builder Walter Galvao Inc.
Building Type Townhouse
Ownership Condominium
Selling Status Selling
Construction Status Construction



Mountainview Luxury Bungalow Townhomes is a brand new townhouse development at 171 Mountainview Road North in Georgetown community, Halton Hills, Ontario. Walter Galvao Inc. is the company responsible for the building of this project. It is currently under construction. It has 9 units of 2 bedrooms each and the sizes of these homes range from 1813 to 1821 square feet. It is scheduled for completion in February 2023.

The Mill Landing Condos, Mill Street & Guelph Street, Halton Hills, ON

Builder Amico Properties
Building Type Condo and Townhouse
Ownership Condominium
Selling Status Selling
Construction Status Preconstruction



The Mill Landing Condos is situated at Mill Street & Guelph Street in Georgetown community, Halton Hills. It is a new condo and townhouse development by Amico Properties. It is currently in preconstruction. This project is expected to be completed in 2023. The sizes of the homes range from 1111 to 2350 square feet. IBI Group is the architect of this project while Montana Steele, Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc., and Baker Real Estate Incorporated are the marketing, interior design, and sales companies respectively. This development will offer amenities such as a parcel room, mailroom, gaming area, outdoor lounge, private dining, gallery, yoga studio, fire pit, pet spa, pool table, outdoor dining area, lobby, and bike parking. Who on earth cannot be happy with such amenities being provided. If you thought there were no pre-construction townhomes in Georgetown then you are completely wrong because this is not just an example of it but a perfect one indeed.

McGibbon on Main Condos, 71 Main Street South, Halton Hills, ON

Builder Amico Properties
Building Type Condo
Ownership Condominium
Selling Status Registration
Construction Status Preconstruction



McGibbon on Main Condos is located at 71 Main Street South in Georgetown community, Halton Hills. It is a new condo development by Amico Properties. It is expected to be completed in 2025. This development has a total of 169 units spread across the 10 stories. The sizes of the units range from 466 to 1860 square feet. Milborne Group, Montana Steele, IBI Group, and The Patton Design Studio are the companies responsible for sales, marketing, architecture, and interior design respectively. The following are some of the amenities that residents will enjoy: a fitness studio, event room, catering kitchen, outdoor terrace, dog spa, and parcel storage. This is indeed the real deal when it comes to pre-construction condos in Georgetown. Hope you will grab for yourself one unit.


Georgetown is a very nice and great community within Halton Hills and it is growing at an outstanding rate if I must say. This is a place that you would want to have a feel of it for sure because much of the things you would wish to have are found right here in Georgetown. All types of houses will be at your disposal when you decide to migrate to this place and it will therefore be upon you to decide in which type of house and part of Georgetown you want to live in. You will enjoy a lot of things while here. Am not trying to persuade you to move to Georgetown. What am trying to do is to make you see and realize what it means to live and grow yourself in the Georgetown community.

Of course, you might be in love with the place you currently live in but when you set foot in Georgetown I bet you will love this place even more. It is a great community surrounded by nice and very friendly neighborhoods. Just sit down and think hard about moving to Georgetown as you also analyze the immense opportunities that will come your way after you have made that critical step.