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    Whether or not to move to Guelph? This question sounds tricky. Well, Guelph also known as the Royal city has all your desirable amenities and attraction in one place with amazing scenic views and downtown big cities perks. What makes Guelph worth all the hype? Lets navigate through the article to find the answer to our query.

    World-Class Education System

    Moving to Guelph would provide you with various good schools both elementary and high schools, along with St. John catholic school known as one of the best Christian schools. Also home to one of the best universities in the world name University of Guelph which prestigious institution that provides a good variety of undergraduate, graduate, and post-grad degrees. It is very well known for its agricultural study program.

    One of the best places for Millennials to Live 

    Guelph has been ranked as the 3rd best place for people between the age of 18-34 to live in. It offers affordable housing, a safe environment, a low crime rate, good healthcare services, a higher employment rate, and amazing recreational spots like trails and parks. It offers plenty of good restaurants and bars.

    Inexpensive living 

    Guelph has a less than 2% rate of unemployment as it is the hub of economic growth and a strikingly attractive 70% employment rate within the city. It offers inexpensive living as compared to big cities proximal to it providing edge of jobs in big cities like  working in Toronto, Waterloo, or Hamilton offering better salaries, and less living expenses. Guelph is 22% cheaper than Toronto, 3% cheaper than Waterloo, and 9% cheaper than Hamilton.

    Easy accessibility to Toronto, Hamilton, and Waterloo 

    One of the best parts of living in Guelph is that you can enjoy the peace and community life of the downtown and the facilities of big central cities.

    Guelph is 45 minutes drive from Toronto, 40 minutes from Hamilton, and 30 minutes from Waterloo. Its central location gives its residents a vast variety of job opportunities in other cities and easy access to an international airport situated in Toronto.

    One of the safest cities to live in Canada

    Guelph has a remarkably low crime rate, and it has been ranked as among the top 10 cities to live in. There have been zero homicides in the last two years as per the record of the city law enforcement agency.

    Top-notch health care system 

    Guelph General Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility that provides its patients with utmost care and has a very high patient satisfaction rate. GGH runs a 24/7 emergency department. It is equipped with all the means of modern diagnosis and treatment facilities. It has highly-skilled, competent, and friendly staff. So you would never have to worry about the non-availability of a good hospital near you.

    Good recreational, shopping and sports facilities

    Guelph downtown square market is a great place that offers fun and free concerts, events, and water play. Stone Road Mall offers a huge variety of retail brands to shop your heart out. Guelph is also well known for its amazing hockey matches where The Guelph Storm puts on a great show for the hockey lovers.

    Real estate trends in Guelph

    It has been speculated that a total of 5402 homes was sold in 2021 alone setting a new record in Guelph real estate history. The prices are surging on a year-to-year basis making Guelph a hub for home buyers. There has been fierce competition waging between the sellers due to higher demand and less supply. Due to higher amenities and main cities flourishing suburbs, the population is booming and the higher population needs higher housing leading to a busy real estate market.

    Improvement in living conditions

    With the global pandemic and need for work-from-home, Canadians are spending more time at their houses than ever now. This made Canadians look after their living conditions more now and they need to upgrade their housing standards. This need led Canadians to go after better housing thus surging the real estate value like anything.

    Price trends

    Guelph’s real estate market has skyrocketed from $284,718 to $ $795,000 in the past 10 years with an average of 22% of surge on a year-to-year basis.

    Housing diversity

    With the record-breaking real estate pricing, the market is turning into a paradise for sellers yet costs an arm and leg for the buyers. Yet, buyers are up for house hunting tailored to their needs. When looking for housing, you may be presented with the options like condos, townhouses, or detached houses depending upon your budget and your needs.


    Condos are a great choice if you are looking for cost-effective housing. Situated in tall rising buildings, Condos are easy to maintain and come with a perk of extra security. When looking to buy a condo in Guelph, you may encounter a few of these condos choices.

    The copper club

    Located in The metal works Community, Arthur Street South, Guelph. The Copper club provides Condos and Townhouses. A Development by Fusion Homes, The copper club are just a short walk away from the commercial market and railway station.

    Building Type Selling status Construction status Ceiling Amenities
    Condos and Townhouses Registration construction 8’5”- 12’

    Green Space

    Games Deck

    Fire pit

    Bike racks


    Single houses

    Single houses offer more privacy than their counterpart condos and townhouses. These are an amazing choice if you have ready money and looking for a beautifully architected house. Many ongoing single-house projects are available in Guelph. For example

    The Glade

    Located on Everton Drive, Guelph, Ontario, and developed by Fusion homes,

    House type Ownership Selling Status Construction Status Bedrooms
    Single house Fee Simple Registration Construction 2-4




    Townhouses share exterior proximity with a few of the more units but have independent internal housing. Guelph real estate offers a great variety of Townhouses offering good housing and an even better neighborhood.

    One Eighty

    Situated at 180, Gordon Street, Guelph, this townhouse development has a total of 10 units.

    Building type Ownership Selling status Construction status Amenities
    Townhouse Condominium Registration Preconstruction Private rooftop balcony



     Final Thoughts

    Since Guelph is on the radar by the buyers for house hunting, the price surge is justified. With a year-over-year surge of 22% in the prices of residential properties in Guelph, the demand is higher and supply is scarce due to its amazing scenic views, great recreational spots, amazing health care, and educational provision, people are considering living in Guelph more than ever now! If you are considering Guelph as your final residential stop, start looking for housing options before the market hikes more and you run out of options!

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