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    The world has changed rapidly in the last two decades. Nowadays, people have defined and centered priorities regarding their lifestyle and future. Therefore, everyone desires to live in a safe yet progressive area where they can access all advanced facilities. The trend of pre construction homes has also shifted real estate preferences in current economic conditions. Many locals and immigrants are moving to Oakville for the past few years.

    Located on Lake Ontario between Hamilton and Toronto, Oakville is a town best known for its edge on touching rural serenity and urban lifestyle. Among other 451 cities, towns, and villages, Oakville is pronounced by Moneysense magazine as the best place to live in Canada. If you are an immigrant or a person who is hunting for a quiet yet facilitative place to settle in, Oakville is the best place to consider for housing.

    However, to make this choice easier and more informed, we will have a brief overview of life in Oakville. We will also highlight some of the latest pre construction Oakville projects.

    The Characteristics Of Oakville

    Wondering what makes Oakville the best place to live in Canada? Multiple attributes make this city an excellent place to call home. Some of them are highlighted before:

    Breathtakingly Beautiful

    The outstanding scenic views and astoundingly breathtaking views of Oakville may sound like a perfect holiday destination. However, people don’t want to witness nature only for a few days or weeks. Instead, most people are interested in living near it to provide their children with a better environment. It is also an attractive factor for real estate investors all around Canada. That is why upcoming new construction homes in Oakville are of great interest to home buyers and investors.

    Closer To Cosmopolitan City Toronto

    Oakville is a progressive city, yet Toronto remains Ontario’s business activities hub. Therefore, it is inevitable to not visit the city every once in a while. However, when buying new home in Oakville, the commute will not be a hassle for you and your children. Oakville is situated just a 30 KMs distance from Toronto. Hence, you can easily visit the leading cities and come back to your home on the same day. You can travel by car or public transport as both will be convenient. Oakville has so much to discover, like a hidden treasure yearning to be found out.

    Education System

    When relocating to a new place, the education system is one of the families’ significant concerns. Everyone desires to send their children to top-notch schools and colleges. However, when getting pre construction home in Oakville, you can rest at ease. Oakville has many excellent private and public schools that allow students to opt for education according to their affordability. The city has the highest ratio of private schools to students in the country. A few schools and high schools in Oakville are

    • Appleby College
    • Mildred’s-Lightburn school
    • Sheridan college
    • Maple Grove Public school

    Hence it is an ideal city for families with children. Every neighborhood has a decent school and fees is affordable as well. You can search for the institutes before getting the pre construction home fore your peace of mind.

    Higher Employment

    When moving to a new place or investing in real estate, always make sure to check their employment rate. It is impossible to establish in a city where you can not encounter new opportunities. After all, we all crave for and strive to achieve progress. However, Oakville doesn’t disappoint you in this department as well. The city has remarkably higher employment and it has been a major factor in the demand of Oakville pre construction projects.

    Many youngsters move here and rent or buy a condo to start their careers. With its dynamic community and a great place to live, have fun, and have education, Oakville nestles a higher number of employments for its citizens that accounts for a better and booming economy of the town.

    Healthcare Services

    Oakville is home to community-oriented people who help and nurture each other by providing respect, care, and concern. This town has impressive healthcare facilities offered to every citizen according to their medical needs. Provision of efficient and prompt medical services is made sure 24/7. It can be a great edge for people planning to move here after retirement. They can buy a decent single-family home in Oakville and spend their lives in peace, surrounded by nature.

    Home To Immigrants

    As we all know, Canada has many immigrants from around the world rushing here for better opportunities. These immigrants desire to live in an affordable city that offers all the latest facilities. Oakville fits the standards perfectly as it ensures the quality of life at a reasonable cost of living. The pre construction Oakville projects are all affordable for an average earner. Moreover, as caring and alive as the community sounds, it is incredibly welcoming to new settlers and immigrants. Considering Oakville for a living is the best decision one can make.

    Real Estate trend in Oakville

    With a flourishing economy, the best health care facilities, and high-ranking educational institutes, Oakville is on the radar of house hunters to settle down finally. With the surge in demand, the properties are competing for more than before now. The real estate market is sky-rocketing in Oakville and prices of houses are increasing rapidly. If we examine the real estate prices of the last 0 years, we see the steep graphic presentation.

    The property prices in Oakville are presented in tabular form below to help you get a better look at the increasing prices year over year.

    Year    Average sold price
    2021 104,7662
    2020 $174,3641
    2019 $119,1094
    2018 $11,57157
    2017 $1099,682
    2016 $1027834
    2015 $843901
    2014 $805,802
    2013 $763204

    Alternative to the expensive downtown residence of Toronto

    People are considering Oakville for their future investment more now because of the day-to-day increase in daily living costs. Oakville is an amazing substitute for urban lifestyle at cheaper prices than mainstream cosmopolitan cities.

    How to invest in Oakville

    Due to great facilities and modern amenities, Oakville is in limelight for its demand for residential properties. With the surging numbers of people finding the best and suitable home for them, the properties are in high demand now and it’s getting harder for people to find great properties in Oakville. This higher demand is causing a shorter supply of the properties hence causing upwelling in real estate prices.

    If you are thinking to invest, hurry up before the prices rise even more. Here I will share some tips on how to invest in Oakville to make the hay while the sun shines!

    For the third year in succession, Oakville is regarded as the best place to invest in Canada by site selection magazine, an international publication covering corporate real estate and economic development.

    When stepping out to find options for a residential property, you will discover condos, townhouses, and detached houses (single houses).

    Investing in Condos

    Whether you are buying your place for the first time or you are thinking of gifting a small happy place to your loved ones, condos are always a go-to choice! Condos are apartments situated in larger community buildings. Condos offer extra security to your place as security is provided by the building community. Condos are a killer investment if you are looking for low-cost maintenance because you don’t have to worry about its exterior maintenance. The outer maintenance is looked after by building authorities.

    With the notion of buying a Condo in Oakville, Rise development offers its services to help you find condo apartments tailored to your needs.

    The Deane

    Located at 224, Kerr street, the Deane is a condo apartment setup by rising Developments in Oakville. The details are

    Construction status The amenities Selling Status Sales started
    Preconstruction -Outdoor courtyard

    -Pet wash area

    -Fitness studio

    -Co-working space

    -Reflecting pool

    Registration Fall 2021

     The Branch Condos

    Situated at 2444 old Bronte Road, Oakville, The Branch Condos are a condos development by Zancor developments. It is reserved to be completed in 2022.

    Construction status The amenities Selling status Completion
    preconstruction Yoga studio

    Media lounge

    Pet wash area

    Pool and hot tub

    Outdoor sun deck

    Selling Oct 2022

    The Greenwich Condos

    Located at Trafalgar Road, Oakville, the Greenwich condos are developed by Branthaven.

    Ownership Selling status Construction Status
    Condos Registration Preconstruction


    Townhouses are multiple floored housing structures sharing exterior walls with the neighborhood only. These are independent houses with independent patios or yards. Modern townhouses are elegant and furnished with modern amenities. If you are looking to buy an exquisite townhouse consider shore club townhouse development.

    Shore Club

    Situated at east street and Lakeshore Road, Oakville.

    Ownership Selling status Construction Status
    Condos Registration Preconstruction

     Single houses

    Single-houses are the most expensive choices among the three of the houses types because of their solely independent and private house structure.

    Glen Abbey Encore Phase 3

    Located at 1481, Bronte Road, Oakville.

    Ownership Selling status Construction Status
    Freehold selling Preconstruction

    With the real estate market showing the constant rise in prices, property prices are skyrocketing too. Oakville has seen a whopping 125% of price increase in the last 10 years. If you are thinking to buy a property, now is the time!

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