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Reasons Why People Love Buying a Pre Construction Home

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Are you wondering what a pre construction home is?  In simple terms, it refers to a home that is purchased before it’s finished. The pre construction industry has been doing well for a while now. Many people are finding it to be a nice deal and they are loving it. Across all the cities in Canada, you will not fail to find pre construction homes. It seems the new thing in town and everyone is associating themselves with it. If you have a dream of owning a home why not try a pre construction home? The reasons why people love buying a pre construction home as opposed to new construction development are as follows.

  1. There’s a higher resale value

Higher resale value simply means good returns or profits for you. Have you ever thought of that? You could become a successful investor if you decide to try your hand at a pre construction home. Pre construction homes usually have a higher resale value because they appreciate right from the time when you buy and by the time you decide to sell, the price will be much higher than what you paid when purchasing. Even if you decide to sell the home before it is finished, you will be sure of making something good out of it. It doesn’t matter whether you try your luck in the pre construction condos or any other type of pre construction because the likelihood of you achieving higher returns is indisputable.

  1. Low cost

Pre construction homes are always available at lower prices compared to newly built houses and even the old ones. This is usually so because the developers of these pre construction homes are always in some kind of hurry to sell the homes so that they can gather finances to help them continue with other projects that they may be working on. These low prices usually attract many buyers compared to when the prices could be higher. As a serious home buyer, you should take advantage of this and find your way into the pre construction homes market. You can for sure save a lot compared to if you would have bought a new home construction.

  1. There’s a freedom to customize

The beauty of buying a pre construction home is that you will always have the chance to customize your home in whatever way you feel satisfies you. This is among the reasons why people love buying a pre construction home. You will have the chance to upgrade finishes until you are contented that everything suits your preference. This will save you from the burden of making renovations after you have moved into your home unlike if you would have gone for a resale home.

  1. You’ll enjoy an extended deposit structure

Buying a pre construction home allows you to pay the deposit in installments. An extended deposit structure means that you will not be required to pay the full amount of the deposit at once but you will pay it in bits. This payment can be in smaller percentages after a given period. Don’t you think this is a good thing that you should take advantage of? Here, you will have time to organize yourself as far as looking for funds is concerned. This is quite different compared to a resale home where you pay the deposit amount at once which is usually 20% of the selling price of the home.

  1. Less maintenance and repairs worries

The issue of maintenance and repairs will not ring in your mind for a good period if you decide to purchase a pre construction home. When the pre construction home is finished, you will move into it when it is new. You will eventually be the first person to move into it and therefore it means that you will find the house when everything is in good shape. You will not spend even a coin on maintenance and repairs and so you will have time to relax and save money for other things. This reason could serve as a direct answer to the question, why invest in pre construction? Go for it because the opportunity could be right in front of you at the moment.

  1. Comes with a warranty

You will never understand the value or importance of a warranty until when you are in a mess in your home. Pre construction homes usually come with a warranty that takes care of your damages and faults in the house. This warranty covers a range of things like appliances and home finishes. If there will be any damages when you move into your home then be rest assured that the warranty will take care of that. For sure this could be one of the things that will make you love pre construction homes even more.

  1. There are no bidding wars

Bidding wars usually scare many home buyers who are always not ready to wrestle with other home buyers. As for the case of pre construction homes, bidding wars are nothing to worry about because there are no bidding wars. Here, the listed price is what you will pay when you are purchasing a pre construction home. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to the amount you will pay. This should encourage you to go ahead and buy because there are a lot of pre construction condos out there waiting for a serious buyer like you.


Having seen the above reasons why people love buying a pre construction home, there is no doubt that pre construction homes are a great deal that anyone can want to get involved with. You can also be among those many people who believe in owning homes right from the pre construction stage. There is much to benefit from if you decide to put your money into a pre construction home or any pre construction property for that matter. Make that move and commit yourself to this great investment that has everyone yearning to get hold of it. Time is of the essence and so the earlier you do it the better. Don’t go around looking for new construction homes for sale when you can start with a pre construction home.

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