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Should you really be investing in Whitby in 2022?

2022 has been a year of modifications for the real estate industry. Since 2020, things have been different due to COVID-19 and its impacts on the world economy. However, now things have begun to change at a rapid pace. Thus, people planning to move and invest are looking for properties, including new construction in Whitby which is an ideal place to live for those who desire a peaceful yet advanced lifestyle.

However, with many pre-construction Whitby project’s on their way, people are confused about buying a used home. Therefore, this informative article will highlight six main reasons not to go for a used home. Moreover, we will also guide you on some of the Whitby pre-construction homes available for sale.

Disadvantages of Buying a Used Home in 2022

Structural Faults

It is inevitable that when we live in a home, it undergoes some damage. With good maintenance, the owner can minimize the extent of issues. However, it is impossible to find a used home without structural faults. On the other hand, when you purchase new construction in Whitby, you eliminate the risk of liabilities. It eventually increases your property’s worth over time.

Inspection Cost

It is wise to purchase a used home only after a professional inspection. This way, you can analyze the property’s condition and clearly understand what you buy. However, the appraisal comes with a cost, and the buyer has to pay for it. Although, for pre-construction homes in Whitby, there is no need for assessment. It saves you from unnecessary costs and the hassle of finding the experts.

Stressful Bidding Process

One of the biggest concerns many buyers face is the stressful bidding process. The seller demands a higher price for a used home, and negotiation can be nerve-wracking. If the house has potential, you may also have to compete with other bidders and propose higher rates. It is not only a hectic procedure but also a burden on your budget. But you can avoid it by going for pre-construction Whitby projects.

Higher Down Payment

For purchasing any property, you need to put up a downpayment. It is considerably higher for used homes, about 20% or more of the original amount. It can be tough to arrange a higher down payment or quality loan. However, when purchasing pre-construction homes in Whitby, you only need 5% of the original amount. Thus, it is an ideal opportunity for first-time home buyers and investors.

Maintenance Cost

Once you purchase a used home, you will have to spend significantly on its maintenance. It includes repair, new installations, painting, and other expenses. Many people don’t include maintenance costs in their budget and thus face a great deal of hassle for the first two to three months. However, new construction in Whitby doesn’t need any maintenance and therefore saves you from an additional expense.

Long-standing Designs

Used homes aren’t ideal for you if you are into modern homes and advanced designs. Most of these houses are constructed about 5 to 7 years ago. It means they have long-standing plans and old-fashioned tiles. The only way to upgrade it is from end-to-end renovation, which can be highly expensive. The best way to appreciate the latest designs is by purchasing new townhomes in Whitby. They are built on advanced styles, and you can customize the home according to your preference.

Benefits of Living in Whitby

Whitby is a small Ontario town that has been among the best places to live in the world. Many people worldwide and in Canada are considering moving to this rural-urban mixed town. One of the leading reasons is the peaceful and safe lifestyle it offers. Moreover, its excellent schooling system makes it ideal for small families. In addition to that, here, you can find profitable career opportunities as the town’s economy is thriving. The commuting cost is low, and all the latest facilities are easily accessible. Thus, investing in new construction in Whitby can be wise for you.

Some On-Going Pre-Construction Projects in Whitby

·       Sincerely, Acorn, 665 Taunton Road East, Whitby, ON

Builder: Acorn Developments

Building Type


Selling Status

Construction Status

Townhouse Condominium Registration Pre-construction


·       Rossmont Green, 812 Rossland Road East, Whitby, ON

Builder: Star Residence

Building Type


Selling Status

Construction Status

Condo Condominium Selling Pre-construction


·       Dockside Whitby, 1900 Brock St S, Whitby, ON

Builder: Brookfield Residential

Building Type


Selling Status

Construction Status

Condo & Townhouse Condominium Registration Pre-construction


·       Highcrest, Seaboard Gate, Whitby, ON

Builder: Laurier Homes

Building Type


Selling Status

Construction Status

Single Family Home Fee Simple Registration Pre-construction


If you are interested in Whitby pre-construction homes, start your search, and you can find many other great options. However, before making a purchase, check for the current market situation. We don’t provide any financial advice. We aim to inform you merely!


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