pre construction condos toronto 2023

What Makes Real Estate Investments so Much Better Than Stocks

Are you stuck between investing in real estate or stocks? You probably are not sure why you haven't made that move. Worry not because you’re going to know what makes real estate investments so much better than stocks. You will have a clear answer, and after that, you will go forward and invest in real estate. Here is why real estate investments are better than stocks:Real estate supports negotiationWhen...

Where to Invest in Canada for Best Returns On Your Investment

Are you aspiring to be a great investor? Is investing already part of your plans? If you are keen on making a significant investment in Canada, a solution is here for you. You cannot just invest without knowing which sector is the best. Days of gambling with investments are long gone. You better seek the guidance of a professional if you are not so sure of what to do. In Canada, there are various places...

pre construction condos toronto 2023

Will Pre Construction Condo Prices Keep Going Down in 2023?

One question must certainly be ringing in your mind. Will pre construction condo prices keep going down in 2023? The answer to this question is probably yes. Prices of houses in Canada are expected to keep going down from now up to around the end of 2023  unlike the early 2022 situationThe prices of houses are expected to go down by about 23% from February 2022 to December 2023. With the general market...

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Will Pre Construction Prices Go Down In 2023

Here in Canada, cities are booming daily, with new developments rising every sunrise. People are moving to cities, and the need to have a roof under their heads is inevitable. The good news is that developers are not sleeping neither.The sad fact about purchasing a house, and in that case a pre construction home, is that it is so damn expensive. Regardless of the cost of a unit, new home seekers are always...

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