Ten things that make Eagles’ rest estate the perfect home for you

Eagles’ rest estate, surrounded by the lush majestic forest, is a private community of ultra-luxury homes in Shanty Bay. It is a community for down-to-earth living that nature-lovers have experienced.

The estate’s site was one of the few front lawns along the lakeshore. The estate offers all the contemporary facilities and benefits from modern technology to provide a carefree environment for you.

The spectacular panorama of the green forest with pristine lakes will give you a soothing calm life at its soul, providing ultimate peace for you and your loved ones it has been accustomed to for decades.

Eagles’ rest estate—let’s talk residences.

The Eagles’ rest estate is situated in what could be coined a friendly corner area: close enough to greener vegetable farms and yet resplendent within its tangible natural grandeur. It sucks you in!

Imagine a community that guards your privacy; provides space for you and your family; places the focus on nature in your backyard, but with all the modern-day facilities you’ll need. The residences are luxuriously spacious single floored homes and come enclosed in a wall in an acre of land; this offers added security and privacy to the residents.

This stunning acre of beautiful land is spread in an idyllic setting alongside Silver Lake across Shanty Bay and offers spiritual living delight that can uplift you every day.

There’re wide variations within layout plans: according to your preferences, there are 2 and 3 floored home designs.

But whatever suits you best, 80% area of it will surround the common landscaping: trees like white birch, pine trees, apple orchards, and so on; In comparison, the other choice, 20%, will be carefully positioned towards protecting their privacy from neighboring cottages (generously masked by specially placed evergreen hedges).

Moreover, end up some thin lines for endless sociability pleasure!

What makes the Eagles’ rest estate stand out from other residential estates across Canada?

1) Location

Eagles’ rest estate is situated along the shores of Silver Lake in Shanty Bay, Southern Ontario, a private scenic region that offers off-grid living with plenty of greenery.

The attractive house design is comfortably complete with all the facilities and uncommon natural privacy you could desire.

Include the aesthetic beauty of seeing White Birch among black pine and eucalyptus orchards followed by the rare oaks; turn your back and see spotless lakesides such as Ump-Shore lake and the forest beyond breathing fresh air mixed shade to your heart.

So any part at all, this will probably be what you’ll remember upon returning home forever!

The location is close to the necessities of life, such as; shops and supermarkets, schools and churches, daycare centers, and more — is another testament to the difference between an ordinary nearby location offering.

Through suggestions from fellow peers, this would most likely be your choice if you were starting.

2) Shops

Storage closer than a mile away ensures that groceries can be transported for easy supply at home. Thus similar to other recent housing estates in Toronto, even many significant chains now provide extra services as close as two blocks away — including Tim Hortons, Subway, and Sobey’s Supermarkets which are located one townhouse from KETHE Gym on Munro Drive Golf Road!

To have a gas station or any store according to your exact needs is practical so you need not worry about that right now. Moreover, Yonge Street (one of Canada’s busiest traffic ways) faces only 100 meters away if full service has become feasibly attainable within five years; This proximity coupled with express easy-rural transit will provide all the support great life gears do possibly get easier.

Sales centers within walking distance retail everything you may not get while out of town plus much more (Whether it’s second/better homes, appliances, or high tech).

 3) Average Weather

The estate is situated high above a tree-line in a tranquil, temperature-controlled location with White Birch being present all through the day, which gives permanent spring, summer followed by fall’s reliably cool temperatures throughout the outdoor area, unlike some other regions in Canada that experience variety of cold seasons depending on typical seasonal weather patterns (lake effect) and thunderstorms.

The average weather helps in more ways than are too far described. The denser tree coverage throughout the year means less air pollution and makes keen summer nights heat at times comfortable quite easily, effects that exceed those of most later found places (+- 5 degC) along with the warmest parts of the nearby lakes;

the weather is more windless than most areas at 5 m above sea level with its average near 12mh around the midday summertime; 1Hod of rain per year allows one to choose which days to start growing them in early spring, out of this they are difficult to avoid while they are required to much.

4) Housing price range

Eagle’s rest estate has been thought to have an affordable price range compared with nearby properties. Statistics show house prices are higher in most areas around Canada, generally above 1000$ per square foot. There are very few housing options with affordable price points in and around the area.

Today there are almost all-new construction homes in Barrie, and traditional styles of buildings found in Barrie are given preference.

Investments revolve around quality, good value, and service to the environment while creating green spaces and controlling overall costs as much as humanly possible. Homes have been designed at 1850sf, too much flexibility to allow potential purchasers to customize their home’s dimensions accordingly, with some floor plans having 60′ of interior space.

Barrie preconstruction homes make available around 2209sf; modern new homes, on the other hand, range between 2233(SF) and 2730sf. These pre-construction homes and affordable price plans suit those looking for 4, 5, 6-person households with package sizing minimums and maximum home sizes.

These new brand names usually offer amenities of decks, story doors in different sections of each house, porches, and windows set in every end or rear house line. They are prefabricated to have inside living spaces then put on modular foundations found to be on site.

New construction homes in Barrie or anywhere require a better investment due to the high costs of land purchases, construction, and closure. Barrie’s newly built homes should be around 1128$psf range consisting compact bungalows is thought preferred around 2100$.

There has been dispute regarding condos versus housing investors (HSIN) due to opinions learned from other areas in Canada found over structured building limitations resulting in suspended green space purchases. Often in Canada, several narratives are given with the thought that housing prices are significantly lower than others.

You know the best part about…Barrie is not one of them; the housing supply here is exceptional and stable compared with others.

Eagles Rest Estates.

The conservation areas have introduced a new concept of “Cost while Amenities” instead of only focusing on it being cheaper than urban structures; however, they lack amenities; what sets these areas apart from other provinces is that it says, “Cost While Amenities.” Here there is more attention on setting up an affordable structure for a family lifestyle active enough to stand not just one house but say a complex which would thrust buildings on 3rd story, for example, adding another foot plus home per section:

Although it is somewhat restricted, this could be possible if necessary with proper attention and consideration around approaches like building codes.

Property Speak!

The eagle’s rest estate properties are outstanding, and again due to coming properties with superb landscaping and neat parks, making the place feel safe.

Speaking on behalf of the eagle’s resting estates, well, let’s say it is one of the best public lands you could ever imagine, a place where you can leave your belongings for longer hours and then walk home back, especially if you are coming home from work and have left early from it.

The properties there are on the edge and a link to the forest area. They provide an ideal combination of conserves and activity improvement.

5) Environment and Accessibility

Serene surroundings, setting, and surroundings generally seem to naturally promote a national bond of love between the Canadian population and its neighbors; its characters.

As can be seen, by extensive photography, biking tracks, hiking trails, gorgeous views of the waterfront view tell such a great story, don’t they?

As adapted by the tourists, frequently people land their winter toboggans. It is a recreational option for them and what makes itself stand out is the smallness of passing through with its great size reach, large grip, and skinny skis or boards that do not require a lot of physical effort to be launched.

As mentioned for its neat parks, Eagles Rest Estates can easily be called one of the most tourist-accessible areas in Canada. There is no relegation to the more remote surroundings that might put people off winter fun.

6) The amenities

Eagles’ Rest Estates has a solid showing in its behind area, which can be sent as an excellent favor. The current luxury amenities featured healthcare clinics, petrol, gas and grocery stores, mailboxes, and all those who use these services are very lacking.

Of course, the commercial options are limited to those in the downtown centers of Kamloops, Blue River, and Merritt, but on a more extensive stretch, it would not be unusual not to see your neighbors dropped off at your doorstep.

The amenities in this great place should, and can, be stated as the following perfection. The amenities serve the health needs of its principal inhabitants in a very dedicated manner with its excellent surgery centers and modern hospitals.

Another bonus to this area; it is easily seen as one of the most convenient areas of Canada to spend some good days near your home.

A wide range is available at restaurants, bars, and many attractions on and nearby the property itself.

The Positives:

Weather and estuary benefits are excellent for tourists to physically travel around with less compulsion than in busy urban areas like the capital cities of certain monsoon climates, namely Ottawa or Toronto, on Ontario’s doorstep.

Ottawa draws in over 240 flights daily of international tourists, while Lake Louise Nationals pulls 437 tourists daily.

These amenities include great lodging opportunities as locals love their luxury hotels. They are not too difficult to find in their less busy places but spectacular in almost all capacities.

7) Neighborhood

Eagles’ rest estates neighborhood dwellers benefit from a large neighborhood of over 6,000 people in which almost all live entire and enjoyable lives near regular habits.

For example, neighbors are close-knit within the residence, and the neighborhood community is expressed throughout.

Cyclists hitch rides, those within apartments appear to not hate each other despite their neighboring likenesses to strangers who feel, which is uncommon. There is a lot of interconnectivity argued between many neighborhoods. For example, there is unexplained admiration discovery in some of the different communities where many neighbors offer help and advice to new residents that soon after gaining a sense of adventure like in the adventurous bike rider example.

Its dwellers comprise unique young people ripe with imagination, interest in what is going on in their communities at any time, and higher appreciation/respect for neighbors.

Because of their proximity to nature, the young practice appreciating how spirit is actively mutually cooperative and friendly towards people; likewise, they experience how there is immense knowledge to be had by engaging it in new ways that doctors call studies and scholarly articles some might not be written yet despite centuries worth of use.

This neighborhood still stands as one of the most fortunate communities in the middle of Canada’s most significant crop farm country. Still, many of its benefits are best heard orally and with bare eyes, plentiful, and an oasis garden variety. Also worthwhile to have self-explanations.

No crime-related purposes are apparent, as there is more of a sense of family and businesses owners in this neighborhood.

8) Developers

This community is built by Fernook homes and Crystal homes developers that pride themselves in making quite a few well-designed, quality homes on short turnarounds. This company is known and loved for its role in the community, which claims clearly stated variables that contribute toward many different new life goals within their communities.

These developers have good reputations for value, excellent artistry, and exceptionally advantageous prices for the number of materials used. They developed outstanding homes and communities by knowledgeable individuals without any shortcomings or inherent mess-ups related to those they believed in.

The Fernook homes are a marvelous blend of natural building spaces with well-kept and managed aesthetics; quality materials are said to be used, ensuring a home is as diversely cozy as it is exquisite, making it one among many most ideal homes on the market.

Each Silverwood home was built by Fernook and is certified burning safe with features like glazing kitchens both inside and out, radiant floors in bathrooms, shady roof vents, roof racks for bikes, and farming equipment that the home lives up to expectations from start to finish.

They exemplify the best ratio between quality perception and affordability.

Crystal Homes builds homes that meet design criteria for luxury and economic values for average construction, becoming more accessible to every kind of budget.

They also make on substantial soil but have flood ratings typical of flood laterals, as stated in their conservation program, which lessens unwanted attachment during construction near bodies of water yet creates lesser dissipation impacts near forests. Their methods make solving construction emergencies possible along with limited difficulty-related designs.

The same standard developers that develop new housing developments propose the same low-cost insurance packages they provide for their homes. All Crystal homes work with an excellent making process, which diversifies the number of concessions their contractor, Lance Faulkner, creates. They all do things in a very distinct way; then again, some are dependent on the operator efficient process style they build on while varying program cases require inconsistent methods.

Being convenient and logistically okay in these homes, homeowners will have the opportunity to stay in the air or be safe should they become damaged after time passes while maintaining sound foundation fixes to ensure they do have foundation changes instead of structural ones and all old repairs are taken off before building additions begin.

Each developer had quite a few awards ranging from superstars as well as reputable awards -all displaying leadership in constructing housing safely together with efficiency and quality expectation along with people’s says about both homes listed on wonderful design attributes for various demographics of single house owners who rebuild home their homes to enlarge upon and update features like kitchens, pools, densest, etc.

9) Highspeed internet

High-speed internet is everyone’s desire nowadays. It is a better fit at home than relying on internet-connected hard assets or devices while on the move.

Eagles’ rest estate helps customers accomplish these internet goals with speed more naturally – enabling discerning and convenient internet that is a huge part of modern-day lifestyle.

Each service package encourages one to measure things by its standards instead of yours alone, meaning more measurement and less speculation synonymous with modern social media featured heavily in some market buys and choices.

Its high-speed internet is – efficient and cheap to analyze speeds, last without incurring the soaring queues and lowered quality you can achieve with other internet providers.

10) Schools

Schools play a big part in delivering most individuals’ home improvement or sprawl development. That’s why you need a better standpoint and good schools. Consider Eagles Rest Estates. It has the best schools.

It makes educational pursuits more convenient. Nothing we can point to more objectively than the value of Eagles Estates and schools to everyone’s personal yet inclusive being!


Eagles Rest Estates is where everything is excellent, safe, and affordable. Find a home in this incredible place.

Your house is the start of a better life for you and your family. No matter which type of home you want, such as executive loft homes, townhouse apartments or custom-designed dog run or storage homes, or whatever your specifications, this is the place to look for elegance and cost control wonder!

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