The Cheapest Pre-Construction Projects Near Toronto in 2024

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Toronto is one of the emerging urban centers in the technology hub of Canada and North America. Because it offers a range of attractions and opportunities, it has recently become one of the most favored residential locations. However, due to higher upfront costs and limited availability of modern amenities, most people are reluctant to buy constructed houses. That has caused the value and demand for preconstruction properties to increase with their cost. 

Recent Preconstruction Project Estimates:

According to recent estimates, around 7,500 pre-construction properties were sold in Toronto, evidence of the growing demand for these. Therefore, if you are one of those with Toronto as their dream residential location and are looking to buy a house there, below are the best custom-built properties currently open for sale and registration that you should check out.

Best Preconstruction Projects in Toronto in 2024:

  • Condos: 

There are currently 98 preconstruction condos available for sale. If you want to learn about their features and prices, below are some major ones. 

  • Empire Quay House

It is one of the best preconstruction projects launched at 162 Queens Quay East in Toronto. Empire Quay House is a 21-storey building, a project developed by Empire Communities. It provides a clear view of Lake Ontario, featuring a stylish design and modern amenities. If you want to know more about its booking and prices, you can check them here

  • The Hill Residences Condos

Located at Yonge Street, this pre-sale project is a new addition to the dynamic location of Yonge & St Clair. It is one of the prime locations in Toronto, close to shops, cafes, and educational institutions that can make your life easier. These condos contain units from 2 to 4 rooms, best for families and students seeking accommodation. If you are looking for a dynamic place of residence, there can’t be a better option than this. If you want a residence there, you can visit this page and book your spot with a favorable deal today. 

  • Victoria Condos

Victoria Condos is a project by Tribute Communities, an award-winning home developer. It is at Victoria Park & Sheppard Ave. E., which is one of the major urban hubs. If you want an affordable custom-built property rich with amenities, natural beauty, and convenient access to highways and public places, Victoria Condos is the perfect option you have. If you want to buy a unit at a favorable price, you can visit our website to find information and book your spot today. 

  1. Townhomes:

Currently, there are 28 pre-construction townhome projects available for sale. If you are interested in this category, below are some current options available for you to consider.

  • Inspire Towns, Scarborough

Inspire Towns is a recent construction project launched in Scarborough by Insoho Developments. It is scenic, having clubs, schools, shopping centers, and roads nearby. It has units with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 bedrooms equipped with modern amenities and stylish designs. Since the project has recently launched, booking a registration now will be a golden opportunity. To learn more about its features, visit this page to satisfy your curiosities. 

  • 32 Raglan Avenue Condos & Towns 

Developed by Madison Group, this project combines condos and townhouses and is currently in the preconstruction phase. It is at 32 Raglan Avenue, Toronto, with all kinds of facilities a person or family would require. While its pricing and construction date are still not decided, you can check out more details here to know whether these custom-built units fulfill the criteria of an ideal property for you. 

  • Golden Mile – Block B6

Like Raglan Avenue, the Golden Mile is also a combination of condos and townhomes launched by the Madison Group. It is located at 1920 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto, and is currently in the preconstruction phase with 488 units. Considering its prime location and the architecture, it is best for small families who want to live in an urban setup. To check its details or register, click here and get all your answers. 

Apart from the mentioned properties, there are many others that you can know about from this website. In the single or semi-detached homes category, no projects are currently available. However, you can always visit our site to check the updated information, do registrations, search queries, and look for information regarding the new additions to the list of preconstruction projects in your desired location. 

To sum up, Toronto is one of the best locations for residents due to the facilities and modern lifestyle it assures. Because of the increase in urbanization, the demand for preconstruction housing projects has increased due to their lower initial costs. However, with rising demands comes the competition to secure the best place. If you are a part of this competition, looking for preconstruction properties at a favorable price, this article will help you alot.  


  • What are some tips for investing in the cheapest pre-construction projects near Toronto?

To invest in the cheapest pre-construction homes in Toronto, research to find developers offering pre-sale properties at an affordable price, select a location with growth potential, and review the developer’s track record and the timeline for the project to minimize risks.

  1. Are there any hidden costs associated with purchasing pre-construction properties near Toronto?

Yes, there can be a lot of hidden costs associated with pre-construction properties. These include development fees, property taxes, and transfer taxes.

  1. How can I find affordable pre-construction projects near Toronto?

To find affordable pre-sale projects in Toronto or any other location, visit websites like or contact real estate agents for information.

  1. What is the expected return on investment for the cheapest pre-construction projects near Toronto in 2024?

The expected return on investment for the cheapest pre-construction projects is around 10% to 20%. 


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