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Top 5 Pre Construction Projects In Ontario

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Here in Ontario province, among the booming investments many new home seekers are diving into is pre construction homes. People seeking pre construction homes are doing so with the motive of either living afresh in a new community or renting out the units for future benefits. With the two reasons in mind, the need for pre construction houses is rising steadily each day.

Glady, the supply evenly handles the demand pressure for new construction homes. Ontario is one of the many destinations new home seekers are hunting for pre construction units. Currently, there are loads of projects throughout the province, with project constructions going round the clock. Thanks to the many attractive cities such as Brampton, Ottawa, and Toronto, the capital. There are sufficient amenities and favorable living conditions to flourish in.

Planning on living in any neighborhoods in Ontario? Well, this article has got you sorted. G1Homes goes an extra mile to dig into the many pre construction homes in Ontario right now! Keep reading!

Current Pre Construction Homes

To begin with the top pre construction projects in Ontario, we have to use a city-to-city basis. Below are cities and towns in Ontario province with their respective pre construction projects.

#1. Pre Construction Homes In Toronto

The busy Toronto city is the central hub for all major investments in the entire Canadian territory. With the city being the nerve center and a core economic zone, people tend to move daily. Therefore, the need for homes is seldom coming to an end. Toronto boasts over 800 new construction homes projects with high-rise and low-rise units. Check out the following projects;

·       Daniels First Home Keelesdale 3

The Daniel’s First home Keelsdale3 project runs under the Daniels Corporation, Diamond Corp, and Kilmer Group. The project mainly focuses on constructing townhouses and condos scheduled for completion in 2024.

The project site currently under development is at 2175 Keele Street, Toronto.

The available units range from 504 sq ft to 1349 sq ft, with prices ranging from $595,900 to $1, 149,900.

Floor Plans And Pricing.

The Daniel’s First Home Keelesdale 3 project offers units in different ranging floor plans. The plans range from 1 bedroom to 3 bedroom. The three different units are further classified into different styles and designs. For instance, a one bd plan comes in over 13 different styles. These styles vary in terms of prices, with the most expensive being the Model 1C+D-T starting at $730,900 and the least expensive being the Model 1A plan starting a $595,900. This system cuts out through all different bedroom units.

Payment Structure

As usual, there is always a deposit structure on any project. In that case, Daniel’s First Home Keelesdale 3 incorporates a 10% deposit. You also get an initial deposit of $7,500, the balance of 5% in 30 days, and the other 5% in 180 days.


  • BBQ area
  • Party room
  • Outdoor lounge
  • Pet washroom
  • Fitness center
  • Outdoor dining area
  • Community Garden

·       The Narrative

The Narrative is a pure condo development project that is currently underway. The site is located at 7437 Kingston Road, and units cover sizes between 417 sq ft and 1172 square feet. There are over 422 units that are under pre construction.

Amenities Offered

  • Yoga Studio
  • Lobbies
  • Games Room
  • Playground
  • Wellness center
  • Outdoor BBQ area

Pricing And Payment Plan

The pricing of the pre construction units by the Narrative range from $450,000 to $1,000,000. On the other hand, the deposit structure is subdivided into two. We have the Domestic deposit structure and the international one.

Domestic plan.

  • $5,000 initial payment on signing
  • 5% balance in 30 days
  • 5% balance in 180 days
  • 5% balance in 365 and 540 days
  • 5% balance on occupancy

International Plan

  • $10,000 on initial payment
  • 10% balance in 30 days
  • 10% balance in 180 days
  • 15% balance in 365 days

#2 Pre-Construction Homes In Brampton

·       Queen Lane.

Brandhagen is the lead developer of the Queen Lane project situated at Queen Street West and Mississauga Road, Brampton. The sites boast over 70 units that are mainly townhouses. The serene neighborhood offers units with a size range starting at 1790 square feet.

Floor Plans And Pricing

The units by the Queen Lane project comes in different floor plans. We have only the three bd and two bd units alone. Queen Lane units come in amazing and masterpiece designs and features. That ranges from artistic landscaping to out-of-the-world architectural elegance.

·       Mayfield Village

The Mayfield Village is a development project being undertaken by Aspen Ridges Homes. The units are currently under construction and are located at 4285 Mayfield Road, Brampton.

Pricing And Floor Plans

The available floor plans are classified into three bd and two bd. The unit’s floor plans are further classified into different styles and designs. The Mayfield Village new construction homes ranges from $1,219,990 to $2,442,990. These units comprise high-rise only.

#3. Pre Construction Homes In Ottawa

·       Mansfield Condos

Mansfield Condos is a development project located at 1228 Rue Mansfield, Montreal. The development is under the hands of Tianqing Group and  Bravia Group, which has a proposed 226 units. The size of the units ranges between 334 and 1973 sq ft. The prices of the units range from $367,990 to $2,540,990.

Deposit structure.

Domestic Buyer;

  • $5,000 on signing
  • 5% balance in 10 days
  • 5$ in 90 days
  • 5% in 270 days
  • 5% in 365 days

International Buyer;

  • $5,000 deposit on signing
  • 5% less 5,000 in 10 days
  • 5% balance In 90 days
  • 5% balance in 180 days
  • 10% balance in 365 days
  • 10% balance in 540 days

·       Stone Abbey

Stone Abbey under Windmill Development Group Ltd is a pre construction house project located at 15 Aylmer Avenue, Ottawa. The project has an estimated 19 units whose completion is dated to 2023. The condo development project has units going for $739,900 to $2,985,000.


  • Lobby
  • Mailroom
  • Parking
  • EV charging stations
  • Rooftop terrace
  • Bike storage room

#4. Pre Construction Detached Homes In Bradford

·       Summit Park

Summit Park is a new single-family house under Multi-Area Developments Inc currently being constructed. The three bd unit has a size of 1377 to 3410 sq ft. The house is situated at Rymal Road EAST, Hamilton.


  • Parks

·       The Residences at Bronte Lakeside

This a new condo development project being undertaken by Alliance United Corporation. Prices for the unit range from $689,900 to $1,439,900, with an estimated number of 203 units. You may also check Bronte Lake Condos if you like


  • Fitness center
  • Tech lounge
  • Conference area

#5 Pre Construction Homes In Windsor

G1Homes brings you the best pre construction projects you dream of in Windsor, Ontario;

·       The Edgar

The Edgar forms up a condo development project based at 7887 Edgar Street, Windsor. The project runs under Brotto Development Corporation and Suburban Construction and Management Limited. The price for each unit goes from $ 399,900 to $ 578,900 for all 36 units.

·       Southwood Lake Condos+ Lofts

The Condo development plan is managed by BELLOCORP INC and is now located at 1090 North Talbot Road, Windsor. Units available go for around $534,157 to $863,154 for the 54 units.


  • Sauna
  • BBQ area
  • Party room
  • Change Rooms
  • Fitness Room


G1 Homes is the perfect place to check out if you need help regarding the availability of pre construction projects. We’ve got all the information at our disposal. If you are a beginner or perhaps looking to purchase a house to live in or rent out, this article has got you back.

Check out our website for the best condos, townhouses, singles, and semis, all within Canada’s entire cities and towns.

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