Top 10 Reasons City Pointe Heights Is Brampton’s Best Investment In 2022

City Pointe Heights is a new pre-construction condo development situated at The Gore Road & Queen Street East, Brampton, ON, Canada. It is found in the Peel regional municipality which is in the province of Ontario. It has excellent units which range from 433 to 861 square feet in size. It was launched in 2022 and it is expected to be completed in 2025. Platinum Access is the current selling status of this development. Poetry Living is the developer of this project. This project has a total of 35 stories which consist of 658 units. It is marketed by Impact North Beyond Marketing while Turner Fleischer Architects and Intercity Realty are responsible for the architecture and sales respectively. The units are of between 1 to 3 bedrooms.

If you are planning of getting into pre-construction investment, this is the chance for you because Poetry Living, TACC Developments and HBNG Holborn Group are presenting to you a great development that you can’t resist. It only takes the efforts of a very reputable developer to come up with this kind of project. In today’s world, many people have realized the power of investing in building structures and more specifically pre-construction developments. Don’t be left behind in this journey. If you do not have enough information about the importance of this kind of investment you just have to make efforts so you can get to know and understand what exactly it is. Just like many Condos, City Pointe Heights has benefits that can attract the attention of any investor and you can be the one. Remember there are also many good things specifically about this development and that is why it’s at the top and not anywhere else in the list of pre-construction developments in Brampton city. You can go ahead and register with them to get your portion, but before doing that you have to see the reasons why you should do so. The following are top 10 reasons why City Pointe Heights is Brampton’s best investment in 2022:

  1. Superb location

The location of any particular thing be it an investment or even a school is very important because location influences other factors either positively or negatively. So before thinking of setting up something you first have to consider the location and not just any location but the most appropriate location. The developers of City Pointe Heights took this into consideration and that is why this condo development is in a good if not perfect location. Being located in Brampton city, which is 60 miles northwest of Toronto, is itself a big advantage because Brampton is Canada’s ninth largest city. You must be knowing most of the benefits that a large enough city can offer to the residents and people living around. This project is located in the Castlemore community and it sits at a common point between the cities of Brampton, Vaughan and Toronto. That is a very strategic position because it can attract more than enough investors from the three cities. This boosts the chances of making more profits from such an investment either through rent or resale.

The developers of this project must have taken their good time to think and come up with this fantastic project. They didn’t stop at just designing it but they went further and selected a location that stands out among millions of locations all over. Castlemore community, where this project is located, is a great neighborhood and has a number of amenities or advantages so to say. One of them is the Gore Meadows Community Centre and Library which is located at the 1050 The Gore Road. This complex offers various indoor amenities like a lounge, fitness centre, auditorium, snack bar and Brampton Public Library. Brampton Public Library will be of great help to you if you are a student or you are planning to begin your studies. This is where you will come to add more knowledge and sharpen your skills through the use of the various academic materials available there. This is one strong reason for you as a student to move here.

  1. Breathtaking amenities

Availability of amenities in any given place always brings a nice taste and a sense of belonging. A place with more amenities stands out compared to other places with less or even no amenities at all. Talking of amenities, City Pointe Heights is a condo development which offers you with amenities of high standard and quality which will leave you satisfied always. If you were to be a resident at this development in the near future you would enjoy to the fullest every bit of this fantastic development. If you decide to migrate, life here will never be the same again because there is already something that will make the difference and you are about to see for yourself.

There are more than enough amenities in this great development designed to make your life sweet as a resident. If you are an investor you will be able to convince potential buyers by showing them what this development offers and one of them will be the amenities available. Those amenities are as follows: parcel room, business centre, outdoor lounge sitting, outdoor dining areas, yoga studio, cafe, secure bike lockers, ground floor retail, mail roof, co-work space, two private dining rooms with kitchens, pet wash, electric vehicle charging stations, well-equipped fitness centre, BBQs, bar/lounge, pet-friendly facilities and 10th floor landscaped outdoor amenity space. That is surely more than what you can ask for. That provision will surely place this condo investment at a better place as far as ranking pre-construction developments in Brampton city is concerned. By any chance if you have pets worry no more because they have been taken care of by the availability of a pet wash and pet-friendly facilities. If you also have guests more than what your house can accommodate, don’t be stressed because there are outdoor dining areas for your sake. So if you are thinking of being part of this investment, waste no time at all because this is where you should bring your money. Come and enjoy life here.

  1. Close proximity to malls and shopping centers

Every family needs to buy household necessities for use at given times. Therefore, living in a place where you can easily shop or buy what you need anytime is what every family or person wishes to happen to them. City Pointe Heights is a condo development that brings this to you without much struggling at all. When you are here you have no reason to complain about anything be it lack of necessities because the distance has been cut short for you. This is an effort by the developer to ensure that everything is easier for you so that you can enjoy and make yourself comfortable.

There are a number of malls and shopping centres near this spectacular investment. For instance, Bramalea City Centre is just 10 minutes away from City Pointe Heights meaning you can even walk and get to buy what you need within the shortest time possible. This will play a role in cutting down your transport costs whenever you want to go out for shopping. Bramalea City Centre is the largest mall not only in Brampton city but also in the entire province of Ontario. It has 250 stores. Other nearby malls and shopping places are Trinity Common Mall, Brampton Corners and Bramrose Square. They are all available not far from City Pointe Heights. Doing shopping and acquiring other services is much easier than you can ever imagine. If all of these can be made available with ease, there is no way such an investment can fail to be at the top in Brampton city. Vaughan Mills Mall is also not far from this place as it takes one only 20 minutes to arrive there. It is in Vaughan city which neighbors Calstlemore community where City Pointe Heights is situated. If you do not feel like going to the mentioned malls and shopping centres you can go to Shoppers World Brampton at any time and you will be sorted. Shoppers World is the second largest in Brampton with 180 shops. Don’t let the chance of trying your luck here escape because there is much more to see and enjoy. Come and be part of the happy family of residents and investors at City Pointe Heights.

  1. Diversity

The world today is changing and people can now freely live and invest in any part of the world. Discrimination is on the decrease and people of different walks of life are living together in peace and harmony in different parts of the world. You should know and embrace that as well. The community where City Pointe Heights is located and Brampton City as a whole is characterized by diversity in the sense that many people of different races have chosen to live and invest here. You should see this as an advantage because you can get to enjoy life here by interacting with many different people who have come from different places. This interaction will help you to learn new things and also know how to live with different people not forgetting how to respect and accommodate the views and opinions of others. The multicultural festivals that occasionally take place in Brampton city are another beautiful way of ensuring that diversity and oneness is promoted to the level that it should. A good example of a multicultural festival that happens here is Carabram where people are brought together through education, food and entertainment. If you move here don’t miss the opportunity of attending at least one or two so that you can see for yourself and get to know what it means.

This condo development will itself promote diversity since it will attract various people of different races from both Brampton city and outside the city. Brampton city is among the most ethnically mixed cities in Canada. Fostering diversity is another way of promoting peace because many people of different races will learn how to get along with each other and life will be simple enough for everyone to enjoy and feel safe as well. City Pointe Heights being situated in a place with different races, is a plus because the residents of this development will get the opportunity to improve themselves in areas that they feel they are not up to the standard. This will happen because the different people in this area will each have something to offer especially from their cultural backgrounds.

  1. Excellent transportation

Transport has remained to be a very fundamental requirement in any given community, town, city, country and the world at large. This is simply one thing that you cannot avoid or do without in your daily activities and your life as a whole. Many people specifically investors have seen the need of investing in areas that have proper and admirable transport systems. Transport around City Pointe Heights is on another level and you have no reason to complain whether you want to live in this place or just invest. Road transport opens up areas as well as connects them with other areas and that is why every community management strives to have good and enough roads. An area that has excellent road network is more likely to do better in all aspects especially businesses and the economy.

City Pointe Heights is at a place that has good transportation mechanisms. Public transport is available for you within this area all the time. There is Brampton Transit and GO Transit just to name a few which will come to your rescue whenever you are in need of public transport in order to move around. You can also connect to other roads like MiWay and YRT if you want to move around easily. Union Station in Toronto is not far from here since you can spend only 30 minutes to get there and get the railway transport services that you need. If you need to travel by air then worry no more because there is just an airport nearby. Pearson International Airport is just 9 minutes away and so you have no reason whatsoever to complain about transport services. The UP Express is also not far from this place. You cannot also forget ZUM Brampton Transit which connects you to VIVA. VIVA is the system servicing the York Region including Vaughan not forgetting GO Transit and the subway at the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre. The transport in this area is more than just simple transport that can be found elsewhere. Indeed it has its own special place.

  1. Security

Security is a core factor when selecting an area for investing and living. You cannot ignore safety. Everybody wants to be safe all the time and make great moves as far as life and investing are concerned. A more secure place will attract more investors compared to a place that has security which is compromised because security and good investments go hand in hand. There is no way a very insecure place can be the place where everyone wants to have a feel of it and raise their families there. Due to the experience and commitment of Poetry Living to ensure that they provide suitable living spaces, City Pointe Heights was placed in an area that is much secure for you to come and live freely. Insecurity can never be a threat when you live in such an area. Brampton city being a big city with about 600,000 people, you would expect it to have good security mechanisms put in place to ensure the residents are always safe all the time. That will not be different from the situation in Castlemore community because it is in the same city. A condo development of this status is also expected to put in place good security measures for example installation of cctv cameras, just as it is the case in other condos elsewhere and also other types of houses therefore making insecurity worries something of the past.

  1. Friendly neighborhood

Having good surroundings is something nice especially when you are trying to start a new life or investment somewhere. A friendly neighborhood puts things in the right place since you will be comfortable and ready to prosper in this enabling environment. Brampton city itself is a family-oriented neighborhood and therefore you would expect City Pointe Heights to be within an environment that is much friendly and gives you the opportunity to live or invest in peace. Castlemore community is bordered by Bolton to the southwest, Vaughan to the west and Caledon to the southeast. Being in a welcoming city, City Pointe Heights is expected to be that one kind of investment that will not only attract many potential investors and home buyers but will also change the image of castlemore community and make it even more friendly for various people to live in and grow effectively. There are also other friendly communities around like Gore Meadows and Mount Pleasant. The friendly nature of this place can also be looked in the perspective of cost of living. The cost of living here is very affordable. Brampton is a large city but the cost of living here can be mistaken for the cost of living in a small city. Basing on statistics in May 2020, Brampton city had a cost of living index of 60.78. This expresses the affordability nature in this city.

  1. Outdoor activities

Even if you live in a very comfortable house, at some point you will need to get out and refresh yourself with exciting activities that you wish to engage in. It can be a way of killing boredom or just a way of learning new things and trying out exciting experiences. Talking of that, it seems the developer of this project had this in mind because they placed this magnificent project just where it should be. City Pointe Heights is in an environment that has already made it possible for you to have fun out of your house. You have to grab this opportunity because having fun is what you will need after moving up and down doing other activities. Brampton city has a lot of parks just for the purpose of recreation. Some of the nearby places that will give you the kind of fun you need include: Humber Valley River Trail, Donald M. Gordon Chinguacousy Park, The Rose Theatre, Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives, Gage Park outdoor skating trail, and Heart Lake & Albion Hills Conservation area. When you come to these places you will be able to enjoy pleasing experiences. You will be able to skate, see artefacts, meet different people and have fun. If you also love sports specifically golf, you are sorted because you will be able to get to Riverstone Golf & Country Club and have a golfing experience like no other. You can also visit Claireville Ranch that is not so far and see for yourself something pleasing.

  1. Low cost of maintenance

No one loves to experience high costs in anything whatsoever. In most cases, if something is associated with high costs, then that is the main reason why many if not all people will avoid such a thing. Condos tend to have low maintenance costs compared to detached houses and therefore City Pointe Heights is not an exemption. The burden of upkeep is usually very low and this makes it possible for residents to enjoy living in condos. For instance, the monthly maintenance cost at City Pointe Heights is estimated to be $0.50/SF. The maintenance fees of condos are not always fluctuating or the residents being ambushed with bills they didn’t plan for or have an idea about meaning that you can always predict what you will pay. So your money is more than safe and you can plan other things in peace.

Another exciting thing about condos is that the residents or the owners of the units are not involved in the external care and maintenance of the entire building. As a resident you will only do a few things involving your own house like cleaning it and taking out the garbage so that the garbage collectors can be able to collect and dispose. The management is the one responsible in ensuring that everything outside the building complex is well maintained for example the paths and even flower gardens. This is not the case in detached houses since the owner is the one who is responsible for all the types of maintenance. This is very costly and the owners have to plan themselves with adequate money to cater for all those requirements because if they don’t, no one will do on their behalf. Therefore a condo development is more advantageous than a detached house. Because City Pointe Heights will be a new set of units, managing them will be very easy since damages will no longer be there. If it is your first time to have your own home then you should go for this.

  1. Availability of schools and hospitals

Education and health is part of everyone’s life. For you to be able to make plans and achieve them you have to be in good shape as far as health is concerned. Health also determines how you make it in your education so maybe the two go hand in hand. When you want to live in a certain place you have to make sure that there are schools and hospitals around so that you can get the services you need with ease and within a very short time. No one is ever interested in making long trips in order to get treated or to just get an ordinary school to study. A community that presents these services in the best ways to its residents is deemed to be the best community. City Pointe Heights has got you covered in this because there is more than you can ask for when it comes to schools and hospitals.

This development is situated in a community where you will easily find schools and hospitals whenever you need them. There are a number of schools which are not very far for example Castlemore Public School at 9916 The Gore Road, KMSchool at 11499 The Gore Road, and Chinguacousy Secondary School, Sandalwood Heights Secondary School at 2671 Sandalwood Pkwy E, Brampton Centennial Secondary School at 251 McMurchy Ave S, and Goldcrest Public School at 24 Goldcrest Rd. These are just but a few examples of the schools found near City Pointe Heights and can make learning to be easy for you if you move here. In total, there are over 350 elementary and secondary schools in Brampton city and this simply means if you are at City Pointe Heights it is easier for you to access quality education in any part of the city of Brampton. All of those schools are under two school boards which are Peel District School Board and Peel Catholic School Board. The availabity of all these numerous schools has been made possible by the fact that Brampton city has the youngest average population in Greater Toronto Area. This kind of population translates to high demand of schools.

When it comes to health matters you are also sorted because a few examples of the nearby health facilities are: Castlemore Health Centre at 65 Braydon Blvd Unit 3, Castlemore Medical Centre at 4515 Ebenezer Rd, William Osler Heath System – Brampton Civic Hospital at 2100 Bovaird Dr E, Castlemore Family Medical Centre & Pharmacy at 9960 Airport Rd, Castlemore Dental & Medical Supplies, Brampton East Medical Centre at 4525 Ebenezer Rd Unit 1, and Dynamic Castlemore Center at 10 Cottrelle Blvd Ste 207.


You must have now seen and understood the reasons why City Pointe Heights is the best investment in Brampton city in 2022. This is an investment on another level and it can attract many people at any given time. It is indeed an investment of a lifetime because the benefits that come along with it are tremendous. If you have some notes lying somewhere you should then start thinking of investing or securing your best home at City Pointe Heights because this is where you should be. Poetry Living have tried their level best to bring you something that will excite you and most importantly there is value for money. Whatever you will pay to get a unit in this project is worth it because there is no overpricing of any kind.

Don’t forget Poetry Living are developers who have been in this game since 2014 and therefore they clearly understand what you need. Being the residential arm of HBNG Holborn Group, Poetry Living has full financial capability to ensure that nothing goes in a mess. In fact developing high quality low rise communities has always been the main agenda. This developer has been doing that in the entire Greater Toronto Area. A condo development is more suitable for investment because there will always be a ready market whenever you want to sale it therefore you will not struggle so much in trying to source the buyers. It is as quick as you can’t imagine. Another thing about it is that the value is always increasing as time moves on and so you can be sure of getting good money when you want to sell the house. As at now, you have all the reasons to want to move to this lucrative house complex. It is just a matter of time and you will see the exact situation in real picture. Coming here will be a decision you are not going to regret at all in your life. If you still think that living or investing at City Pointe Heights is not worth it then try seeking advice from Poetry Living and you will be able to be convinced that indeed this is the right kind of investment for you. Do not waste your money elsewhere.

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