Top 10 Reasons Why Everyone Wants to Buy A House In Burlington

Burlington is arguably the best city to live in Canada. It was recognized by the MoneySense Magazine as the best mid-sized Canadian city to live in. The place is also recognized as one of the best cities all-round because of its fully furnished houses, corporate accommodations, beautiful scenery, and many more.

Studies show that Burlington continues to attract more homebuyers every year. There are several reasons that makes people choose the homes here to live permanently. Our article will highlight the top reasons everyone wants a piece of Burlington.

Beautiful surrounding

Burlington has one of the best surroundings that feature well-maintained parks perfect for picnics, hikes, and other adventures during the weekends. Some people refer to it as a green city because of its urban oasis with tree-lined streets, green parks, waterfront playground, the Niagara Escarpment, and Royal Botanical Gardens.

Some of the most common parks here are Spencer Smith Park and LaSalle Park. These areas have a captivating view of Lake Ontario. Right between Hamilton and Oakville, a waterfront stretches along with the southern-eastern areas.

Other parks and recreational hotspots in the city are;

  • Palette Lakefront Park
  • Nelson Park
  • Sherwood Park
  • Lowville Park

It is the perfect hangout spot for nature enthusiasts who visit to enjoy the hiking trails. There are also other nearby parks, such as the Mt Nemo Conversation Area, that are naturally beautiful.

The city is a family-friendly neighborhood that offers the ideal balance between urban fun and quiet residential living. As you walk down through the main streets of this great city, you will notice the quiet family neighborhood that is home to families, professionals, retirees, and all other kinds of people.

This city is one of the best places to consider for starting a family. Burlington features all the amenities and opportunities your family needs to stay happy, healthy, and educated.

Apart from all the festivities and recreational opportunities for millennials, there is something for retirees to enjoy during their free time. Burlington has a Golfer’s Paradise that features nine amazing courses. The Golfer’s Paradise creates the perfect hangout spot for old couples and friends in the city year-round, as some courses offer winter golf.

The Location

The location of this amazing city is perfect. It is less than an hour’s drive from Toronto and close to the Hamilton-Niagara region. Residents from these areas flock to the city during weekends and holidays to enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries.

Toronto is so close to Burlington that it is from the famous Burlington waterfront. It is a small city with a population of about 175,000 people.

Burlington is also placed on Lake Ontario. It is roughly at the geographical center of the Golden Horseshoe, also known as the urban corridor. The waterfront is another main attraction that brings people from all walks of life to this green city. This place lights up during the summer, making it a common home to various festivals and ceremonies.

The climate in this area is humid continental that features warm, humid summers and cold and snowy winters. Generally, the weather is moderate as its proximity to Lake Ontario moderates the winter temperatures.


Burlington is by default one of the best family-friendly areas in the Canadian region. Here, every family enjoys a peaceful living as the main streets tend to be less busy and quiet. Also, there is an amazing choice of some of the best elementary and secondary schools for children to go to. There is also a commercial area for people to set up their businesses or look for job opportunities.

This city hosts many events and ceremonies; therefore, it is a no-brainer that it features shops, bars, and restaurants. Yet, despite all that, Burlington maintains the perfect balance to ensure a peaceful and lively lifestyle for the residents.

The city of Burlington has a relatively low crime rate making it one of the safest places for children to stay. Here you’ll find the best and safest neighborhoods such as Sheldon Creek, Palmer, Tansley Wood, and The Orchard.

All neighborhoods in Burlington are great places to start or raise a family, and they are also beneficial to seniors. In addition, when a city such as Burlington has a low crime rate, education, businesses, and all other sectors perform well.

One of a parent’s main responsibilities is to ensure the family’s safety and home. In Burlington, reliable security services are offered to all residents, which features emergency services.

Affordable and Convenient Housing

The real estate sector in Burlington is top-notch as it features affordable and convenient housing. One of the main highlights is the luxurious condos in the area. These condos are good investments since one can easily re-sell them due to their elegant nature. All the available options have a huge market.

Apart from selling the property, they also have enough space to start a family. So you get to enjoy spacious living with beautiful green scenery in your luxurious home.

There are also other housing options available to suit everybody. Burlington features a selection of homes in every price range. This amazing selection of homes suits everyone, from a single person looking for his first house to a growing family looking for an established neighborhood to live in. Each of the areas has its unique features and characteristics.

To be more specific, Burlington is divided into thirteen unique neighborhoods that border major roads running across the city. Each area has its upside, but they all feature amazing parks and other amenities.

Despite the various available housing options, all homes are up-to-standard and very stylish. Therefore, the city council of Burlington wishes to maintain the good face of the town by approving the construction of quality houses.

Burlington Eateries

It is a no-brainer that a city such as Burlington that hosts various festivals has the best foods. If you are a food lover, then it is the ideal destination.One of the best places people go to amaze their taste buds is the downtown center, renowned for small and pop-owned eateries. Those who have visited the place have been graced by the amazing aroma from these eateries, especially at 6 pm.

People find everything they like or desire in these eateries, from Italian dishes to Chinese. Also, there are the old-fashioned burgers that many seniors enjoy having. There is always something for you to enjoy.

The food scene here is amazing as it extends far beyond the 70’s menu. There is no reason why one shouldn’t visit these eateries. The food here is very good, most of it locally sourced and prepared by food experts.

People love the unique flavors and food names they get to hear. One can choose whether to enjoy their meal in the nice restaurants or choose to takeout.

Burlington features a wonderfully casual, modern communal space where everyone is welcomed to enjoy a unique local culinary, drink, or cocktail experience.

There is also good news for chefs who wish to grow and expand their businesses and careers. There is already an available market at Burlington waiting to enjoy your services.

There are various professional kitchens for those who wish to start their food businesses to rent. These commissaries can come in multiple forms, such as a well-equipped kitchen space or food truck.

Excellent Schools

Burlington prides itself in having the best schools that offer a high standard of education. Education is available to everyone, that is, all grade levels at various levels of education. One of the best schools in the area is The Halton District School.

There are various learning opportunities at Burlington to suit every kid or student. For instance, there are public and private schools available. Also, there are Catholic Schools present for those who wish to have their kids in a religious institution.

For university students, Burlington is one of the greatest places to study. This city has the best universities, such as Guelph and McMaster University. These institutions have the best and most qualified professors and tutors.

Apart from the high education standards, studying in Burlington proves to be economical. They get to avoid the high cost of living expenses by staying home during their years on campus.

The city of Burlington has created the ideal learning environment for any student. Apart from academics, students participate in sports, music, art, drama, technology, and many more. These institutions prepare students for the next steps in their academic journey from a young age.

All learning institutions in this city offer personalized education to ensure that students grow academically and as well-mannered citizens. In addition, there are different cultures and ways of life for students to learn and explore.

People love the schools in Burlington because they encourage students to think outside the box. This way, they develop and grow critical thinking that helps them later in their professional life.

Community Oriented People

One of the many reasons people buy homes in Burlington is that the residents are communal. People in this city love to help each other in all possible ways. That is why it is common to find various voluntary organizations such as the Burlington Humane Society and Race Planning Committee.

In a world that is falling apart, it is the dream of Burlington to create a community that is coming together. Therefore, the residents always strive to create a place where they can belong, call home and raise their families.

These organizations are one of the ways for people to give back to the community. In addition, residents participate in various activities such as keeping their roads and parks clean.

Apart from the various organizations, residents of this city take pride in their history and heritage. Therefore, it is common to find people organizing walking tours in museums and heritage homes. This way, the community reminds itself of its rich history, and it is also a way to nature the bond between one another.

Various Burlington communities have different aims and missions. For instance, the Bridge the Gap is an organization for millennials or the Elevenses, a community offering food, drinks, and clothes to the less fortunate.

Despite each group having a different aim or mission, they all positively impact the community. The result is a community speaking in the same voice and moving in the right direction.

Transportation and Accessibility

People living in Burlington get unlimited access to highways and GO Transit. This allows the residents to commute within or out of the city easily. There is also a reliable air transport system for those traveling long distances.

Residents enjoy easy and convenient access to the major GTA highways such as the 401, 403, and 407. The main GO Transit stations in Burlington are Aldershot GO, Appleby GO, and Burlington GO. These are the areas where homeowners board GO trains, GO buses, and city buses that are convenient and reliable.

The Burlington city is neatly arranged, and the road network is simple and organized. Also, the roads are well marked, and signs are put up correctly. Burlington’s public transport system has helped many people reach their destinations safely. This city has a multi-modal system to better transportation in the region and offers citizens more options of getting to work.

Burlington’s Department of Public Works ensures proper engineering and maintenance of the roads, traffic signs, and markings in the city. They have to ensure the transport system operates safely and effectively. The department is doing an amazing job ensuring it opens up the city to new home buyers.

One special feature of the transport system in the area is the Specialized Transit. This is a door-to-door service offered to people with disabilities by Burlington Transit. The initiative was introduced to make it convenient for people living with disabilities to move around the city.

It is widely known that a city with a well-organized and reliable transport system such as Burlington always attracts real estate investors.

Festivals and Entertainment

Burlington is an entertainment hub that comes to light during the summer as it is a host to a series of weekend festivals during this time. There are fun, games, and events, such as the Children’s Festival and The Sound of Music Festival.

The Sound of Music Festival is arguable the most popular event held by the city of Burlington. This festival takes place at Spencer Smith Park at the beginning of every summer. People flock to the area to experience art and culture from local and international artists.

Other amazing events that attract tourists are the annual Ribfest and Supercrawl. Also, the proximity of the city to Toronto promotes these festivals.

All these events open up the city to international musicians and other entertainers. The result is a city that has a diverse culture. Also, it leads to the opening up of great restaurants, music spots, and performing centers.

There are also great malls and other amenities for residents and visitors to enjoy during the festivities. For instance, there are amazing boutique shops downtown packed with the most stylish and trendy outfits.

Also, there are malls such as the Burlington Mall and the Mappleview Mall full of reliable brand-name retailers such as Sephora, Forever 21, Winners, and Indigo.

Apart from the boutiques and malls, other amenities ensure residents have a good time. There are recreational swimming pools, banks, libraries, hockey rinks, stores, and coffee shops. There are so many things to do as you enjoy yourself in this city.

Stable Real Estate

Another important reason people buy houses in Burlington is that the city has stable real estate. Back in 2008, when there was a financial crisis, and every city was affected, Burlington remained unaffected most of the time.

Even though the high-end properties drooped in price, the downfall was within range as the city had a defensive guard around the real estate sector. The good news was that the prices began to mount and went to almost the normal price within a few months.

It took years for other cities to recover from the effect of the 2008 financial crisis. Burlington was the least affected, making it one of the famous destinations for real estate investors. Investing and buying a house in Burlington is one of the hedging strategies by investors in case another financial crisis happens.


Burlington is one of the best places to live for anyone. It is the best place for real estate investors who wish to get full value for their money despite the diverse community.

Statistics show that this place has kept attracting new customers worldwide over the years. This review highlights some of the main reasons it is becoming even more attractive to investors.

Grab this opportunity and visit Burlington to enjoy quality, affordable and reliable housing. Don’t let this opportunity pass you

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