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Top 10 Schools in Oakville and Why You Should Care

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Are you planning to move to Oakville? If that’s your plan, then you should not worry about how your children will get an education. This city has already taken care of that. All you need is to move to Oakville and allow your kids to get the best. Look around for an affordable house here, and you will get to see what education has to offer. Several fantastic schools in Oakville can be of help to your kids. Here are the top 10 schools in Oakville and why you should care.

  1. Pilgrim Wood Public School

This is an elementary school located along 1551 Pilgrims Way in Oakville, Ontario. It can sort you out if you are looking for a good school for your kids. It offers grade 1 to 8 English, Grade 1 to 5 Gifted, as well as Grade 1 to 6 French Immersion, not forgetting Full Day Kindergarten. While here, your kid can have the chance to sharpen their leadership skills through the available school organizations. Garden Club, Free the Children Club, and Athletic Council are examples of the said organizations. All your needs are taken care of, and that is why you should start peeping in the Oakville pre construction. Start making plans of coming to settle in Oakville so that your kids can have a chance to join this school.

  1. James W. Hill Public School

James W. Hill Public School is another great school that your kids must be missing. This elementary school is located at 2860 Kingsway Dr in Oakville, Ontario. It is part of the Halton District School Board. This school has an exceptional staff that is dedicated to assisting your kids to achieve the best. This could be the destination for your kids as they plan on buying one of the houses for sale in Oakville. Whenever you’re looking for a good school in Oakville, don’t forget to think about this one.

  1. Joshua Creek Public School

Located at 1450 Arrowhead Rd in Oakville, Ontario, Joshua Creek Public School is another best school you’ve been looking for. It has a population of over 900 students. Start looking for a house to buy so that you can quickly move to Oakville. You never know Oakville new construction could be the only way to bring you closer to this great school.

  1. Oodenawi Public School

Oodenawi Public School is located at 385 Sixteen Mile Dr in Oakville, Ontario. It is managed by the Halton District School Board. The same way Oakville new construction has something good for you is the same way Oodenawi Public School has got you covered. Perhaps you should hurry up and find a space for your kids in this school.

  1. Post’s Corner Public School

Your search for a good school could come to an end if you finally locate Post’s Corner Public School. It is found on Caldwell Drive in Oakville, Ontario. Post’s Corner Public School is among the good schools you can think of in Oakville. As you are busy looking for pre construction homes Oakville, make sure it’s quite close to this school. You have the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

  1. Iroquois Ridge High School

In need of a good school in Oakville, Ontario? Iroquois Ridge High School is, without a doubt, one of the schools you should run to. Iroquois Ridge High School is located at 1123 Glenashton Drive, Oakville, Ontario. This secondary was founded in 1994. It could be a solution to the poor state of your kids’ education. Why don’t you think of it as you also think about Oakville pre construction? Give your kids the best education when you move to Oakville.

  1. Oakville Trafalgar High School

Oakville Trafalgar is yet another school that could give the best to your kids. It is a secondary school located at 1460 Devon Road in Oakville, Ontario. If you desire to have your kids go to school in one of the best secondary schools in Oakville, then it’s about to come true. What if you start looking for houses for sale around this school? Your kids will just be a stone’s throw away from a good school. Think about that.

  1. Abbey Park High School

Located at 1455 Glen Abbey Gate in Oakville, Ontario, Abbey Park High School is another school that is highly ranked. In the Fraser Institute Ranking, this school scores 8.9 out of the possible 10. Out of the 739 schools in the province of Ontario, Abbey Park High School is ranked in the 10th position. This ranking speaks a lot about this school. You should give it a try as you intend to move to Oakville. Oakville pre construction will take of you if a pre construction home is your preferred choice of home.

  1. White Oaks Secondary School

    Managed by Halton District School Board, White Oaks Secondary School makes it to the top schools in Oakville. White Oaks Secondary School could come in handy as far as finding a reasonable school for your kids is concerned. This could be the best opportunity for your kids to enhance their education right in Oakville. Therefore, putting this school at the back of your mind as you think of moving to Oakville won’t hurt.

  2. Garth Webb

    Garth Webb is a fantastic school that can come to your rescue anytime you’re looking for a good school. There is a lot of potential in this school. You cannot talk about the best schools in Oakville without mentioning Garth Webb. With media labs, art and music rooms, among other things available in this school, there’s a lot in store for your kids. You should probably consider having them get an education here.


    Knowing the top 10 schools in Oakville means you’ll know exactly where to take your kids when you move here. It will be up to you to choose which of the ten schools you want your kids to go to. Affordability has also been taken care of by the schools in Oakville. Hurry up and move to Oakville, and you will eventually see for yourself. Come buy a home here and let your kids experience the best as far as learning is concerned.




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