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Top 3 Upcoming Condo Projects in Toronto in 2024

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Toronto has an ever-evolving real estate market, with condominiums being a significant segment, adding to its economic stability. Since pre-construction condos shape the city skyline, investors need to stay updated on the top projects in this category as we venture into 2024. This article delves into the top 3 anticipated new condo developments expected to redefine the urban landscape in Toronto.

  1. Maison Wellesley Condos:

Maison Wellesley is one of the most awaited pre-construction condo developments, expected to be completed in 2027. It is a 14-storey condominium with 160 residential units in the heart of Toronto.

  • Developer

This pre-construction condo project is by Graywood Developments, an investment management firm under private ownership that has contributed to several prominent condo developments in Toronto. They have an outstanding reputation in the real estate market. Maison Wellesley is one of their best condo projects with high expectations for investors in the real estate sector.  

  • Location

This project is at 506 Church Street, a region in the heart of Toronto with convenient access to universities, subway stations, and supermarkets. This location is ideal for anyone requiring a convenient lifestyle. Investing in this condo project would allow you to enjoy various community amenities in a lively space. 

  • Architecture and Amenities

Diamond Schmitt Architects, a leading architecture firm in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East, designed this project. Each residential unit in this 14-story condo has a top-notch interior design and technology-based amenities to make your life easier. This pre-construction condo is best for people seeking a modern lifestyle with every facility a convenient life requires. 

All these features make this one of the top condo projects in Toronto in 2024

  1. The Q Tower Condos:

The second on the list, the Q Tower Condos, is no less than Maison Wellesley in terms of its development and anticipation. This project is by two leading real-estate developers in Toronto and is said to be completed by 2029.  

  • Developer

Q Tower Condos is a collaboration between Lifetime Developments and Diamond Corp., two renowned developers in the real estate market of Toronto. Lifetime Developments has maintained an exceptional track record throughout its three decades of professional experience. On the other hand, Diamond Corp., despite being relatively new to the real estate market, has completed more than 20 exceptional projects across the GTA. A collaboration between two such professional developers has raised the expectations for this project, making it one of the most anticipated pre-construction condo projects in 2024

  • Location

The location of this project is one of the most significant features, adding to its value. Q Tower Condos is developed at 200 Queens Quay West, Toronto, surrounded by the city skyline and a scenic view of Lake Ontario. This location is very close to some of Toronto’s top restaurants, fitness centers, shopping malls, and all the places that a family requires to access for a better living.   

  • Architecture and Amenities

Q Tower Condos is a large-scale pre-construction project with 60 stories and 902 residential units. The units range from 1-3 bedrooms with modern architecture and amenities. The developments under this project are all exceptional in terms of style and functionality, meeting the standards of aesthetics and comfort and making it the best condo for anyone. 

  1. 77 Charles West Condos

77 Charles West Condos is one of the most recent and highly anticipated developments in Toronto real estate. Present in a perfect location and rich with community amenities, this pre-construction condo project is best for anyone seeking to enjoy modern facilities at their doorstep. 

  • Developer

This project is by Aspen Ridge Homes, a famous real estate developer in Toronto. They have developed countless residential buildings throughout Toronto within the last two decades, with exceptional customer satisfaction and an outstanding track record. That makes Aspen Ridge Homes a reliable developer to invest in. 

  • Location

This project is at 77 Charles St W, Toronto, also famous as the city’s cultural hub. It is close to Toronto’s performing arts centers and best theaters and is rich in community amenities. Such an ideal location has led to a rise in the expectations for this project. 

  • Architecture and Amenities

77 Charles West Condos is a 16-storey building with 56 residential units. The units range from 1-2 bedrooms and additional spaces designed to modern architectural standards. The high-end finishes and technology-based amenities in 77 Charles West have raised the standard for the upcoming pre-construction condo projects, making it ideal for modern families. 

All these pre-construction condo projects in Toronto offer unparalleled opportunities for investors and homebuyers. With their prime locations, innovative designs, and luxurious amenities, these projects exemplify the best urban living in one of Canada’s most dynamic cities.


  • Are these condo projects suitable for investment purposes?

These projects offer excellent investment potential due to their prime locations and high-quality amenities.

  • What amenities are typically available in Toronto condo projects?

Amenities can vary from developer to developer or project but may include fitness centers, swimming pools, rooftop terraces, and concierge services.

  • What are the key factors to consider when buying a condo in Toronto?

When buying a condo in Toronto, one should consider location, developer reputation, amenities, and long-term investment potential.

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