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Top 5 Differences Between Madison’s Brooklin Towns and Zancor’s Brooklin Pre-Construction Project

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Top 5 Differences Between Madison’s Brooklin Towns and Zancor’s Brooklin Pre-Construction Project

Madison’s Brooklin Towns and Zancor’s Brooklin pre-construction project are two prominent developments recently launched in the thriving Brooklin real estate. Both projects have unique features and amenities that set them apart. The current article revolves around this discussion by delving into five of the most significant differences between Madison’s Brooklin Towns and Zancor’s Brooklin pre-construction project.

  • Nature of Projects:

The first difference between these two projects is their type. Brooklin Towns, as the name suggests, is a townhome project with 59 units ranging from 2-3 bedrooms and with various designs. This project is designed for people seeking urban living, yet with a modern flair.

The pre-construction project by Zancor Homes features detached homes that are more spacious than the townhomes planned under Madison Group’s project. Three sets of homes are planned under this project, each with 32, 38, and 42 units of around 1923 sq. ft to 2856 sq. ft, with 3-4 bedrooms. 

  1. Location and Community:

The  Brooklin Towns by Madison Group is at Baldwin Street South & Roybrook Avenue, Whitby. It is the heart of the Brooklin region, and securing a residence there would mean convenient access to all the community amenities, including shopping centers, restaurants, and educational institutions. Since it has everything a person would require at a walking distance, Brooklin Towns fosters a sense of community and convenience. 

The detached home project by Zancor is on the outskirts of Brooklin at 400 Columbus Road East, Whitby. Unlike the Brooklin Towns, this project offers a more tranquil and secluded living environment. While accessing the community amenities might not be as convenient as in Brooklin Towns, it has the benefit of large green spaces and nature trails offering escape from the hustle and bustle of the town center. 

  1. Construction Timeline:

Brooklin Towns has a clearly defined construction timeline with an expected completion date in 2025. The Madison Group making exact schedules and deadlines for the project aligns with its track record of timely delivery for decades. Moreover, their predictability is also crucial for people deciding their move-in dates.

The detached home project by Zancor Homes also follows a clear construction schedule and has estimated their scheme to conclude between 2026 and 2027. Although it would take more time than the former to complete, it still ensures the quality of construction and a reliable timeframe for buyers to expect their new homes.

  1. Pricing and Affordability:

Brooklin Towns has a very competitive pricing and offers buyers a good value for their money. The townhomes under this project fall in the mid-range category, with each unit costing around $900,000 with an additional maintenance fee of $230/month. Madison Group’s motive behind this project is to provide affordable urban living without compromising quality. 

Compared to Brooklin Towns, Zancor’s Brooklin project has higher prices for each unit, considering their larger size and more extensive features. Each detached home in this project costs between $1,099,990 and $1,439,990. This project focuses on buyers seeking luxury and spacious residential areas and is available as a premium offering. The motive behind these projects is something that differentiates them, defining price as a significant factor. 

  1. Investment Potential:

Brooklin Towns is a modern new construction project at the region’s center. Its location and many other significant features give it a strong investment potential. Moreover, due to an increasing demand for urban living spaces in Brooklin, this project by the Madison group holds potential for investment and appreciation in the long run.

As stated before, Zancor’s Brooklin project is launched a little farther from the main town center and has a different approach, catering to large living spaces in recreational areas. That leads it to appeal to a distinct real estate market segment. That would imply a stable long-term value for properties, especially for people seeking to invest in family-oriented communities.    


Madison’s Brooklin Towns and Zancor’s Brooklin pre-construction project are recent developments with significant investment potential. While choosing between them depends solely on personal preferences and the needs of one’s lifestyle, both offer high-quality living environments. Whether you prioritize a modern lifestyle in an urban community or seek tranquil spaces with a family-friendly setting, these projects will never disappoint you.  


  • Are these developments significant for their eco-friendliness?

The developers behind these projects have incorporated various sustainability practices like energy-efficient systems, which make them significant for their eco-friendliness.

  • Which of these developments is more affordable?

The Brooklin Towns by Madison Group has more affordable price tags, making it convenient for new buyers and investors to secure them.

  •  What type of buyers are targeted by these developments?

Madison’s Brooklin Towns targets people seeking a modern lifestyle with urban standards, while Zancor’s project focuses on those seeking a luxury and community-centered lifestyle.

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