Top 6 Reasons Voya Condos 2 Is the Right Investment for You

As the name suggests, the term “voyage” refers to VOYA Condos. It is not uncommon for journeys to serve as a metaphor for turning points, foreshadowing the arrival of exciting new experiences and goals. There will be 930 residential apartments in total, ranging from studios to three-bedroom homes, in both buildings.

In addition, there will be 10,000 square feet of retail space and 30,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor facilities in this development. There are many floor plans to choose from, ranging from 446 to 922 sq. ft., featuring open concept designs to fit any lifestyle.

The following are the top 10 reasons why you should consider investing in Voya condos 2:

1. Amenities

Modern appliances and finishes will be used throughout the apartments, giving them a luxurious feel. Laminate flooring, stone worktops in the kitchen, and stainless-steel appliances in the kitchens will be standard features in the Condo unit. The washer and dryer in each apartment will likewise be ultra-modern and stacked. High-end finishes, panoramic windows, and modern cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom are standard in all Parkside Village units.

The architecture will include harsh and soft transitions between materials and contrast tones from the rest of the complex with a stunning, contemporary style. Hard and smoother transitions of materials will be used in the structure, contrasting with the other houses in the neighborhood. This building will include ten thousand sq. ft. of retail space and 30,000 sq. ft. of interior and exterior amenity space, including an expansive outdoor patio on the fifth level of the podium.

All-season outdoor hot tubs and barbecues, indoor kids’ play areas, and pet grooming stations will be included as well as 24-hour concierge service and lobby lounges. Pet grooming stations will be located in the lobby and guest apartments.

Parkland spread over three acres is also accessible to homeowners through various manicured pedestrian routes, which creates an attractive and lively cityscape. A pedestrian-friendly promenade will run the length of the complex, including more than 150,000 sq. ft. of retail and commercial space.

2. Location

 At the core of Mississauga, you’ll find VOYA Condos. Nearby attractions include the world-famous Square One retail center, first-rate transit, and many more conveniences. No surprise, investors of all kinds are eager to get their claws into this new phenomenon. The city of Mississauga is constantly changing, and there is a lot of room for expansion in its many industries. Due to these changes, real estate prices and population growth are expected to rise.

Considering how close this location is to both public transit and main roadways, the transportation options available at this location are astounding. Nearby transportation options include the future Hurontario LRT, GO, MiWay, and major highways, including the Gardiner Expressway and the Gardiner Expressway Extension.

Within an hour’s drive, you’ll be able to go into the heart of downtown Toronto. The Hurontario Light Rail Transit (LRT), which will run for 18 kilometers along Hurontario and link Brampton and Mississauga when it is finished in 2024, will also include a station at Square One. LRT will expand to Brampton, as well as Port Credit, making public transportation more accessible

3. Neighborhood

Two sets of urban townhouses, 15 condominium buildings, and more than 150,000 square feet of retail and commercial space are all part of this 30-acre development. It has a Walk Score of 77/100, suggesting you can quickly get to your daily necessities by foot. The advantages of this position will only grow in the years to come.

Located inside the Square One neighborhood, this location has the best of both worlds. Shopping at Ontario’s and Canada’s biggest mall, Square one, is only a short walk away. You’ll find everything from daily merchants and large retailers to its “luxury wing,” including Grocery stores, Cineplex Cinemas, Mississauga’s famous Library, and a Playdium feature. You’ll be shocked at the much you can see and do just in your neighborhood.

Not to add, the region has a plethora of parks, including Brookmede Park, South Common Park, King’s Masting Park, and Brookside Park, despite its proximity to the city. In addition, the Hazel McCallion Campus of Sheridan College, which has welcomed nearly 3,000 full-time students, is located in Square One. Additionally, Celebration Square, Mississauga Art Gallery, and the Living Arts Centre are nearby.

Potential purchasers and investors who want to buy Condos in Mississauga should note the wide range of conveniences and advantages this apartment offers. We recommend that you take advantage of these opportunities before they are all gone.

4. Experienced Developers

All Amacon homes and commercial complexes are built to exacting standards of design and artistry, thanks to the company’s years of service and construction experience. Understanding what a consumer wants and needs are critical to creating a long-lasting product. Amacon provides a unique and practical product through thorough market analysis.

Strong, mutually beneficial partnerships are the key to Amacon’s long-term success. Customers may feel confident in their purchasing choice thanks to attentive post-sale assistance. Investors, homeowners, workers, contractors, and suppliers all want a consistent treatment that is regarded as upstanding throughout the development process, and Amacon takes that expectation seriously.

Amacon can assist all players in the valuation chain by upholding ethical business practices throughout the chain.

Third-party insurance for all new Amacon homes is the most comprehensive one available anywhere else in the world.

As a result of their skilled staff’s dedication to quality, Amacon has earned the trust of thousands of pleased customers over the years, which is why you can count on the value of their Voya 2 condos.

Amacon has been committed to being one of Canada’s largest and most successful builders for decades. They have laid the foundation with excellence today by controlling all aspects of the development process, including:

  • Site Acquisition

However, Amacon doesn’t stop there; their quality and dedication exceed industry standards. But their long-range visions and innovative planning are what continue to drive their success for the future.

This evolution enables them to create communities beyond expectation, push the bar higher each project, change the foundation of luxury lifestyles with our unwavering quality built-in homes, and make every living experience exceptional.

There’s never been a more exciting time to choose Amacon as your builder – you’ll live without limits.

  • Project Design

The VOYA community will feature condo-style homes, as heights may reach up to 7 stories. The articulated concrete stairwells create a sense of verticality and complexity.

Both sides of the units feature sliding glass patio doors that lead to a generous balcony or terrace area. Scalloped balconies with the same finish as the rest of the façade are located at each end unit to emphasize aesthetics.

As mentioned above, the community features spacious layouts and consistently excellent daylighting, giving your home an open concept feel – all indoors!

Overall, lovely walls and floor layouts are synonymous with building beautiful (and energy efficient) smart homes; Amacon designers understand this concept very well in VOYA Mississauga!

  • Development Spaces

Residents will most likely see south-facing balconies or enjoy lovely southern exposures, as Amacon has planned 13-foot ceilings within VOYA. Garages incorporate a secure, stacked design which homeowners highly appreciate.

Additional space must be arranged as Amacon develops a distance between the parking garage and individual living quarters.

Built within beautiful natural surroundings, subdivisions such as this Mississauga home subdivision comes with plenty of outdoor leisure space that you can sit back and enjoy.

Or you can stroll down VOYA’s central plaza towards the lake, which includes a playground, in case you need to make sure the kids have something to do while you relax and escape your cares for an evening.

Other parks and trails, including Mississauga Valleys Conservation Area (35 hectares), are located close by for nature lovers.

  • Customer Care

Amacon is listed as an Employment Ontario, Golden Orange program builder. Consider them because they do the following:


As Amacon builders have been in the industry for more than a decade and all of our homes receive quality building practices from day-to-day operations, all components carry a warranty of 10 years: Electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling, and roofing a full 10-year home warranty.

The community builder also supplies its Internet service, not just within the houses of VOYA but with courtyards too!

Due to their location, the internet at hand is essential so that our clientele can embrace their community surroundings and always have access to fast Internet speeds.

  • Marketing & Sales

Our in-house marketing team works day and night, promoting multiple sites such as our Amacon website, banner advertisements on numerous websites, newspaper ads, product photography, open houses, etc.

The sales staff finds tremendous pleasure providing you with the impression that your most OK friends treat you. Transforming first glances into lifelong friendships is how we do things at Amacon builders!

The VOYA Mississauga housing development was opened for sale in mid-2010 and occupied about seven months later throughout late autumn of 2011.

Early residents talk highly about their affordability to related coops and apartments, often located minutes away from the attraction this community represents, bringing people together: Lake Ontario view.

Through no doubt, we can all agree that signing with network builder brands in Amacon’s case grants individual choice to go even further and pursue meeting amenities apart from the primary home warranty packages and other network builders’ bottom-line. After all, Amazon was not a builder but a housing provider with brand values such as self-confidence, achievement, prosperity, and indeed kindness!

In addition: Builders like Amacon add a quality charge-free feature in a property planned as an equity strategy that they can customize selling one model when should be offering couple units of two models each to build enough profit factors to offset losses or cut negative equity against another cooperative co-op complex that provide in the sale of multiple apartment types!

Thus, choice unit markets are maintained. As mentioned earlier, one is greeted through various industry specialists who have remained in the business for years: Kitchen Designer, General Contractor Salesperson, Realtor Designer, Electrician, Plumber, And even more than twelve professions more.

5. Investment Opportunities

A large influx of new citizens is predicted to relocate to Mississauga by 2041 when the city will be residence to 920,000 people and will create 565,000 new employment. Buildings like VOYA Condos by Amacon will be in the epicenter of this expansion and development, providing tremendous prospects for office and retail space alike. New companies will be attracted to this community in Mississauga because of its accessibility and the city’s revitalized core environment.

Even as the city of Mississauga continues to develop, the number of new residences in the city is increasing. The retail price of pre-construction condos in the city is $379K, a reasonable figure for families trying to establish a home and homeowners wishing to reinvest in their property—rates per sq.

Foot continue to grow in sync with rising demand, with the benchmark presently resting at $632 per square foot.

You can make money through the Voya condos by renting them out to students or professionals in town as a vacation home.

6. Low maintenance costs

When it comes to investing in condos, one of the most apparent advantages is that they need less upkeep than a typical house. those who own these condos are not responsible for the external care of the building, which is one of the fundamental differences between a condo and a detached house

Even though monthly condo fees must be paid to cover expenses, budgeting is significantly more straightforward since there are no unpleasant surprises. On the other hand, detached homeowners burden all maintenance bills, many of which are costly and untimely. Before signing a contract, it’s essential to conduct your research and compare prices and services.

Other examples include utilities and parking, which some service charges will cover, while others will cover the cost of regular upkeep. If you’re considering buying a condo, be sure to look into the building’s reserve money as well. Due to unanticipated events such as natural catastrophes, this amount is available to cover substantial and unexpected repair costs.

Analyzing the opportunity costs of your action is also critical. Detached houses, for example, have higher maintenance expenses since you have to factor in the time it takes to care of the property. Investing in a condo may save you money, time, and worry in the long run by eliminating the need to handle everything yourself.

Voya 2 condos offer cheap maintenance costs that won’t bend your pocket too far.

Other reasons you should invest in Voya 2 condos

Its closeness to the hottest attractions the whole family can enjoy: lakeshore, Mississauga Valley Park’s playground, an ice-skating rink, Square One shopping center and restaurants, provincial fair park -all within 10 minutes drive in Mississauga city.

Visitors for a bachelor pad may want a different style that offers more value for their money! Having two bedrooms with balcony access is ideal for twosomes who cannot handle crowded conditions sometimes associated with more threesomes’ roommates’ other condos offer. 25. 24-Hour onsite security while keeping any worry outside of your stay or hurried working visit on your off time.

Modern conveniences are adding that little extra trouble-free warmth you always imagined, including an indoor pool, sauna and steam rooms, gym, and running track as part as well joined meeting rooms near scenic lakeshore shoreline.

Restaurants at boardwalk containing the Downtown library within 635 square feet lounge (persons may work or read) all adding up to an active mind that craves solitude in serenity!

The uniqueness of VOYA builds means you get your builder. It’s not generic out to build buildings like everybody else’s! To recap: no big clean-outs are required before doing other jobs in your architecture.

You may feel that the interior layers are too inconveniently located so far veneer away rather than digging more time-consuming space excavating away other rooms -including main dining days. Services rendered by these professionals need to be found quickly because only once the supplies provider’s warehouse runs out of material they can purchase more materials.

To further ensure trouble-free completion of your project with top-quality performance, Amacon sets their standards highly high to artistry excellence only for those skilled tradespersons whose performance will result in professional custom home-building expertise may prove the value and sells the prospect to customers whether first home builders or seasoned professionals seeking additional value using profits from sale at house number one to build houses number two, three! Before signing any contract, the seller of house purchase1 taking pictures to make sure stucco over frame construction walls is set as per ordinances crawl spaces are framed no plumbing or heating hookup, or foundation requirement is for this type of building. Also, check the crane operator license to secure safety during the framing process.

In Canadian Cost Construction Code (CCC)-designed (other levels ones), this definition is not required; however, having one accentuates your developments worth a professional touch. Amacon builders also make full use of their networks and contacts industry for sources hard-to go-department building department nearest order prefabricated frames adding different speed to your completion date.

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