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Top 8 Best Places to Live in Ontario in 2023

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Is living in Ontario one of your plans in 2023? If you are not planning to move to Ontario, then you are already missing something. This province is the most coveted in Canada, and you, too, should find your way here. Start thinking right away about how you’ll find houses for sale in Ontario so that you can be part of this amazing place. The top 8 best places to live in Ontario in 2023 are as follows:

  1. Ottawa

Ottawa is the place you should start living in 2023. This city is beautiful and has a lot in store for you as far as pleasing your eyes is concerned. Getting a job in Ottawa will not be a headache for you because there is a good number of government job opportunities. So if you are looking for a job, you already know Ottawa has got you covered.

Recreational facilities are also in plenty in this city. You can never get bored while living in Ottawa. Pre construction homes Ottawa could be the best deal for you to start with as you get ready to move.

  1. Kingston

Despite being a small city in Ontario, Kingston could be the place you have been missing. It is found on the shores of Lake Ontario. Its location speaks volumes as far as enjoying life is concerned. If you’ve never been to the shores of any lake, then Kingston presents an opportunity for you.

There are several amenities of a big-city nature in this small city of Kingston. Generally, it is a family-friendly city, and you can enjoy living here together with your family. Having heard that, you should now start thinking of Kingston new construction and how you will find a home here.

  1. Oakville

Oakville is another city that is perfect for you to live in as you look forward to being a resident of Ontario. This city is close to Toronto, and you can even access downtown Toronto with ease. You can experience what it feels like to live in Toronto without necessarily living there. It is a safe and clean city that is full of amenities that you might have missed finding in other places.

In 2018, MoneySense magazine voted this city as the best place to live in Canada. This means it’s a city of a kind. With everything said, you should keep your eyes on Oakville pre construction. Perhaps you will get something to attract you more. Make 2023 your memorable year by moving to Oakville.

  1. Guelph

Have you ever thought of living in Guelph? Found in Southern Ontario, the city of Guelph is not far from Toronto. Only an hour separates the two cities. This city has a pleasing natural landscape that could make you want to live here. Rich in parks and bike trails, Guelph can offer you the outdoor experience you’ve been lacking for a while.

There is a wide choice of shops and restaurants just for potential residents like you. Guelph is an affordable city that can offer you the best if you choose to live here. For now, you should put your focus on Guelph real estate and see how you can get a home here. You will surely not even think of complaining about the kind of life you’ll live here in Guelph in 2023.

  1. Barrie

Barrie is yet another one of the best places to live in Ontario in 2023. So if pre construction homes Ontario has been in your plans, you may proceed to Barrie and find a home. Separated from Toronto by an hour, this magnificent city is located on the shores of Lake Simcoe. Outdoor activities are also part of life in this city.

While here, you can visit places like the Muskoka region and Blue Mountain and get to enjoy a day out. From a beautiful waterfront to shops, restaurants, and good transport, there is enough for you here. This 2023 will be a year like no other if you move to Barrie.

  1. Burlington

If you are still looking for a nice place to live this 2023, Burlington is here for you. Burlington is perfectly located on the shores of Lake Ontario between Toronto and Niagara Falls. Having a view of the Niagara Escarpment will be as easy as it sounds. There is a wide range of shopping options.

There are also parks, museums, and art galleries for you to pay visit and enjoy. You can also enjoy beaches found along the lake. This is the ideal city for you to live in 2023. Going forward, you will have to remember Burlington any time you think of Ontario pre construction.

  1. Hamilton

With pre construction homes being found all over Ontario, Hamilton could be the exact place where you’ll buy one. Hamilton city is another city that is fantastic for you to live in, especially this 2023. It is located on the Niagara Escarpment along the shores of Lake Ontario. The Bruce Trail is there to offer you a hiking experience you’ve never experienced before. There are also 150 waterfalls here, meaning there is already something to keep you out of your house.

If you’re a student, worry no more because Mohawk College and McMaster University, among other schools, are here for you. Just about an hour away from Toronto and the US border, Hamilton is the ideal place to live in 2023.

  1. Toronto

Being one of the greatest cities in the world, there’s no doubt that Toronto is a nice place to live. It is a world-class city that gives you the best experience as far as living is concerned. Being Canada’s largest city, Toronto is more diverse to the extent that everyone feels included. Education is at the top in this city because there are more than enough good schools. There is also a good measure of job opportunities so you can’t complain much about that.

Several festivals are usually celebrated here throughout the year. If you love festivals, then this is the place you come and live in. Toronto is home to lots of parks and museums that you can visit any time you feel like and enjoy. Toronto pre construction is also appealing, thanks to the steady real estate sector. You have every reason to come and live in Toronto. What has been mentioned is just a fraction of what awaits you.


Knowing the best places to live could help you a great deal when moving to Ontario. You will not just invest blindly in an area that you’ll not like even setting foot there. The above-mentioned places are where you’ll put your money as far as houses for sale in Ontario are concerned. Do not go elsewhere, yet you already know where you will live comfortably. Give your family a reason to smile this 2023 by moving to one of the above-mentioned places.

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