What Makes Fernbrook Homes the Finest Of Home Communities?

For over four decades of massive success in the real estate sector, Fernbrook Homes is arguably the leading builder in Canada. Since 1981, they have managed to construct exceptional and distinguished communities. This has seen them grow into a reputable, trusted company that highly promises to solve all your housing needs.

Fernbrook Homes creates the finest new home communities in Canada, where they showcase art, imagination, creativity, and talent in the final piece. The core aim is to deliver excellence and quality to their clients. The company operates on three guiding principles: architectural integrity, classic designs, and client-style luxury.

All this is possible thanks to the experienced management team, including the visionary Danny Salvator and the son Joe. As a result, Fernbrook Homes has an impressive record as they managed to develop over 52 million sq. ft. of residential real estate, including over 4 million sq. ft. of condominiums. What more great news would you want to hear than that?

If these numbers still don’t convince you that this is the ideal builder, here are some reasons why Fernbrook Homes is the finest of home communities.

1. Fernbrook Homes Chooses Ideal Locations

For more than 40 years now, Fernbrook Homes has built more than 35,000 single-family homes featured in 100 different communities in Canada. The contractor understands that the location must be perfect to create the ideal community.

Location is the essential factor to consider when buying Oshawa. Fernbrook Homes excel in spotting the ideal areas that create desirability, creating demand.

This home contactor first visits potential sites to determine the area’s potential. However, this step is not a walk in the park since the company’s planners, architects, and managers must consider many factors, like the transit network of that area and the drainage systems.

Here are all the communities’ ideal locations chosen by Fernbrook Homes:

  • River’s Edge – a nature-inspired community located along the shores of the Nottawasaga River and is surrounded by rolling hills and trail systems.
  • Westham Park – is a luxury Parkside enclave that features the best freehold homes in South West Oakville.
  • Oakbrook – is a family community coming soon to the Burnham Thorpe Road and Sixth Line.
  • The Crawford – community promotes modern living as residents enjoy the beauty of the Niagara escarpment.
  • King’s Calling Community – a classic collection of luxury homes at Dufferin St. and 15th
  • Playground condos – a new condominium residence located within Liberty Village and King West neighborhoods.
  • Rockwell Estates – a charming community situated along the banks of the Eramosa River.
  • Riverside Paris – a new community that will feature elegant family condos next to the banks of Grand River.
  • Encore – experience luxury living at the Encore Community in the Glen Abbey neighborhood.
  • Deerpath – offers a complete lifestyle experience in the stylish townhouses in the community.
  • Art On Main Condos – enjoy the fine art of living in Downtown Milton.
  • Kingscrest Estates – features a remarkable collection of designer state homes located off Lakeshore Rd.
  • Riverside Residences – a modern enclave community in the peaceful forested land of River Greenbelt.
  • Forest Creek – adds elegance to the quality customer residences and offers a unique luxury lifestyle.
  • Maurice – is the perfect home collection of executive townhouses and the latest addition to the Royal Oakville Club Community.
  • Seven Oaks – elite residences in Uptown Core centered upon various shops, restaurants, and other amenities.
  • The Butler – experience innovative boutique living, including stylish and elegant designs in Uptown Oakville.
  • Caledon Club – here you’ll find the perfect mix of single-detached houses in various architectural designs.
  • 158 Front – the new landmark offers exquisite suite designs located in Downtown Toronto.
  • Altona Woods – discover Altona Forest from one of the finest lifestyle communities located in Pickering.
  • Belle Aire Shores – the ideal relaxing place to enjoy the shimmering waters of Lake Simcoe.
  • Bronte Creek – features a prestigious collection of unique homes with exquisite finishes.
  • Coronation – transcend the ordinary in this elite new community located at Vaughan.
  • Grand River Woods – experience the perfect co-existence of city life and a soothing natural environment.
  • Hometown Sharon Village – a master-planned community located in the Town of East Gwillimbury.
  • ION – is home to beautifully structured and elegant suites next to various social amenities.
  • Nuvo Condos – brings a new and exciting level of condominium living to Upper Glen Abbey West Oakville.
  • Pier 27 – experience life at the lake in this fantastic community that features stunning suites.
  • Princeton Heights – discover prestige living in the limited release of quality estate homes in Yonge St.
  • Royal Oakville Club – a limited community that features 62 detached houses and 62 executive townhouses located at Rebecca St.
  • Sabbia Beach Condos – enjoy the warm embrace of oceanfront living in the boutique collection of residences.
  • The Chateaus – inspired by the relaxed vibe of small-town life that showcases charming European touches.

2. Convenient Access to Social Amenities

One thing you’ll notice about Fernbrook Homes when they develop their projects is that they prioritize convenience. That is why you’ll notice all their communities are strategically located, next to social amenities.

For instance, all neighborhoods have convenient access to various modes of transportation. This makes it easier for residents to commute to work daily. Also, these neighborhoods are close to shopping centers, restaurants, bars, gyms, swimming pools, golf courses, and many other facilities.

The reason for all this is Fernbrook Homes tries its level best to offer convenient housing. This makes it easier for kids to get to school on time. In addition, quick access to social amenities makes it easier to live in these communities.

3. Fernbrook Homes Is a Naturalist

If you review all communities built by this great builder, you’ll notice that Fernbrook Homes strives to keep the area naturally organized. This means that they develop homes that complement the area’s natural surroundings.

It is common to find various conversation areas that protect its unique architecture. In addition, it is common to find museums and other historical sites that most people find interesting.

Also, Fernbrook Homes maintains the area’s natural vegetation by creating parks. Most homeowners love taking walks in these parks or hiking during the weekends or holidays.

As much as they take these steps to preserve the natural appearance of the area, these measures help them promote the quality of the community environment.

4. Fernbrook Homes Promotes Community Sentiment

Community sentiment refers to the strong sense of belonging together of members in the community. Fernbrook Homes perfectly achieves this in each community they build. Also, they occasionally track their progress by conducting brief follow-ups surveys.

Without community sentiment, there will be no bond of unity among the people, leading to homeowners having constant unrest. Therefore, everyday living is dependent on the people having an emotional identification that integrates them together to create the ideal residential space.

This is why Fernbrook Homes feature parks and other social amenities where residents can build connections and collaborate. In addition, this contractor encourages the people to maintain higher levels of local commitment towards collaborative consensus building.

That is why Fernbrook Homes creates social spaces where the community can organize ceremonies to interact with other diverse homeowners. These are great avenues for people who buy condos in Toronto to share ideas to better the community.

In addition, the ability to have fun together as a community creates memories. Activities such as going on a hiking trail give residents a sense of belonging. Also, the community can use these activities to create awareness on a particular subject matter.

All these measures and interaction opportunities generate a feeling of genuine connection to the community. This then motivates the residents to meet their individual responsibilities and work towards achieving the goal of the community.

The key objective is to create emotional contagion within the homeowners. Emotional contagion is when people generate a feeling of group solidarity when participating in a common activity. A good example is a community participating in a sing-along together at a karaoke night.

5. Permanence

Fernbrook Homes excel in creating ideal communities that feature residential and condos of various styles and designs. The contractor aims to provide solutions to the different housing problems. In addition, Fernbrook Homes is the proud developer of some of the best projects featured in the top 100 communities to live in Canada.

What this demonstrates is the high rate o permanent living in these communities. This also shows that clients are more than willing to start and build their families in these friendly spaces. A contractor displaying such great stats better understands the clients’ needs and wants.

Permanence fosters the homeowner’s commitment to the place. Residents find themselves living together for a longer period, strengthening the connection to the community. This creates a strong sense of community pride and creates a welcoming spirit to the community.

Also, Fernbrook Homes benefits from this situation as they tend to have a ready market for their next projects. The high permanent living in their projects proves that this is the ideal builder to consider as you buy your house in Cobourg.

6. Fernbrook Homes Feature Organized Social Space

All communities featured in the vast portfolio of this reputable builder include all aspects of life. As much as Fernbrook Homes aim towards bringing people together, the contactor conducts every plan in an organized manner. This way, they can balance the social amenities and events carried out in the area.

At Fernbrook Homes, they try to create something for everyone. The builder creates various styles and designs to satisfy both millennials and veterans. Also, they have to create a space where one can build a family in the best way possible.

The great team of professionals and experts go through sleepless nights to balance all life aspects in the models they create. It can be challenging to balance out the various cultures, but Fernbrook Homes has proved successful in the area.

Also, the responsibility of creating and maintaining an organized social space falls to the community leaders and homeowners. Leaders hold talks and conventions involving the public to identify problems affecting the community. This way, Fernbrook Homes uses such feedback to create new solutions to remedy such problems.

Other amenities such as recreational centers feature an organized setting making it easier for residents to enjoy various services. In addition, an organized social space promotes convenience and makes it easy to buy a house in Brampton and live in the community.

7. Diverse Community

Residential homes and condos constructed by Fernbrook Homes are very lucrative and appealing. Over the years, these constructions have attracted people from all over the world. This is because the professionals invest time in creating the ideal home for any family.

The result is an increase in the number of visitors in the community. Fernbrook Homes constantly comes up with ways to accommodate these newcomers and make them feel at home. This builder incorporates effective tactics to ensure their culturally diverse clients live in peace.

At Fernbrook Homes communities, residents strive to bring more diverse voices and seek to retain them. Living in a diverse culture has its benefits, and it is an opportunity to learn how to live with others. You also get to expand your social circle and try out new interesting things.

In addition, living in a diverse community presents different perspectives of handling issues. This might give rise to new and better solutions to the problems faced by the community.

The code of conduct at Fernbrook Homes protects diversity and is among the builder’s top priorities. This is evident in the contractor’s need to include new voices during the annual gatherings.

8. Fernbrook Homes Develops Basic Human Decency

Fernbrook Homes welcomes people from all walks of life into their vibrant communities. This results in an area with culturally diverse homeowners. However, residents have to observe a clear set of agreed social norms to live in harmony. It is not enough to have a code of conduct; community leaders have to back it up and enforce it.

Social norms protect all homeowners and promote a stable environment for better human co-existence. Fernbrook Homes uses different strategies to develop and promote basic human decency.

This code of conduct acts as a guide to ensure the homeowners live harmoniously in the community. It spells out right and wrong. When mistakes get pointed out, the concerned parties are urged to listen, stop and apologize.

The builder encourages honest and direct feedback from the clients. If there are any issues, the concerned parties are encouraged to talk things out healthy and only those with a positive contribution.

9. Empathy and Awareness

Fernbrook Homes understand how important client retention is in the real estate sector. This is why the company interacts with the clients to promote permanence. The only way to create an effective community is to promote empathy and awareness.

Empathy involves more than that as it focuses on other non-technical areas, such as in-person discussions with a clear follow-up. This acts constantly improves, and the result is a community where everyone compliments the other in various ways.

This means making the less prominent and minority feel like part of the group. Fernbrook Homes try to prevent the scenario where only the loudest voices are heard when discussing general issues. The management at Fernbrook Homes understands that we all differ at times, but they aim to handle these misunderstandings better.

10. Fernbrook Homes Values Freedom of Expression

Any successful company or business manager will tell you that the best way of staying above the competition is by valuing customer feedback. This applies to both positive and negative client reviews.

This is, in fact, one strategy Fernbrook Homes uses to make their community experience exceptional. Freedom of expression policies creates a comfortable space for members to express their true feelings about the neighborhood. Fernbrook takes critics seriously and uses this feedback to create more convenient and comfortable condos.

Encouraging homeowners to speak their minds makes them feel connected to the community. It is also a great chance to involve others in finding solutions to common problems.

A diverse community such as those constructed by Fernbrook Homes will always have people with different opinions. The benefit of living in these neighborhoods is that you are guaranteed freedom of expression. There’s no need to feel oppressed or uncomfortable in your beautiful home.

Listening to your client’s issues is not enough. A good constructor, such as Fernbrook Homes, knows how to address these concerns sensitively. Fernbrook addressed these issues in a timely and sensitive manner that left the homeowners feeling heard.

Community leaders take their time to listen to the emerging issues and keep clear feedback records. The team then uses effective communication to solve the queries.

11. Shared Purpose with The Clients

Fernbrook Homes has a vast portfolio of residential homes and condos convenient for any real estate investor. However, buying a house in Brampton might be the biggest expenditure of your life, and this contractor strives to ensure clients get full value for their money.

This results in the builder creating a community that shares a common sense of identity. In addition, prospective homeowners seek a convenient and effective place, one of Fernbrook Homes’ guiding principles.

Having a shared purpose with the clients motivates the contractor to create stylish designs and models. This then allows Fernbrook Homes to construct the ideal community for any family.

12. Clear Policies and Obligations

Before moving into any of the houses in Fernbrook Homes’ communities, home buyers have to read, understand and accept the set of clear policies and obligations. This set of rules and expectations ensures that the community operates smoothly.

However, these policies and obligations are standard but very effective in minimizing misunderstandings. The procedures vary depending on the neighborhood’s mission, principles, and values. In addition, these codes help the residents during their day-to-day decision-making.

The main benefit of having clear rules ad expectations is that it helps the members behave ethically. Moreover, since these communities are diverse, these measures ensure full responsibility by the members.

13. Fairness

There is no business or special treatment for any homeowner in any Fernbrook Homes’ communities. After setting clear policies and obligations, enforcement of the rules gets applied fairly to all residents.

Being fair is vital if Fernbrook Homes want to create good relationships with the community members. The feeling that no one is superior to the other increases the residents’ involvement in the neighborhoods and encourages one to buy a condo in Mississauga.

A community that gives special treatment to some people risks driving away members. This is mainly because they feel disconnected, sometimes turning to hate. It’s almost impossible for these people to live in harmony with others getting special treatment.

14. Fernbrook Homes Values Heritage and Traditions

A community with diverse members means different heritages, cultures, and traditions to celebrate. Also, other traditions arise during various stages of community development.

All Fernbrook Homes’ communities embrace the different cultures to remind people of their togetherness and the long way they have come. In addition, these neighborhoods celebrate these events in various ways, such as art.

Art is one of the best ways of showcasing the community’s story. It is a language that everybody understands. Community members revisit their rituals and ceremonies through physical structures and other symbols.

Living in a community that values heritage allows you to experience a new way of life. These events will enable you to try out different cultures and understand the neighbor’s way of living. In addition, these events promote interactions among members.

Take, for instance, a food festival where the community showcases the different native foods. This is an opportunity for local chefs to check out the different dishes and develop new recipes for an exciting experience.


Fernbrook Homes is a reputable builder known for creating the best residential homes and condos in Canada. The company has boasted an impressive collection of distinguished communities for years now. They are among the best builders in Canada because of the reasons highlighted in this review. Fernbrook Homes communities are the perfect place to start or grow and build your family. Visit Fernbrook Homes today!

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