Why are Pivot Townhomes a functional work of art?

Why are Pivot Townhomes a functional work of art?

The phrase “functional art” may seem oxymoronic, but it’s not. If you look at townhomes designed for the modern urban dweller, you’ll see that this is precisely what they are.

Townhomes are compact homes designed to accommodate a small family with minimal space. Pivot Townhomes are this, but with a sophisticated twist. Functionality and style come together seamlessly in pivot townhomes to create functional art that is both beautiful and practical. These townhomes are a great example of a standard single-level house layout and repurposing it into a modern two-level home with a secondary suite in the basement. They are highly functional, but they’re also a great way to save on square footage and increase privacy.

The Pivot townhomes are located in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. Sure, the average Canadian knows our fair city as a place to find a decent pair of skis or a nice pair of hiking boots. And sure, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts of almost every stripe. But beyond those apparent opportunities, what makes Edmonton so appealing? For one, it has got the best of both worlds.

On the one hand, the city is not so far removed from the natural surroundings that we feel cut off from nature. It also has the kind of cosmopolitan cities to which foreign travelers are drawn. And about housing, Edmonton is a diverse city with a range of housing options and values. Where you decide to call home will depend on your situation, tastes, and budget. You can find a home in any neighborhood, from light-density suburbs to urban communities.

Residents in Edmonton can choose from various neighborhoods and modern towns to call home.

Getting to Know Edmonton

Edmonton is the third-largest city in Western Canada, after Calgary. It also has an international feel because of its location in northwestern Canada at the crossroads of several major transportation corridors.

The Capital City is less than a half-hour’s drive south of the Rocky Mountains and less than four hours from the prairies and the Rocky Mountains. Edmonton’s residential neighborhoods are situated across the city on the north edge of downtown, making it easy to access off-street parking.

The history of Edmonton has helped play a part in shaping it into what it is today, and Edmonton is quite diverse overall from many ethnic perspectives as well as cultures with French, Aboriginal, German, Métis, and Anglo traditions intermixed as well as becoming more diverse through secondary migrations including Asian immigrants due to growing industry.

What you can expect in Edmonton

Edmonton is a city known for many things, and so one thing that is famed about the town is the “Edmonton style” they aspire to create by providing a timidity of themselves.

The city wants to become even more transparent and enjoyable as a city where people will want to live and learn. This helps because it’s easy for developers to adopt these values, which helps create better vibrancy.

One can also expect:

Low crime rate

The city is low crimes and has a low number of burglaries which is quite an impressive feat for a town of its size. Because of the low crime rate, Edmonton is often a choice of the population for relocation. Whether it be a violent crime or mischief, crime is relatively low in this city.

Edmonton is also very open and welcoming to immigrants and ethnic communities interested in education. Edmonton is a topic of discussion as an opportunities city with European immigrants accepting people of other backgrounds they meet in their school and integrating into Canadian society through its multicultural communities from those adopted founders who arrived before the Enlightenment.

In terms of employment, Edmonton is a good option for those young adults interested in starting careers from a reasonably early age. The workforce of young people is quite significant and provides a good job market for those making mature decisions about IT industries. The wide variety of career choices assists new inhabitants, who feel confident enough in the competitive job market to pursue them without wasting time on dead ends jobs such as welfare disqualifications.

Best schools

One of the reasons Edmonton is very commonly chosen to get one’s family to move from is their superior academic performance. The number of schools in Edmonton is imposing, and you can be assured your child will be enrolled in the best school district for learning opportunities.

With its large number of schools, Edmonton gives a diverse placement alternative for your children by ensuring they have excellent choices in the public system or private system. This combination can ensure schooling options.

Economic opportunities

Many businesses decide to relocate their companies to start some project because it’s significantly more accessible than relocating across different time zones, which can slow down production under foreign skies.

Thus, as businessmen, they start some projects and have them manufacture or create something entirely new altogether right in Edmonton, where higher demand is found than in any other place, which perhaps contributes significantly toward the economic performance of Alberta at large.

And transportation infrastructure makes travel faster than in other cities, most often than nowhere, by giving quality highways and rapid ways, allowing for quality transit just about everywhere, making it that much easier for everybody to quickly go from A to B without having any frequent layovers like are regularly seen elsewhere. Alberta highways tend their citizens through striping, making it far more efficient than any other study in the nation.

Loving Neighborhoods

Edmonton has several different neighborhoods and districts designated for many different purposes. It transforms to its modern era, making them all quite distinctive and individualized, allowing them to stay all their own, making them an individuality of Edmonton instead of all that generic.


Climate is also notable as it’s arctic. Hence, Edmonton often experiences long summers and short winters. Still, otherwise, it’s evenly warm year-round, as well as its weather quality is clean with no extreme spring or fall weather and will never have any humidity or temperatures seen the hundreds of years.

Education level births & marriage Edmonton goals

Edmonton is the fifth most educated city in major cities in Canada which leads to a high population of literate households leading to a higher level of IQ being seen overall, which is significant due to people being more able to think through what they want and let it spiral out of their mind as they think it through regarding higher skills of creativity and making sure one can concentrate on what is essential before moving on at all.

Quality life

The quality for the better Edmonton dynamic organizations ensures that their employees stay healthy, injury resistant, and fully immersed in interesting creative thought patterns keeping them top-of-the-board, allowing them plenty of time for investing in their active lifestyles that make up success strategies such as studying intellectually focused science simultaneously while earning money booming a good lifestyle with their entrepreneurial spirit at not much further than having lived there before arriving everywhere.

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Low housing rates

Housing rates are also low anywhere, which helps people get the housing they want. A low crime rate means Edmonton is a safer place to live and can maintain an affordable cost of living as increasing demand for residential homes also stimulates market price inflation.

There are various housing types in Edmonton, and the city does have affordable housing options for many who could therefore consider living once more here. Edmonton has a large population to house and grants education to, thus making it equally beneficial for individuals seeking career opportunities as it is an excellent place to live.

Housing in Edmonton, Alberta

There are many aspects to choosing a home, but one you will want to consider first is your neighborhood. Living in different parts of Edmonton yields opportunities for people to experience life at different levels.

Leisure facilities near a residence can give residents reason to linger outside their homes. And living in the city allows you a great diversity of housing options and differing lifestyles.

The ideal choice for many new residents will combine the best elements of suburban and urban life. The most popular location tends to be an area close by to the amenities they need in schools, shops, and rec centers.

Most areas have an abundance of affordable spaces while satisfying their desires for modern living opportunities with access to transit services, policing, shopping, and entertainment options – including grocery stores, restaurants, and everything else you might need!

There are many homes for sale in Edmonton for you if you’re looking for a place to call home. While it’s a big city, Edmonton is a relatively small market for real estate.

That makes the city an affordable place to call home for both first-time buyers and those looking to downsize. You can also find various options for different homes, from detached homes to condos and townhomes, plus luxury townhomes for sale in Edmonton.

An example of a townhome in Edmonton is the Pivot Townhome.

Pivot townhomes

A new kind of townhome gaining much attention in Edmonton is the Pivot townhome. The townhomes are built on a modular platform that allows them to be driven into a city lot. They’re connected by a hydraulic system that allows the units to be “pivoted” and rotated to fit in a small urban lot.

These townhomes are unique because they can be rotated, providing more flexibility and price points for different Edmontonians.

With new houses for sale in Edmonton Alberta and the housing price in the city on the rise, Pivot townhomes offer affordable housing options for several new residents.

Pivot Townhome Features

Pivot-Entry Design:

The main level of each Pivot townhome opens up to an expansive great room with an open-concept layout, a chef’s kitchen and breakfast nook, an office/studio, and an extended covered patio with a gas-connected outdoor kitchen.

Basement Suite:

The 2,856 sq-foot basement suite has three bedrooms and two baths open to a covered raised patio. It also features a private entry, an upgraded walk-in closet, extra storage space, and a guest laundry room. On top of this, it gets its gas supply for ovens and appliances. We genuinely believe there’s never been a better way to create hidden storage between the main level dining/living/sleeping areas with these stylish townhomes.

Expansive Great Room:

This is where the magic happens! The open concept design makes a functional art statement from floor to ceiling, but it’s complemented by gleaming hardwood floors, warm layers of light, and airy natural light-filled rooms that make it feel like home.

Pivot Loft Detail:

Low ceilings greet you as you enter each unit for this townhome design. But what makes these units special are the notches behind some of the crown moldings. These notches allow for additional storage through the added 3” reveal. Everything from family photo albums to holiday decor doesn’t have to take up precious real estate in this space.


This townhome has a complete facelift, including the rooftop. New native landscaping surrounds the service elevator and is anchored by seasonally planted boxwood hedges. An original skylight compliments the design and provides natural light to every home, living area, or service space.

Pivot Signature Slab Windows:

The pre-construction townhomes for sale in Edmonton use a combination of PBT slabs with hardpan siding, allowing for better thermal efficiency and LED lighting in front of the windows for added aesthetic appeal. These unique windows continue to draw attention at 3 pm during any windy day when they catch light up against the sky.

Pivot-Entry Design:

The second level of each Pivot townhome features two generously sized bedrooms and a generous amount of storage.

Low-Maintenance Landscape:

The Pivot townhome sits on a tight urban lot, so the builders knew they’d have to do a lot with a little. This meant designing a landscape that doesn’t require much maintenance while respecting the urban setting.

Nest-Enabling Features:

The Pivot townhome is designed with a smart home app and sensor system to manage and control remotely. The homes for sale in Edmonton Alberta features can be easily turned on or off, and every sensor is customizable to have precisely the level of privacy you desire.

Nest-Enabling Features:

The Pivot townhome is designed with a smart home app and sensor system to manage and control remotely. The home’s features can be easily turned on or off, and every sensor is customizable to have precisely the level of privacy you desire.

Functionally Stunning Interior

Functionality and beauty go hand in hand in loft-style homes like the Pivot, which also happens to be Canada’s first two-level loft townhome. The open-concept layout makes the most of the space available, while the dramatic roofline and abundance of windows ensure that few rooms don’t feel bright and airy.

A large dining table with chairs can easily be converted into a home office or a homework station on the weekends.

The kitchen is designed to maximize space, with a full-sized appliance package and a breakfast nook that can double as an informal dining area. The main suite enjoys access to a balcony with a stunning view of the city.

Pivot Townhome Exterior

The interior of the Pivot townhome is beautiful, but the exterior is just as impressive. The striking design of these homes has made them a popular choice for cities looking for an identity-boosting addition.

The Pivot’s exterior features a brick front and a stone front, and a variety of glass options are available for the front door and the windows on the second level. There are also a variety of roof styles to choose from, ensuring that your townhome will stand out from the crowd.

Additional perks

Lush green spaces

This is where residents can enjoy the outdoors on every floor of the Skywalk apartments. Homeowners of these townhomes don’t have to be skiers to appreciate how beautiful the surroundings are. It’s easy to walk around on your own two feet between residences, as access is also possible from other points within the building.

This allows multiple families to take advantage of the standard amenities and walkways together.

Central parks

Pivot townhomes also provide residents with a central park they can access 24 hours. If a resident doesn’t feel like exercising outdoors, they can use this park as a meeting place and play area for the entire family members.

It is also highly functional, as homeowners don’t need to rely on public transportation to access this park, as it is located just next door to the elevator lobby of these apartments. This enables residents living in these homes to take full advantage of all the utility services available in the building.

Nearby golf courses

Pivot townhomes have a central park they can access easily, but they’re also just stepping away from fantastic golf courses that offer affordable rates. Residents of these homes can enjoy fine dining and precious views of the local mountains while hitting the links.

They no longer have to spend time in their car when they want to get away. These outdoor oases make Pivot townhomes an intelligent choice for families who enjoy golfing for fun and recreation and improving their fitness levels.


Pivot Townhomes are functional works of art. The design is genuinely innovative, and it’s beautiful. The open-concept layout maximizes space while also feeling bright and airy, thanks to the abundance of windows.

The innovative home technology and Nest-enabling features ensure that you’ll have everything you need without sacrificing your privacy. Pivot Townhomes are the perfect blend of style and substance.

If you’re looking for a home that can easily be converted into a multi-purpose space or a vacation home, a Pivot townhome could fit you. There’s no better way to maximize space than with a Pivot townhome, and with the innovative home technology and Nest-enabling features, there’s no need to sacrifice your privacy. Pivot townhomes are seriously stylish and functionally stunning.

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