Why Brampton Is a Great Place To Live In 2022

Brampton is one the largest cities in Canada and arguably the place to stay for anybody. The area started as a tiny village that hosted a few residents, but it has grown among the most popular cities in the Southern Ontario area.

This city has grown, expanded, and developed its major economic sectors over the years. It has evolved into a vibrant, diverse, and multicultural city for everyone, and you should consider buying your next house in this area. For those wondering if Brampton is the ideal place to live, this article is here to answer that.

Central Location

Brampton is statistically the ninth-largest city in Canada, located in the east of Toronto. It has emerged as a popular residence for Canadians for many years because of its central location.

The city is in the perfect spot when considering its access to other cities. Brampton is close to other major cities. Most people love buying houses in this area because they cut on the expenses from living in other cities.

Brampton is 30 minutes away from Toronto and about twenty minutes from Mississauga. This indicates how convenient it is for those working in these major cities.

The location of this city is just perfect because you are surrounded by a beautiful environment that is very captivating. In addition, buying a house in this great city guarantees access to the most amazing parks you’ll ever see.

Everything you love is in Brampton, including some of the best beaches. For those who wish to go for a good swim, you can easily drive to The Beaches, a few minutes past Toronto. This is a known summer destination where people get to relax and not worry about their problems for a while.

This city is surrounded by some of the major cities in Canada, and its central location guarantees easy access to all services you need. Buy a new house in Brampton today to enjoy all these benefits. Brampton is the ideal place to live for any family.

Affordable Housing

If you are wondering which house to buy in Brampton, the good news is that various options are available to fit different budgets. This city is relatively large as it is home to about 600,000 residents. However, compared to other cities, this figure seems to be lower.

The population in Brampton has made the cost of living or buying a new house cheaper. According to recent studies, the cost of living in this vibrant city is 60.78, and this is relatively cheap compared to other neighboring cities such as Toronto. Apart from affordable housing, everything is reasonable, including food, clothing, groceries, and utilities.

When considering the average cost of living versus the salaries, you are better off living in Brampton. Currently, statistics show that the average price to rent a nice one-bedroom house in the city is about $1,567. This is a good figure as you have better chances of easily paying your rent at the end of the month.

The rates are relatively low for those who permanently want to settle in this city. You should know that the average price per square meter to buy a house in Brampton, Ontario, is about $5,260 in the city center and about $3,820 downtown.

These are very affordable prices considering what you’ll have to pay in other cities. Take Toronto, for example; you are expected to pay double this price.

If you wish to buy a semi-detached house in Brampton, various housing services help you out. These companies are here to ensure you get full value for your money when you settle in Brampton.

Reliable Transportation

Brampton’s transportation sector has evolved over the years. A long time ago, the transport system in this area was pretty basic, and there were limited options. However, that changed, and today, the city is constantly investing more in the sector, upgrading the services, and creating more transport routes.

Public transport in this city is a huge success as many people rely on it every day to get to work. The public networks are reliable, and you might not need to own a car to go anywhere you want if you choose to buy your new house in Brampton.

The city is an established place to live, and you can expect to pay about $125 a month for your transport pass in the town. This is a good figure, and most families can easily afford it.

Apart from the road networks, the train proves to be very effective. This is the number one option for those working in Toronto and living in Brampton. It takes about forty-five minutes to get to Toronto’s CBD from downtown Brampton. You’ll pay about $7.70 fare for the trip using a presto card.

There is also reliable access to air transport. Brampton neighbors the greatest cities in Canada that offer reliable air transport. For example, the city is close to Toronto Airport. In addition, you can choose to get airport taxis that provide a fast and easy way to travel across the city.

Beautiful Surroundings

Brampton is also referred to as “Flower City” mainly because of its amazing surroundings. This place is home to some of the best parks and hiking trails you’ll ever see. Every time you choose to walk down the city street, you’ll have to appreciate this beautiful place.

This city features some of the best parks in Canada, such as El Dorado Park and Edenbrook Park. These destinations are wonderful places to picnic and enjoy the beautiful scenery with friends and family.

There is always something for everyone. For nature enthusiasts, there are various conversation areas for them to explore. For instance, we have the Heart Lake Conversation Park and Claireville Conservation Area, great places to hike.

Brampton’s Heart Lake Conservation Park offers other amazing activities such as fishing, zip lines, pool and splashes pa, and many other fun outdoor activities. On the other hand, Eldorado Park is surrounded by a natural forest, making it the ideal place to hike, picnic, or swim.

The city is home to other different kinds of parks and recreational facilities. Apart from the amazing hiking trails, there are various soccer and cricket pitches. These are the best places to take your kids to have fun during the weekends and holidays.

These great parks and wonderful environment attract people, and most of them choose to buy houses in Brampton, Canada, to enjoy the view. Another reason is that the weather is also amazing all year round.

Brampton Has the Best Neighborhoods

The city of Brampton is one of the fastest-growing in Canada, resulting from the emergence of the newest residential communities such as the Spring Valley Estate. It is home to classic and modern homes that create the ideal neighborhood for anybody or family.

One of the great neighborhoods is Downtown Brampton which offers relatively lower house prices when compared to other areas, with the cost being around $561,100. In addition, there are many amenities to enjoy and have fun in this part of Brampton, such as the Peel Art Museum and the Brampton Memorial Arena.

If you want  a house in this part of Brampton, Canada, reliable housing companies help you out.

Another great neighborhood is Bramalea, located between Boviad Drive and Highway 410. It is one of Brampton’s largest and oldest areas, meaning that it has the best access to various road networks and train stations. In addition, there are numerous shopping malls such as the Bramalea City Center, recreational sports, and fitness centers

in this neighborhood.

The Mount Pleasant neighborhood is also perfect for those who enjoy buying fresh produce. This neighborhood takes pride in its weekly Famer’s Market on Thursday. The event gives the residents a chance to share their farm produce during summer.

Brampton features other amazing neighborhoods such as Gore Meadows, Vales of Castlemore, and Heart Lake. All these places are great areas to live in because they are family-friendly.

One of the Fastest Growing City In Canada

The city of Brampton is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. Since 2011, the population has tripled, and it is home to about 600,000 residents today. A city that attracts this huge number of immigrants benefits as they stimulate the economy. Reliable infrastructure is among the reasons for this rapid increase in population.

Census data show that more than half the population was born outside Canada. The large number of immigrants living in this city indicates that it offers the best environment to live in. These numbers also make the area one of the most diverse places in Canada.

This is a popular place for people to relocate to, and this is the best time to buy a detached house in Brampton. The amazing thing about living in this great place is that people have found a way to be close and live as a community despite cultural differences.

Another main reason for the rapid growth of this city is the relatively lower cost of living compared to other cities. It’s cheaper to buy a house in Brampton, Ontario, and affordable rents.

Quality Education

One of the main factors to consider before relocating to any area is the education offered. Brampton offers quality education to students at different levels. If you have children of the school-going age, then here you’ll learn more about the education system in the area.

Brampton is home to some of the great public elementary schools in Canada. In addition, there is a body known as The Peel District School Board that features 220 dynamic schools that offer quality education to over 140,000 students in the Peel region.

There are also private schools present dedicated to teaching students with the help of specific religious doctrines. The diverse culture in this city means a different way of life as each student needs to learn how to live well with others in the community. For instance, several schools incorporate the French Language in their curriculum.

Apart from that, institutions are offering higher levels of learning, such as the Sheridan Institute, which is Canada’s Premier Polytechnic Institute. The institution offers the best classical and computer animation programs in the region. Also, Algoma University offers degree programs for Computer Science and Business Administration.

The good news is that one can complete the degrees and certifications in one academic year. Considering the low cost of living and the quality of education offered, Brampton is surely the perfect destination for any university student.

Amazing Social Life

As we mentioned earlier, Brampton is a popular place for immigrants, making it diverse. As well, the city’s rich and culturally diverse population makes it one of the most interesting places to live in.

The first highlight is the Famer’s Market, which gives residents a chance to conduct a seasonal outdoor market. This event runs during summer, from June to October, every Thursday.

Famer’s market allows people to try out different cultural foods. One of the main benefits of the event is that people sell fresh produce, thereby promoting good health.

Also, there are numerous sports organizations and active volunteer bodies. For example, there is a team for every sport available in Canada in Brampton. This way, it is easy to find a sport or club that perfectly fits you and the kids.

Brampton has a rich history, and all this information is available in the different art and culture centers. In addition, the city holds various cultural events at the finest grounds, giving the community members a chance to take part in musical, theatrical, and other cultural performances.

Another unique activity is the Brampton 2040 project that aims to draw together citizens’ thinking and different worlds. The Brampton 2040 Vision is an aspiration guide formulated by the city after weeks of intensive communication.

The vision promotes public engagement and an innovative community design to create a place where residents work, play, and live in harmony. This vision centers on seven ambition statements that focus on sustainability and the environment, jobs and living centers, transportation, arts and culture, recreation, health, and social issues.

The city aims to create an even more connected and inclusive place for every citizen in the coming years. Learn more about buying a house in Brampton and the Brampton 2040 Vision on the city’s official website.

Safe Neighborhood

Brampton creates a safe space for kids to grow and learn and a relatively safe city. This is evident through the many positive reviews of tourists who visit the place. The place is considered to be one of the safest places in Canada. The crime rate here is also not high, and the location is safer than its neighboring city Toronto.

However, the city is not perfect as minor crimes have been occurrences. That is why it is best to teach the kids basic safety measures. Those new to this place should try as much as possible to avoid the different ghettos in the area. These places may be dangerous to people not used to the community’s way of living.

Generally, Brampton is a place people love to stay. 80% of the area, including Bramalea, is considered a safe space for any family. Also, the crime rates in this city are 30% lower than the national average, decreasing year over year.

Brampton Dining

If you wish to constantly excite your taste buds with some of the best cultural foods, then consider a house to buy in Brampton, Canada. This city is a hub consisting of the best and most stylish restaurants in Canada, and the foods here are delicious.

You will certainly find anything from the fiery Jamaican food to the refined Italian dishes. The food industry in the city continues to grow, encouraging creativity among the restaurateurs.

The city’s vast selection of casual restaurants and fine dining make it the perfect destination for foodies. These restaurants feature different multicultural styles such as Vietnamese and Caribbean styles. Also, there are cafés, bakeries, coffee shops, pubs, bars, small eateries, and grills that offer quality food and services.

Some of the best restaurants in the city are Aria Bistro and LoungeFanzorelli’s Restaurant. Other joints offer convenient takeaway services, such as CoMandarin Restaurant.

There is always exist something for everyone to enjoy. African food lovers can visit the MJ’S BBQ and SUVA, which offers a traditional West African dish from the Hausa people in Nigeria. It is also considered a meat lover’s paradise, ideal for everyone.


Brampton is one of the best places to live in Canada. The city is centrally located, multicultural, and within touching distance from Toronto, making it ideal for any family to live. Suppose you wish to know more about buying a house in Brampton, more up-to-date information online. So buy your new house in Brampton today and live life to the fullest.

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