Why Canopy Condos Are Great Investment Opportunity

Canopy Condos is a new pre-construction project designed to offer real estate investors a chance to invest in Mississauga. The project is a development by Liberty Development in Eglinton Avenue East and Hurontario Street set to be completed in June 2024.

Liberty Development is giving you the perfect opportunity to invest in this project that features 34 stories with a total of 497 condo units. The estimated completion date for the Canopy Condos is set for July 2024.

This helps with more than enough time to get your finances in order and invest in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. There exist several reasons why one should take advantage of this opportunity. Here are the main reasons why Canopy Condos are a great investment opportunity.

1. Ideal Location

The Canopy Condos is strategically located in the Hurontario and Eglinton area. This area is a central intersection of the Hurontario, Highway 10, which runs north from Brampton, and Eglinton, Crosstown to Toronto.

This area is home to the best single-family detached houses and townhouses. The intersection also features high-end condominiums, including the pre-constructed Canopy Condos units.

You’ll see a mix of prime commercial and high-rises homes under construction and planned in this area. This is the case for Canopy Condos. Reports show that this area is the second most proposed intensified area.

This then raises the question, “why are developers planning their future projects in this area?” the major reason investors are flocking the city is the different amenities available, such as the Square One shopping mall. These trends show that investing in the Canopy Condos is a wise move.

2. Various Transport Options

There are almost all kinds of transportation in the Hurontario and Eglinton areas. For a start, this region is an intersection of two reliable highways. This means that there is a fast and reliable road network. The Hurontario LRT provides 18 km of rapid transit, and it features 19 stops with links to GO stations at various points.

Public transport is also reliable as buses and taxis help you reach any destination. There is also train transport linking the area to other towns such as Toronto. You’ll love how all these modes of transport complement each other. They act as links making it affordable and effective for anyone to move within the city.

For those wondering about the air transport in the area, there is the Pearson International Airport to fly you out of the country. The airport is near the Canopy Condos as it takes about 15 minutes to get to Pearson.

The city of Mississauga has made it easy for residents to move in, within, and out of the city through various online services. For instance, you can get information about how much it costs to move to any destination through the MiWay platform.

This way, it is easier to access the maps of the various transport networks and maybe plan a trip. For example, high school students can find the nearest route to school and the best fare prices through the platform.

3. Close to Schools

In the Hurontario and Eglinton area, you’ll find some of the best schools for the different levels of education. Here’s a fun fact: this region’s school test is 4% higher than the national average. This means that this is the ideal place for your kids to grow and learn.

There are different institutions in this area, from private to religious schools. Cooksville Creek public school and St. Mathew School are the top-performing schools in the area. Investing in Canopy Condos guarantees that your kids will go to the best performing schools in the country.

Apart from formal education, this city is known for its rich and diverse culture. It is a perfect opportunity to let your kids learn about other cultures and the history of the area and the country in general.

4. Value Increases Over Time

Canopy Condos will surely increase in value, as this is the case for any property that is in a cool location. Experienced real estate investors who understand the condos market are aware of this investment’s market gains. This gets more attractive and higher when the units are in the pre-construction stage.

This is why these investors have already invested in some of the Canopy Condos units. They have already speculated the higher rate of return the units will offer. The Canopy Condos price appreciation and potential high cash flow return make this project the ideal investment opportunity.

Another fact to consider is that these units will offer maximum resale value when you choose to sell after completion. Today, it costs higher to purchase and own a property, which presents the perfect opportunity to make more money in the future. The ideal location of this project almost promises a higher resale value after completion.

Market observers reported that people opt to own urban condos because of their convenience. In addition, people love the metropolitan lifestyle these units create, which is evident in the condos market’s higher and strong sales activity.

Whether you choose to buy the condo for commercial or as a place to live, investing in these units is undoubtedly the best decision you’ll make financially. Therefore, it is best to learn the current real estate market of the area as it makes it easy to project the future value of the units you buy.

5. Good First Homes

If you are contemplating settling down and starting your family and looking for the ideal home, Canopy Condos is the place for you. According to the approved plans, these units are unique and convenient for young families.

The Canopy Condos are specially tailored for young individuals and couples to have an attractive and lively lifestyle. Moreover, they are the perfect spot for first-time buyers as the units are close to all kinds of amenities such as the gym and pool.

There is a very supportive Homeowners Association in a place whose aim is to maintain the value of your home. This way, you’ll get to enjoy all the appliances and features since they will be new and well-maintained.

As a young adult, you’ll be busy with work and other things. The Homeowners Association takes the stress of dealing with stuff like maintenance and repairs from you. In addition, canopy Condos will create a great community vibe where your kids will interact, play, and never get bored.

When the project gets completed, you will get a move-in-ready unit that requires less maintenance. Therefore, this makes it the best choice for busy professionals who wish to spend less time and effort looking after the house. This is one of most first-time buyers’ main challenges when purchasing a single-family home.

The less time you spend moving into your new home, the better and more attractive the investment becomes.

6. Great Rental Property

Canopy Condos are also a good investment for rental properties as they promise higher rental yields. Invest in these units if you wish to build and maintain wealth. However, it is best to get more information about this development before spending your hard-earned money.

With the high rate of people relocating to Mississauga, these condos demand high. Analysts speculate that this will be the trend in the future because of the various development projects in the city. All these factors make the place attractive for any real estate investor.

Other factors that make it the perfect rental investment are its ideal location and the available amenities. These features make a living in the houses convenient. But, of course, the more convenient any home is, the great the investment.

Canopy Condos can still act as a safety net if you choose to move away in the future. Instead of selling the units, you can choose to rent them out. This strategy creates another income stream that you might use to pay the mortgage in your next condo.

Liberty Development projects a higher owner-occupancy rate making the project a good investment. This shows that homeowners with more knowledge and experience in the sector are more likely to invest in the condos.

7. Ideal Vacation Condos

What’s better than acquiring a luxurious condo in the central parts of Mississauga? These units bring a unique status and fleek lifestyle you need to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Canopy Condos are in the perfect spot as you’ll get access to all kinds of amenities as you enjoy yourself. There are different places and entertainment joints for the whole family. Also, you’ll find well-maintained parks where you can choose to go for a walk or hike with family and friends.

Mississauga has a lively community and diverse culture. This means that there are different foods and cultural practices to try. You will enjoy most, if not all, of these activities during the holidays in your home in Canopy Condos.

Another alternative is to use your Canopy Condos units as vacation condos during the summer or winter. Mississauga is a common destination for tourists who enjoy the ever-green natural environment in the area. You will have to check with the Homeowners Association or community to learn the rules and regulations for this to work.

You may choose to hire a management company to overlook all the activities, including the finances of your units. However, the only way to enjoy all these benefits is to invest in the Canopy Condos.

8. Ready Market During Re-Sale

Whether you seek to use your Canopy Condos units as a rental property or sell in the future, there is always a ready market for the houses. For this to be the case, you’ll need to get a well-structured house that meets all the housing requirements.

Buying any condo is one of the most expensive purchases you’ll make in your life. Therefore, it is best to get the full value of your money, whether you choose to stay, rent or sell in the future. For those seeking to make a profit, invest in Canopy Condos.

Once Liberty Development completes this project, the units will have a ready market despite the rise in the condos’ value. Availability of social amenities.

Statistics show that Mississauga is one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada. The high number of people moving in the city creates a ready market for real estate investors. You will get an even better offer if you choose to invest in Canopy Condos that meets all the housing needs.

9. More Affordable Option

If you want to buy a property in Mississauga or Canada, there is no better option than Canopy Condos units. However, buying a conventional house requires a higher down payment, challenging for many.

Liberty Development offers a more affordable option where you can invest in their less expensive and financially convenient condos. Unlike large apartments, condominiums in Mississauga are much cheaper, but this also depends on other factors, such as the size of the units.

Canopy Condos offers pre-construction apartments that are affordable even for first-time buyers. The plan features 34 floors consisting of a total of 497 units. These units’ sizes range from 435 square feet to 1,243 square feet.

This gives the pre-buyer more options than they would have to buy after the project gets completed. Because of this, you may invest in these units from $440,900. This is an affordable price range for investors serious about building and maintaining wealth.

If you shop around, you’ll realize that a single-family home costs way more than what Liberty Development charge currently for the same size. In addition, you’ll realize that you will save a lot by getting yourself these units for those on a tight budget. These prices make the project also ideal for retirees who want to downsize.

10.Added Amenities

One of the main benefits investors will get by investing in Canopy Condos is the availability of other amenities. Every home buyer gets guaranteed unlimited access to various amenities not offered by other condo communities.

Canopy Condos communities feature amenities such as a gym, pool, outdoor terrace, lounge, private dining room, cards room, pet wash, media room, and a sports lounge. The advantage of investing in this project now is you have a variety of options.

For instance, a pre-buyer is in the best position to lock down units located closest to their favorite amenities, such as the gym. Also, you can choose houses on the first or ground floor since they are closest to the pool.

As a prospective buyer, you are guaranteed full access to all available amenities without paying the large fees other communities ask for. So please take advantage of this opportunity where you’ll enjoy all these services without the hassle of maintaining them.

11. Ease of Management

Condominiums are generally easy to maintain, especially if you acquire a new one. Therefore, your only concern will be your upkeep when you choose to invest in any of the Canopy Condos units. All other activities such as general contracting become the responsibility of the hired caretakers.

There will be no point where you will be required to perform duties such as cleaning the pathway and garbage disposal. Most of the maintenance gets done by the hired personnel. However, you still have to do easy tasks such as replacing your light bulbs.

Liberty Development is trying to create a comfortable and convenient environment for everyone, even for professionals on busy schedules. Therefore, the only thing you will require is to pay the monthly service charge. This fee is affordable and worth paying since you will be staying in a clean and convenient space.

Canopy Condos is the ideal home for you if you’re not a handy person and not a fan of DIY projects. There will be little maintenance required of you in these condos, and most of it will be simple interior modifications.

Most of the time, people spend a lot of energy cleaning and taking care of the yard, walkways, lawn, etc. Invest in Canopy Condos and let somebody else do the job for you as you focus on your career, business, or family.

12. Guaranteed Security

Canopy Condos guarantees safety for you and your family within the premises. According to the approved plan, these units are designed to prevent break-ins from unauthorized parties. Liberty Development has made security one of its top priorities in developing these condos. As a result, they plan to install high-tech security cameras on the premises. Also, the houses will feature modern customizations to ensure you and your family stay safe. The Mississauga area is generally safe, and so are these condos. However, some investors might choose to go the extra mile and get home insurance that covers theft. You can find these covers and more in the local insurance companies.


Canopy Condos offers a great investment opportunity for those looking cost-effective and stylish to live or rent out. These units are pre-constucted houses set to be ready in mid-2024. Not many investors have more information about this project by Liberty Development. Take the maximum of this advantage and watch your investment value grow over time.

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