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Why it Makes Sense to Hire a Home Inspector Before You Buy

A home inspection is a very important thing especially when you are looking forward to becoming a homeowner. You should not at all costs overlook a home inspection. It will be even better if you hire a home inspector to do it on your behalf. A well-experienced home inspector will give you the best report about the house you are about to buy. So if you are keen on investing in a new construction home, you should let a home inspector check everything for you and you will surely like it. Do not take chances but try to ensure that all flows well. Reasons, why it makes sense to hire a home inspector before you buy are as follows.

  1. No unwanted surprises

No one wants to experience negative surprises. If you choose to ignore the services of a home inspector when buying a home, then you are most likely to be surprised negatively. In this case, negative surprises mean that you will find out in your new home issues that will cost you more. These issues are always some repairs and a few touches here and there. If you do not want to get into such a scenario then it is highly advisable that you hire a home inspector before you buy a home. The home inspector will check every detail of the home and will serve you with the report about the home you are about to buy. If any issues need to be looked at, the home inspector will bring them to your attention and that is how you and the seller will know how they will be sorted. If the home is in a good state, the home inspector will let you know and you will be in a better position to progress with your deal. A home inspector is of great importance as far as investing in a new construction home is concerned and if you get one you will understand why it makes sense to hire a home inspector before you buy.

  1. More transparency

A home inspection can enhance transparency between the buyer and the seller. Once the home inspector you hired is done inspecting the home, they will give you a report which will put to light the real situation of the home you are about to buy. This will mean that there will be nothing to hide between you and the seller. You will discuss everything in openness since you have every detail of the home. Transparency is very important when it comes to such a deal because it will make everything in the process so easy and both parties will be satisfied.

  1. Helps the buyer to make a highly informed decision

As a buyer, before you go ahead to acquire a home, you have to be sure of what you are doing. Home inspection plays a big role in helping you make an informed decision. After the home inspector has brought to your attention all the issues concerning that home, you will be able to decide on whether you want to go ahead and buy the home or you quit the deal. You do not need to make a decision or venture into something that will leave you regretting it. When it comes to even a Pre-construction investment, making an informed decision matters a lot.

  1. Leverage when making negotiations

Once the home inspector has done a thorough inspection, you will get an inspection report. It is that report that will form the basis of asking for repairs or price reductions. Your realtor will advise you on which requests to use in the negotiation process. Be that investor who always wants to pay the least amount possible. If you get the opportunity to have a certain percentage of the price sliced off then you have no choice but to go for it. You are likely to get a discount if it is a pre-construction investment because most sellers are always in a hurry to sell and finance other projects.

  1. Forecast future costs

A home inspector will help you to be aware of the costs that you are likely to incur in the future. The home inspector will be able to approximate the installation age of several major systems in the home. Examples of such systems are plumbing, cooling, and heating among others. The home inspector will also tell you how long some finishes have been in that home. This will enable you to know when you will be required to do replacements if you will move into that home. Once you know this, you will be able to make important budgeting decisions. You will not have to spend just for the sake of it because when it comes to a real estate investment, every coin matters. As a good investor, you should take note of that.

  1. Safety

As a buyer, you wouldn’t like to get into a home where your safety is compromised. That is why before buying, you have to ensure that the home is safe and you will live there with your family in peace. Of course, no one wants to put the safety of their loved ones in jeopardy. In this case, safety is about the state of the home. When you hire a home inspector before buying, you will be able to know all the safety issues in that home because the home inspector will let you know after they have conducted a thorough inspection. Carbon monoxide and mold are among the safety issues that must be detected by the home inspector before you go ahead to buy the home.


After you have seen why it makes sense to hire a home inspector before you buy, the ball is now in your court. A home is a lifetime real estate investment and therefore you should not get it wrong anywhere along the way. Seek the services of a home inspector and you will never regret it. The benefits of hiring a home inspector are the same no matter the city or town you are in. Do not try to do everything by yourself because you might not do it to the expected level. Let the home inspector convince you with a genuine report that indeed you are putting your money in a better place.

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