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Why Tribute Communities Is One of the Best Builders in The Greater Toronto Area

Your home is one of the most essential and expensive investments you’ll have in your life, and the best way to take care of it is to find the ideal builder who can satisfy all your housing needs. There is no better choice than Tribute Communities if you live in the Great Toronto Area.

Tribute Communities is an award-winning builder of over 35,000 homes and condominiums built across the Great Toronto Area. With over 35 years of experience, Tribute is a proud developer of unique high-rise and low-rise communities in the GTA. Over the years, the company has grown into a reputable brand known for developing homes above industry standards with unique and stylish designs.

You’ll love the exquisite condos by Tribute Communities enhanced by the natural and friendly ambiance. Here’s why you should consider Tribute Communities as you buy a condo in Toronto:

1. Vast Experience

Tribute Communities has been in the construction business for over 35 years, providing clients with vibrant homes that feature iconic architecture and sophisticated designs—also, the company majors in developing exquisite communities that include spectacular amenities.

Real estate experts will advise you to always work with a developer with an established reputation in the sector. Tribute Communities qualifies to be your ideal choice as they show dedication and commitment in every project they take.

The builder is always a step ahead of the rest, making them a favorite choice in the GTA. Here’s a list of all the projects done by this reputable developer:

  • Colgan Crossing

Colgan Crossing
Colgan Crossing

Colgan Crossing is an intimate community that features spacious homes built in the rolling hills, boundless fields, and vibrant green spaces. The community is strategically located as it is surrounded by restaurants, boutiques, conservation areas, golf courses, and many other amenities. There’s a vast selection of homes to choose from, from the bungalow townhouses to the immense 40′, 50′, 60′, and 70′ designs.

  • Cobourg Trails

Cobourg Trails
Cobourg Trails

Here’s another sold-out community where you’ll find stunning 30′, 38′, and 45′ singles and freehold townhomes in the perfect natural environment of Cobourg Trails. This project exhibits Tribute’s signature designs, convenient housing options, and matured expertise.

  • U.C. Towns

U.C. Towns
U.C. Towns

The U.C. Towns is considered the most vibrant and established family community in Oshawa. This place has beautiful parks, shopping centers, restaurants, and instant access to highways. Interestingly, this new collection of family-sized townhouses selection has something for every individual.

  • U.C. Tower

UC Tower
UC Tower

The U.C. Tower community is located in Oshawa’s most vibrant area as it is close to the UOIT campus and Durham College. This project continues the success streak of Tribute Communities after completing U.C., U.C. Towns, and U.C. Towns 2.

  • U.C. Tower 2

This U.C. Tower 2 project is just but one of the newest addition to the U.C. Community that features some of the best condos in North Oshawa. These homes are convenient as they are surrounded by retail centers, beautiful conservation areas, golf courses, and art and culture centers.

  • Artistry

Artistry Condos
Artistry Condos

The community Artistry features the best luxury condos in Toronto at the city’s creative heart. Here, you are surrounded by the best urban culture, convenient transportation, and learning institutions, such as the Ontario College of Art and Design University.

  • Yonge & Soudan

Y&S Condos
Y&S Condos

Y&S showcases a new level of luxurious condominiums just south of Yonge and Eglinton. You have access to the best shopping centers, restaurants, conversation areas, transit centers, and many more in this place.

  • Storybrook

StroyBrook Homes
StroyBrook Homes

This is another ideal community where you can start and grow your family. Storybrook is a new-planned project that includes a vast selection of traditional home designs surrounded by urban amenities. Here’s an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds in the historic town of Fergus.

  • Stonemanor Woods

Stonemanor Woods
Stonemanor Woods

If you wish to buy a house in Barrie and experience country life, Stonemanor Woods is the place to be. Herein you’ll discover a breathtaking city view, fresh air, and amazing outdoor space for your family. In addition, you’ll find charming homes, peaceful woodlots, and rolling farmland in this amazing countryside community.

  • Other projects

Max Condos
Max Condos

Other projects completed by Tribute Communities include MAX Condos and Stanley. Also, other communities are under construction, such as Chelsea Hill, The Reserve Collection, Hyland Village, and Humberwood Heights.

2. Excellent Customer Service

One of the many reasons Tribute Communities manages to soar to greater heights is the excellent communication channel between them and their clients. In addition, the company values customer satisfaction, and this is why they have a friendly team to handle their clients 24/7.

Tribute Communities goes the extra mile to ensure that they meet and exceed your new-home experience. Various kinds of customer services are offered, from site presentation to décor. This way, you can choose before you buy a house in Coubourg that you’ll be proud to live in.

Customer service treats all clients with respect, and this principle has garnered Tribute awards for customer satisfaction and recognition from national and international organizations.

Also, the company has developed extraordinary home-owner loyalty through its Total Service Policy. This has seen Tribute register significant home sales thanks to the referrals from satisfied customers.

Tribute Communities also uses the customers’ feedback to improve their projects and standards.

3. Expertise

Through the 35 years plus years of developing high-quality communities, Tribute Communities showcases their expertise and skills in their projects. This involves all aspects from architecture to marketing of the homes. The result is evident in the finest communities trusted by the residents of the Greater Toronto Area.

Tribute Communities invests time and resources in hiring skilled personnel who understand what they do and how they do it. The company would not have been if it were not for these amazing professional teams. Also, Tribute has created a great work environment where one can learn and grow professionally.

Any established company such as Tribute Communities understands the importance of having the right people working for them. The builder values competence and proficiency, and this is why you can trust their specialists to help you make informed decisions.

The staff here puts your needs above all else and attends to your every need in the most professional way possible..

4. Strong Work Ethics

Tribute Communities’ mission is to ensure consistency in providing homebuyers with a superior level of quality and service. The company has a set of core values that act as guiding principles in every decision they make. Strong work ethics makes the residents to be among the very best respected builders in the Great Toronto Area.

Its mission is to provide exceptional quality and value to clients who want to buy a condo in Toronto. Also, Tribute is committed to excelling in construction quality and community design, strives to be a good corporate citizen in the communities they build, and be the leading home, condominium & apartment builder in the GTA.

The company’s core values are;

  • Make it happen – the whole team strives to achieve this objective beyond what is expected, and this involves going out of their way to find new solutions.
  • Safety first – Tributes always create a safe and well-maintained workplace as everyone shares the responsibility to ensure everything complies with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Passion – every staff member strives to bring energy and enthusiasm to their work and take a stand to do the right thing.
  • Compelling desire to improve – this principle allows each member to develop new solutions to old problems, and this way, they get to exhibit original thinking and become creative. These activities compound enable them to succeed at self-improvement.
  • Respect – Tribute expects every staff member to work in a way that aligns and supports the company’s vision and goals. One should show respect and empathy for others as they communicate responsibly and honestly.
  • Trust – The only way Tribute manages to grow to the reputable company it is today is through every member completing work according to the specifications. This involves gaining understanding, support, and effective action from fellow team members.
  • Ownership – Tribute Communities expects everyone to take appropriate responsibility by doing the right thing. This then ensures that they offer quality and reliable services to their customers.
  • Working together– Teamwork is essential at Tribute. First, the company coordinates the efforts of an individual unit to achieve its overall objectives. This then engages everyone appropriately, promoting integrity and continuous improvement of the experience.

5. Award-Winning Developer

Over the years, Tribute Communities has achieved great success and has transformed into one of the recognized brands in Canada. The company boasts a vast selection of awards and recognition for its amazing work. This is evident in the high customer satisfaction rate. To show how reliable the company is, almost all of its projects under construction are sold out. Some of the recognitions and awards held by the developer include;


Durham Region Homebuilder’s Association, 2017, 2018, 2019


Tarion Homeowner’s Choice Award, 2016

Ontario Home Builders Association, 2015


Durham Region Homebuilder’s Association, 2011


Durham Region Homebuilder’s Association, 2011

  • EXCELLENCE IN SINGLE FAMILY  (The Village of Brooklin Townhomes)

Durham Region Homebuilder’s Association, 2011

  • EXCELLENCE IN SINGLE FAMILY (The Neighbourhoods of Windfields)

Durham Region Homebuilder’s Association, 2011


Ajax/Pickering Board of Trade, 2010


Desjardins Award for Large Business, 2010


J.D. Power & Associates, 2010

  • PLACES TO GROW COMMUNITY OF THE YEAR (The Courtyard Residences Oakville)

Building Industry and Land Development, 2009

  • MOST OUTSTANDING TRACK BUILT HOME (The Village of Brooklin West)

Ontario Home Builders Association, 2006


Tarion Awards of Excellence, 2006

  • COMMUNITY OF THE YEAR (The Village of Brooklin West)

Durham Region Homebuilder’s Association, 2005


Durham Region Homebuilder’s Association, 2005


J.D. Power and Associates, 2005


Tarion Awards of Excellence, 2005

6. Tribute Communities Shows Empathy

As much as Tribute Communities wants their real estate business to strive, it values taking care of the people around. It is common to find representatives from the company engaging with the community in various ways. This technique then creates trust and builds a lasting bond with the residents.

This character manifests itself in the company’s responsibility programs. Tribute Communities genuinely invest time, effort, and resources to engage the community in their projects. This way, they give back to the community by developing affordable, new, and convenient homes.

Tribute Communities collaborates with the community to solve housing problems and needs. These activities and interactions give them insight into how their customers think and feel. They also get to learn about their housing and design preferences.

It is a win-win for everyone. Tribute Communities get more house sales, and the residents access modern and convenient housing. Also, the community benefits from the various amenities built, such as shopping malls and swimming pools.

There is also empathy at the workplace. This principle benefits the worker’s health by decreasing negativity in the workspace, leading to less stress. The result is a dedicated team of professionals eager to offer quality and reliable results. It is unbelievable how Tribute Communities manages to create a dynamic and mutual loyalty from their staff members and the community around the GTA.

7. Creativity Guaranteed

The only way Tribute Communities manages to develop modern homes is through creative thinking, one of the organization’s core values. Any successful project you see today started as an idea transformed into the full-fledged community complex. At Tribute, some individuals turn these brilliant ideas and designs and shape your dream house in the best w possible.

However, this process involves lots of steps such as proper selection of the project location, acquiring standard raw materials, and many more. Tribute Communities has to show creative talent to piece everything together for the project to be successful.

Also, one of Tribute’s missions is to provide new solutions to old housing problems. All members have to exhibit creative thinking concerning the current real estate trends for this to be the case.

8. Identifying High Potential

One of the amazing skills the managing team at Tribute Communities possesses is identifying high potential. This is regarding all aspects, from selecting the right professionals to hire to picking the ideal location for the next project.

Real estate developers understand the importance of choosing the ideal location for their projects. Tribute has this amazing ability to identify isolated and chaotic locations and then transform them into appealing communities for any family to live in.

There is a lot to be considered when identifying these locations. Tribute Communities spend time and resources conducting site surveys in the Greater Toronto Area to gather more information and make estimations and assessments. They use an effective site sample survey template to make the work easier.

Another important factor Tribute considers the available facilities in the area. This way, they can identify the public amenities beneficial to their project and some of the facilities they can build to complement the available infrastructure.

9. Very Flexible

Tribute Communities has more than 35 developments and 82-floor plans available to their customers, making them extremely flexible developers. People love how the builder values each client’s wants and needs and creates homes to suit them all.

The team at Tribute is always working on ways to modify their current plans and designs where necessary. If you visit any of their completed projects, you’ll notice that there is a home for everyone. If you do not like a particular style or design, there are others to consider from their vast portfolio.

10. Beautifully Completed Communities

This company is a proud developer of the many communities and homes mentioned. These houses look good and are appealing to most, if not all. Everything from style to design aligns and match to create the perfect finish.

Tribute Communities has created an established presence in the Greater Toronto Area, and anyone who wishes to invest in a quality house should visit them. Apart from the beautifully completed projects, a long list of satisfied clients to use as referrals.

It is best to physically visit these sites and engage with the customers to learn more about this amazing Tribute experience.


Tribute Communities is the ideal developer to satisfy your housing wants and needs. The company has an outstanding reputation for building quality and reliable homes in the Greater Toronto Area. This review highlights why the developer is one of the best builders in the GTA. Visit Tribute Communities to learn more!

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