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Will Pre Construction Prices Go Down In 2023

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Here in Canada, cities are booming daily, with new developments rising every sunrise. People are moving to cities, and the need to have a roof under their heads is inevitable. The good news is that developers are not sleeping neither.

The sad fact about purchasing a house, and in that case a pre construction home, is that it is so damn expensive. Regardless of the cost of a unit, new home seekers are always on the hunt. But now the current issue is whether the price will drop coming next year.

New construction home hunters are grappling with whether pre construction prices will go down in 2023. Finding the answer to that question by yourself is almost impossible. Fortunately, G1Homes has got all the answers you have to know about.

Factors That Determine The Price Of Pre Construction Homes

To fully understand whether the price of pre construction condos will in 2023, we first have to understand the various factors that affect the price of pre construction homes. Besides that, you also have to know that the prices of the pre construction homes vary depending on the unit type. Remember, we have; Condos, Townhouses, Singles, and Semis.

Construction Material Costs

Materials are a must-have and must be in plenty if any development project is to happen. Commonly used materials include; Cement, Wood, and Steel and so on.

Reasons For Increased Material Cost;

Covid-19 Pandemic.

The price of construction materials has in the past been increasing non-ending. One of the key reasons contributing to the rise of construction material prices is Covid 19. The pandemic came in late 2020 and paralyzed the entire world. Everything froze from supply chains to manufacturing and processing. In short, the world’s economy came to a standstill.

The world’s economy has been revived but not yet to the total capacity as before the pandemic. Now the demand for these materials has been experienced worldwide, but unfortunately, the still staggering production cannot meet all demands.

Once the price of construction materials keeps on soaring, the developers then convey the same expenses to the buyers. Therefore, the price on current pre constructions seems to be here with us even as we head into 2023.


As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is facing the most severe inflation rate ever. Most countries globally are currently decrying this matter, with prices of essential commodities skyrocketing every new day.

Inflation is an increase in the price of goods and services in a given economy. Inflations hits hard on the price of almost every other commodity. On top of that, inflation also reduces the currency’s value in the country. Inflation can be measured only after a given period.

The construction materials have not been left behind, with the price of commodities such as Cement and Steel reportedly rising.


Labor is a primary need for any development. There won’t be any growth or development when the labor is unavailable, minimal, or unskilled.

Labor Shortage Causes,

Covic 19 Pandemic

Once again, after the pandemic struck the globe, many laborers attached to real estate lost their jobs. That revolved around both the skilled and non-skilled laborers. Now that the world has begun healing from the wounds of the pandemic, then there is one gap yet to be filled. Their shortage of skilled workers is another problem currently in the making.

Skilled laborers are essential in any given development since they have the necessary skills and experience to handle problems that no one else can. But now, after being trenched off, the pandemic stoles among the best-skilled workers, and others decide to pursue other ventures. Now the remaining skilled workers put their service fees to high limits, making the developer dig deeper to meet their needs.

Once again, if a developer encounters an issue that needs extra money, the burden will be transferred to the buyers. That means that the cost of new construction homes in 2023 will keep on soaring.

Incentives And Subsidies From The Government

The incentives and subsidies by the government play a key role in regulating the price of pre construction homes for sale. The government collaborated with developers and chips in to provide incentives that meet expenses that would rather be under the developers.

Once the developers receive incentives, then the same effect will be transferred to the buyers. Considering the current inflation, the government is unable meet the incentives and subsidies that developers need.

Now that the developer receives few incentives, the absolute pressure and expense get transferred to the buyer. Once completed, the units will be much more expensive, rising even past 2023.

How To Overcome The Unprecedentedly High Cost Of New Construction Homes In 2023?

Since we all know that the price of pre construction homes will probably not drop in 2023, we have to try and find a way out. The Might be no way to salvage a unit, but at least we can find a way that could perhaps make us pay relatively less.

Here are some ways you can apply to beat the predicted rising cost of new homes in 2023;

#1.Make Sure All Hidden Cost Gets Accounted For

There will always be hidden costs that the developer would not include in the purchase agreement. Having a clue about the hidden costs will put you up to speed and not just pay for what you don’t know.

#2.Get A Warranty Home.

A warranty helps big time in dealing with unforeseen expenses in house maintenance. At least securing a warranty or searching for a developer with a warranty will help reduce expenses.

#3.Boost Up Savings And Improve Credit Score

You might have to up your savings games to meet the high cost of new construction homes to meet the budget. At the same time, improve your credit score for a high mortgage loan.


The rising cost of new construction homes in 2023 seems destined to stay that way. We must consider that the price has been rising for the past couple of years, and the previous pandemic and current inflation just made things worse.

The good news is that you can prepare by considering the tips above. Also, if you had planned on purchasing a home in 2023, you want to skip the idea and wait a bit. In the meantime, watch and see if the price changes.

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