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Markham, also known as the technical hub of Canada, is famous for its diverse community. Thousands of tech companies are operating here, ensuring a high employment ratio. Therefore, several immigrants move to Markham every year and settle for good. Although the city’s attributes are not limited to inspiring career opportunities, the list is never-ending.

Especially if you want to buy a house in Markham, the real estate market is very favorable. The prices are affordable compared to other leading cities, and the likelihood of profit is reliable. Moreover, you can effortlessly find a suitable housing scheme with some research. But first, let’s discuss the benefits you can avail of by purchasing a house in Markham.

Advantages of Living in Markham

Industrialized City

One of the best features of Markham is that it is home to hundreds of IT businesses, providing several professional employment prospects. The city is commercial with a high employment rate, so inhabitants don’t have to go vast distances to get work.

They can buy a house in Markham, Ontario, and stroll to the businesses within the city boundaries every day. In this way, you can appreciate financial stability and a good night’s sleep away from the commercial district’s loud sounds.

Rich History

Markham is a city with rich history and several ancient sites. Unionville is one of Markham’s oldest neighborhoods, dating back more than 200 years. Moreover, the Markham Village is a special historic district with many intriguing ancient buildings. The city hosts “Doors Open Markham” every year at the end of September. It is a community event where visitors can explore buildings and interesting points that are generally unavailable.

Entertainment Breaks

The city offers a diverse range of leisure opportunities and hosts a well-known annual fair across the region. Regardless of where you buy a house in Markham, the neighborhood can provide excellent recreational sites and adventure activities. Angus Glen Community Center is ideal if you want to go indoor swimming. Other than that, you can enjoy indoor skating, biking, track, gym, and much more.

 The Markham Fair

The Markham Fair, which takes place every year in this city, is Canada’s oldest and biggest community-based volunteer organization. It is hosted around Thanksgiving and is one of the top events. People travel from various towns, cities, and countries to attend the fair in Markham.

You can enjoy monster trucks, midway rides, kid-friendly games, live bands, and music concerts here. Horse displays, demolition derby, and other such attractions are also available.

Cost of Living in Markham

The cost of living in Markham depends upon the income of a person. Certain facilities are highly affordable, especially transportation and health for everyone. However, expenses like housing and rent can affect your set budget. However, grocery and other food items are reasonable unless you are fond of five-star diners. For managing the housing expense, it is better to buy a house in Markham, Ontario, rather than renting it.

The best housing project in Markham

Cornell Rouge Phase 7, Cornell Centre Boulevard, Markham, ON

Builder: Madison Group

Building Type


Selling Status

Construction Status

Townhouse & Single Family Home Fee Simple Registration Pre-construction


Cornell Rouge phase 7 is a beautiful new townhouse and single-family home development project by Madison Group. Each home comprises 3 to 6.5 bedrooms, currently in pre-construction. Its sales will begin in winter/spring 2022. The project sits in Cornell Rouge Community, Cornell Centre Boulevard, Markham, ON.

The available unit range is 1,854 to 3338 SqFt.


  • Nearby Urban Conveniences

The location of Cornell Rouge phase 7 is ideal as the urban conveniences are only a few minutes drive away. Whether you want to go shopping, eat in a restaurant, or visit a hospital, everything sits nearby. The Markham Stouffville Hospital is hardly 10 minutes away. It will make life comfortable and relaxed in Cornell Rouge Community.

  • Effortless Commute

If you don’t have a car or prefer public transport, Cornell Rouge phase 7 is close to highway 407. Markham GO Station and Mount Joy GO Station are also minutes away from the project. In this way, you can travel within the city and outside it without any hassle. Traveling to Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton, and other such cities will be effortless for you.

  • Parks & Schools

Families with small children desire to live nearby parks and schools. Cornell Rouge Phase 7 took care of that as well. There are many beautiful parks and top-tier schools all around the community. Moreover, the neighborhood is highly safe, so you will never have to worry about the well-being of your children. Living nearby a park also positively impacts residents’ health and peace of mind.

  • Advanced Lifestyle

During Cornell Rouge phase 7 construction, providing the residents with an advanced lifestyle has been a top priority. Here you can admire cutting-edge facilities, the latest flooring designs, durable material, and exceptional curb appeal. Thus, if you wish to buy a house in Markham to settle, you must keep Cornell Rouge Phase 7 on your list.

Other Housing Projects in Markham

UnionCity, Enterprise Boulevard, Markham, ON

Builder: Metropia

Building Type


Selling Status Construction Status
Condo Condominium Registration Pre-construction

The Watford, 162 Main Street Unionville, Markham, ON

Builder: The Watford Group

Building Type


Selling Status Construction Status
Condo Condominium Registration Pre-construction

Royal Bayview, Bayview Avenue & Royal Orchard Boulevard, Thornhill, ON

Builder:  Tridel

Building Type


Selling Status Construction Status
Condo Condominium Selling Pre-construction


Cornell Rouge Towns in Markham is a grand housing scheme that offers all the necessary facilities. But many other development projects are coming up in Markham. Before making any decision, do thorough research and choose wisely. It will be beneficial for you in the long run.

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