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    Pre-Construction Homes In Scarborough

    Are you comfortable in that zone you are in life? If not, then perhaps you might want to change things a little bit. One good way is by securing yourself a new place to live. This is the perfect time to pen down a notice to vacate to your landlords and secure yourself a brand-new modern home. You might face many challenges during the process, but don’t worry anymore; G1Homes has this publication to help you smoothly secure a new home. Do not look randomly for any place to move but check out Scarborough pre-construction homes.

    Have you heard of this little district in Ontario? Scarborough is a small district located on the edge of Lake Ontario. The surrounding environment is beautiful and offers the best living condition with so much to do. The green spaces have lots of hiking paths, cool beaches on the shores of Lake Ontario, and not forgetting cliffs and parks around. Scarborough’s therapeutic vibe is not near any other city since it is so special.

    G1Homes has sampled some of the best Scarborough new construction homes you can purchase. These homes have been made using modern designs and mind-boggling features and are affordable. Whether you are looking for a townhouse, condo, or single-family home, you can find them all in Scarborough.

    Reasons why you must move to Scarborough now!!

    Affordable living

    With the current economic status in Canada, most cities and towns have become so unbearable that many are choosing to relocate elsewhere. The price of basic commodities and other services has more than doubled over the years, making life so tough. Fortunately, the case is quite different with Scarborough. The cost of living is so cheap and affordable compared to its counterparts. For instance, when purchasing a new construction in Scarborough, you are likely to secure a relatively lower price. That is, regardless it is a townhouse, condo, or detached home.

    Low crime rate.

    According to expert reports, Scarborough has the least crime-related reports made annually than any other city or town within Toronto and Ontario. That means that Scarborough is so much safe. Once one enjoys safety within their living spaces, peace of mind automatically finds its way to you.

    Lush greenery surrounding.

    Scarborough is one of the greenest towns within the Great Toronto Area. The municipality hosts among the last huge farms within GTA since some of the town is just within the rural parts of the area. Therefore, expect a beautiful and magical view in whichever region you move into in Scarborough. You will get much better when you are an outdoor lover. There are plenty of parks where you can hike and walk, and rivers and a lake where you can either fish or dive in for a swim.

    Pre-construction homes Scarborough

    #1. WE26

    The WE26 is a single-family development by Insoho Development located at 971 Warden Avenue. The property comprises over 26 units that have already been completed and are ready for occupancy.

    Pricing and fees.

    You cannot fail to find the units interesting, and in case you need to secure one, here is the pricing. The units go from $1,678,900 to around $1,900,000, with the average price per SqFt being $738. Besides, there are extra charges that come along, such as the parking fee and the storage fee.

    Deposit structure.

    • 20% deposit on the initial signing
    • 5% balance in the next 30 days.
    • 5% balance in 60 days.

    #2. Inspire Towns

    Once again, Insoho Development presents to you the Inspire Towns development. This development is entirely pre-construction townhouses in Scarborough that come with over 42 estimated units. Currently, the units are still under construction, and the selling window is yet to be made clear.

    The 1500 SqFt units are situated at 405 Markham Road, Toronto.


    The price of a single unit is $900,000, with other charges included, such as the storage and parking fees.


    • Rooftop deck
    • BBQ area
    • Lounge
    • Playground

    #3.Highland Common

    Are you looking for a pre-construction Condo in Scarborough? Well, G1Homes brings you the majestic Highland Commons development. This project consists of condos whose construction began in the fall of 2022. The completion and occupancy of the residential suits it precited to be in 2025. However, you can chip in if interested since the selling phase is ongoing.

    The suits are located at 1625 Military Trail, Toronto, Ontario, and Altree Developments is the key developer of over 539 units.

    Pricing and fees.

    The size of the condos is 319 to 1163 SqFt, with the average price per SqFt set at $1148. The entire cost of the units goes between $479,000 to $1,323,900. On top of that, you get a maintenance fee of $0.3 per SqFt. There are also extra charges, such as parking, for over $60,000-$70,000. As if that is not enough, another fee is included as the storage fee. That charges over $6,000 with a maintenance fee of $20 per month.

    Deposit structure.

    The deposit structure comes into two different segments. We have one that accommodates international customers and one for the locals.

    Local “Limited” deposit structure

    • $5,000 bank draft on the initial signing
    • 5% in 30 days
    • 5% in 180 days
    • 5% on November 26, 2023
    • 5% balance on March 24ty, 2024
    • 5% balance on occupancy

    International deposit structure

    • $10,000 bank draft on the initial signing
    • 10% balance in 30 days
    • 10% balance in 180 days
    • 10% balance on June 23, 2023.
    • 5% on November 15, 2023
    • 1% balance during occupancy

    #4.Birchley Park

    Looking for a perfect development that comes with both Condos and Townhouses is so hard. However, if you need one in Scarborough, you must check out Birchley park. This is a new construction home, Scarborough, located at 411 Victoria Park avenue. Diamond Kilmer Developments are carrying out the development project.

    The units come built on a 12-story building with different floor plans.


    • Basketball zone
    • Sauna
    • Kids zone
    • Cabanas
    • Kids zone
    • Fitness club

    Pricing and fees

    Currently, there is not much known concerning the pricing of the units nor the extra charges involved. However, the developer is expected to come clear on that issue as time goes on.

    #5. Merge Condos

    The Merge Condos is another beautiful new construction of Scarborough being developed by LCH Developments and Lifestyle Custom Homes located at 2201 Kingston Road, Toronto. There are over 180 units, both Condos, and Townhouses, with expected completion dates in 2023. Currently, the units are on sale, each for around $495,000 to $1,296,900.


    • Dog wash area
    • BBQ area
    • Sundeck
    • Firepit
    • Media center
    • Fitness and Yoga studio

    Deposit Structure

    • $5,000 on the initial signing
    • 5% balance in 30 days
    • 5% balance during occupancy


    • $5,000 on signing
    • 10% balance in 30 days
    • 10% during occupancy

    Besides the cost of the entire unit, there are extra charges such as a $52,000 parking with a $50/monthly maintenance fee and a $6,000 storage fee.


    Scarborough has more than what you think. Talking about all sorts of pre-construction homes for sale that come with spectacular designs, amazing features, and finishes, plus plenty of amenities you get to enjoy. This is the perfect time to secure a unit for yourself and invest in it for future returns. You can either rent it out as an extra source of income or purchase the home for your living.

    Check our website at G1Homes.ca for more information about Scarborough’s new construction homes for sale.

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