Pre-construction Homes North Bay

North Bay is a beautiful city in Ontario, sitting on the shore of Lake Nipissing. It is also known as an important military location during the cold war. But, the city’s significance is not limited to its location. It is a renowned tourist attraction due to its beautiful rivers and lakes. In recent years, demand for houses for sale in North Bay, Ontario, has visibly increased. Many people consider the city to invest in, while others plan to settle for good.

Therefore, there are many new housing developments under construction. If you are also planning to move in 2022, keep North Bay on your list. There are several benefits of purchasing pre-construction homes for sale in North Bay, Ontario. This article will mention some of the top advantages and the cost of living in the city.

Benefits of Purchasing Pre-Construction Houses in North Bay

Growing Business Hub

If you are into business, the city is an excellent place for you. Over a decade, it has successfully emerged as a growing business hub. Many national and international companies are opening their branches in North Bay. It has affected the demand for pre-construction houses for sale in North Bay, Ontario. Many immigrants are considering moving to North Bay and gaining financial stability.

Affordable Housing

When planning to settle in a city, housing prices can be a concern. People with an average income can not afford skyrocketing prices. That is why cities like Toronto and Mississauga are not an option. However, you can purchase homes for sale in North Bay, Ontario, without much hassle. The housing prices in the city are pretty reasonable. There has been an upsurge, yet they are within the means of an average earner. 

Outdoor Activities

North Bay is a part of a unique and beautiful landscape. Therefore, it provides its residents with various outdoor activities and entertainment. You can always go running, biking, and walking trails in the city. Regardless of where you buy houses for sale in North Bay, Ontario, a lake will always be nearby. It is ideal for picnics and a variety of water sports activities. Above all, the breathtaking view will be refreshing for your mind and body.

A Lively City

North Bay might not be the leading city in Canada, but it has its charm and beauty. Every year, many travelers visit the city to witness its remarkable landscape. These sightseers contribute a large sum to the city’s economy. Hence by purchasing pre-construction homes for sale in North Bay, Ontario, you can effortlessly enjoy cultural diversity. It gives it a lively and warm appeal. Besides, there are several food spots in the city where you can taste delicious meals.

Cost of Living in North Bay

North Bay is one of the most reasonable cities in Ontario in terms of living costs. Many things that would be prohibitively expensive in other cities are pretty affordable here. It includes grocery, health care, transportation, utilities, and goods & services. However, purchasing pre-construction homes for sale in North Bay, Ontario, is wise. If you choose to rent, it could cause a strain on your monthly budget.

Pre-Construction Housing Project in North Bay

Lakeshore Point Condominium, Thompson Avenue West, North Bay, ON

Builder: Lu Vesta Homes

Building Type


Selling Status

Construction Status

Condo Condominium Registration Pre-construction


Lakeshore Point Condominium is the latest condo development project by Lu Vesta Homes. It lies at Thompson Avenue West, North Bay, ON; It has five stories and is currently pre-construction. If you are searching for pre-construction houses for sale in North Bay, Ontario, this project is ideal for you. You can purchase the condo for yourself or as a real estate investment.

Amenities It Offers:

Roof Terrace

At Lakeshore Point Condominium, each condo comes with a roof terrace. Here you can grow plants, exercise in the morning, or have your coffee in the evening. Having a roof terrace is crucial to ensure proper ventilation. Moreover, you can use it for BBQ and other such activities.

Fitness Room

Having a fitness room within the condominium can significantly benefit you. It will save you time from going to the gym every day. Moreover, buying houses for sale in North Bay, Ontario, that have a fitness room adds to its market value.

Recreational Room

There is a recreation room in the condominium where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. You can play a game, watch a drama or do any activity of your liking. In this way, you will never be bored within your unit. In case of rainfall or harsh weather, you can go to the recreation room for entertainment.


Now that you know the motives for purchasing homes for sale in North Bay, Ontario, don’t waste any more time. Many other projects are coming up in the city, so start searching for the right one. However, before purchasing, make sure to be aware of the latest market trends. It will assist you in making an informed and beneficial decision.