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Every family has an idea of their dream home. Some want it to be big others desire it to be small but cozy. However, these days owning a dream home seems like an impossible task. Property prices have been increasing rapidly, and buyers find it hard to get the property they desire. Some are still waiting for prices to drop. However, investing when the right opportunity appears rather than wasting it is wiser.

Therefore, this article will highlight Hampton Heights Barrie, an exclusive detached homes project. However, please remember that our purpose is merely to inform you. Hence, make sure to do thorough research before making any purchase.

Overview of Hampton Heights Barrie

Hampton Heights is a beautiful and unique single-family home project. Stateviews Homes developed it, and it lies at Wright Drive, Barrie, ON. It has only 17 highly exclusive units.

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Single Family HomeFee SimpleSold OutConstruction

Hampton Heights Barrie is under construction, and here are the features its buyers/investors can enjoy:

Nearby Urban Conveniences

One of the most important benefits of living in Hampton Heights is that all the urban conveniences are nearby. You must take out your car or walk to the closest shopping mall, grocery store, or restaurant. Everything that you might need will be only minutes away. It also includes restaurants and playing areas.

Surrounded by Nature

When planning to settle somewhere for good, it is necessary to make sure it is surrounded by nature. However, at Hampton Heights Barrie, you don’t have to worry about it. It is located in the heart of eye-soothing greenery. Moreover, there are many parks in the area for kids, adults, and even dogs. Here you can spend quality time with your loved ones without any hassle.

Convenient Proximity to GO Transit

If you are not a car person, then Go transit is only a few steps away from Hampton Heights. You can travel anywhere and come back to your home on time. Hampton Heights Barrie is also nearby highway 400. That makes commuting convenient for working men, women, and college-going students.

Lake Simcoe

The charm of Hampton Heights Barrie is not limited to greenery and parks. But the shore of Lake Simcoe is only 10 minutes away from the exclusive suits. Here you can go to refresh your mind, have a picnic with family, or enjoy some fun activities.

Other Amenities

There are many other amenities that you can enjoy by getting Hampton Heights Barrie. That includes top-notch health facilities, quality education, and great career prospect. Not to mention Barrie is one of the safest and most peaceful cities to live in Ontario. The crime rate here is very low, and people are quite friendly. Adjusting in Barrie will not be a problem as you will never feel left out.

Perks of Getting a Home in Barrie

Affordable Housing

A great benefit of buying a house in Barrie is it is affordable. In the past few years, housing price in prominent cities in Canada has increased rapidly. Therefore, many people are unable to purchase it. But when it comes to housing in Barrie, you can be the owner without disturbing your set budget. Hampton Heights Barrie is also quite reasonable, considering the amenities it offers.

Safe Community

If you are planning to move to Barrie with your family, you will be able to cherish a sense of satisfaction. The neighborhood will be safe regardless of where you purchase homes in Barrie. Barrie is one of those cities with the lowest crime rate in Canada. Moreover, the community is welcoming and family-oriented.

Nearby Leading Cities

Barrie lies in a very advantageous location. Cities like Toronto are only an hour away if you choose to drive. Highway 400 is about ten minutes away from Barrie. Thus, if you get  Hampton Heights Barrie, you can still commute to Toronto daily for work and other purposes. The public transport system of Barrie is also quite remarkable.

Cost of Living

The city is known for affordable competition in terms of cost of living. In other words, the cost of goods and services is relatively low, making Barrie a city where affordability is the norm. Thus, once you purchase the home, the rest of the expenses, like food, commute, and health care, will not be a problem.


Hence, Hampton Heights Barrie is unquestionably a great opportunity for families. Here they can enjoy all the required facilities without any unnecessary hassle. Moreover, the city is affordable and a great place to live for an average earner. Here you can give your children a good lifestyle without struggling. However, make sure to consult with an expert before making any purchase. Moreover, keep your eyes open for other projects like Hampton Heights Barrie. Such opportunities come occasionally, but if invested wisely, you can benefit from them in the long run.

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