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Will Interest Rates Keep Going Up in 2023?

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Are you interested in knowing if interest rates will keep going up in 2023? As a potential investor in the real estate sector, this should be a concern to you. You should be concerned with the trend of interest rates because these rates matter a lot when it comes to buying. Investing in real estate needs some keenness. You cannot just invest blindly without having an interest in knowing what is happening in the market. Will interest rates keep going up in 2023? Yes, interest rates will likely keep going up, at least until the end of 2023. Even if the interest rates keep going up, don’t shy about investing because no one knows 100% how the market will turn out to be. Real estate is worth investing because of the compelling benefits it offers to investors like you. Some of those benefits are as follows:

  1. You can enjoy a steady flow of cash

An investment in real estate can guarantee you a steady cash flow. You can earn every month if you rent out your property. Tenants will pay rent monthly, which is how you will be sure of receiving cash at the end of every month. This can be an excellent investment for you who is keen on making something at the end of every month. If you had no idea about a business you should engage in; now you know where to put your money. With this, you are not going to get stranded at any time.

  1. Great returns

Great returns are every investor’s wish when starting any investment. As a smart investor, putting your money into an investment in real estate will most likely make your wish come true. Real estate realizes great returns due to the increase in value that occurs from time to time. For instance, you can buy a property now, and after two years, you sell it at a very good price. If you are still figuring out how that can happen, you can go ahead and invest. Within a short time, you will analyze and see how much value your property will have.

  1. You can earn passive income

Be it real estate investing in Canada or any other place; passive income will always come your way if you want. You can earn without getting out to work in this kind of investment. If you rent your property, you can make money while sitting in your house. That money will, of course, come from the rent the tenants will pay monthly. All you will have to do is ensure the tenants’ needs are attended to, and you will keep on earning. If you truly want to experience this, you have no option but to start your investment right away.

The most likely reasons that make interest rates go up are as follows:

  • Inflation

Inflation is one of the factors that affect interest rates to a great extent. First, do you know what inflation is? Inflation is simply the general increase in the price of goods and services. As you know, banks offer services, and if the cost of services goes up, you already know what interest rates will look like. Inflation is somehow directly proportional to interest rates. The higher the inflation rate, the higher the likelihood of interest rates increasing. Since the purchasing power will drop during inflation, lenders will demand higher interest rates. This demand always ensures that they get compensation because of the decrease in the purchasing power of the money they will be paid in the future. Lenders are not ready to experience loss, which is why you, as the borrower, will have to feel the pinch. If you are planning to get a mortgage loan, be prepared for anything that will come your way. If you are determined to buy a home, higher interest rates may not scare you from the new construction homes market.

  • Supply and demand

Supply and demand matter when it comes to interest rates. In this case, the subject in question is the supply and demand of credit. Interest rates will also go up when the demand for credit or finances goes up. It is obvious that when many people are looking for credit, lenders will have the liberty to increase interest rates. They will do so knowing they will not lack borrowers who will take credit.

On the other hand, a decrease in the demand for credit will lead to a decrease in interest rates. An increase in credit supply will eventually lead to a decrease in interest rates. This is so because there will be too much credit, and therefore lenders will do so to attract borrowers. A decrease in the supply of credit will lead to an increase in interest rates. Credit availability usually depends on the amount of money made available to borrowers. For instance, if the amount of money available is high, the supply of credit will also be high. If you are looking forward to owning at least one of the new construction homes in Canada, you should know this.

  • Government policies

At the end of the day, the government of a given country usually has a say in whatever happens in that country. If the government’s directive on monetary policy suggests interest rates increase, you will have no option but to pay higher interest rates. If the directive suggests otherwise, then the interest rates might be lower. You have to be on the lookout so you can know the real situation in the market. If you love pre-construction homes, there is a place for you to run to. That place is none other than G1 Homes. They are highly specialized in such kind of homes and you as a buyer you should take advantage of that.


Now that you know how interest rates will turn out in 2023, start planning. Investing in real estate requires one to think straight. Thinking straight entails having proper plans in place so that you can sail through the market no matter what. If you did not know, now you know.

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