real estate market

real estate market

Are Home Prices Going to go Down in 2024?

If you are eager to buy a house in 2024, you must be concerned about knowing what home prices will look like. Are home prices going to go down in 2024? This question must have crossed your mind several times, if not once. It is better you what awaits you before trying your hand in the real estate market, especially in Canada. You are going to know what exactly will happen right away. The answer to that...

Toronto condo market

How Much Down Payment for a Condo in Toronto

You might have been planning for a while how you will purchase a condo in Toronto without knowing something important. That important thing is, of course, the down payment you will be required to pay when buying. The said down payment always varies depending on the price of the home a buyer intends to buy. The actual down payment is usually determined by a percentage of the total price. As you are busy...

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